The Prominent Add-Ons Available For WP Event Manager

Prominent Add-Ons Available

Plugins are one of the integral elements of the WordPress ecosystem, and play a crucial role in building websites through the portal. A plugin can basically be defined as a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can easily be added to any WordPress website. By adding the relevant plugins, people can ideally add new functions to their WordPress websites, as well as extend its overall functionality. WordPress plugins are typically written in the PHP programming language and therefore tend to seamlessly integrate with websites. 

Prominent Add-Ons Available

WP Event Manager is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress.  This scalable, lightweight and full-featured event management plugin is incredibly useful for adding event listing functionality on any WordPress website.   With the help of this plugin people can ideally transform their WordPress website into an event management portal with just a few clicks.  This plug-in additionally quite easily to use, and hence people creating their website for the very first time would not face any problems in understanding the various elements of WP Event Manager.

WP Event Manager provides people with a host of incredibly useful add-ons which can ultimately augment the performance of their event portal to a great extent.

Here are some of the prominent add-ons for WordPress websites available on WP Event Manager:

  • Calendar:  With this people can display an calendar, as well as list upcoming events on their website
  • Google Maps: This enables proximity search on a website by integrating the feature of search through locations and maps
  • Colors: People can select a color for each of their event, as well as for the category of the event listing. They can even set the background color for every event type and its relevant category.
  • WooCommerce Sell Tickets: People can sell tickets for their events and also keep a track of them with WooCommerce and WP Event Manager. Multiple tickets can be easily created through this, which subsequently can either be redeemed or purchased during event submission.
  • Registrations: With the help of WP Event Manager, people can ideally allow interested attends to register for events on their WordPress website. These registrations can ideally be managed easily from the relevant event dashboard.
  • Embeddable Event Widget: The owner of the event listing (event organizer) can ideally generate an embed code which would display their listings wherever they use the code
  • Sliders: Through WP Event Manager, people can use owl carousel any other types of sliders for their event listings at a WordPress website.  All the sliders available here are fully responsive.
  • Contact Organizer: Even organizers can easily create a contact the organizer segment on their WordPress website via the contact form. They can even create their distinct email template for sending emails to the organizers.
  • Event Tags: With the help of short codes of WP Event Manager, people can easily add new event tags field to the submit process, as well as show events filtered by tag.
  • Google Analytics: WP Event Manager enables people to track their WordPress website using the latest Google Analytics tracking code. This would ideally allow them to view the important reports on their Google Analytics account.

To know more about WP Event Manager or to gain a better insight about how it can be advantageous for a website, click here:

Event Management Plug-in

Let’s begin by understanding what are these plug-ins and their benefits. Plug-ins can basically be compared with mobile applications. Like these applications enhance your smart phone’s feature, similarly, Plug-ins are individual pieces of software that allows you to install and add quality customizations to your WordPress website. It also lets you add a feature to your website which is relevant to your business.

Event Management Plug-in

Let’s begin by understanding what are these plug-ins and their benefits. Plug-ins can basically be compared with mobile applications. Like these applications enhance your smart phone’s feature, similarly, Plug-ins are individual pieces of software that allows you to install and add quality customizations to your WordPress website. It also lets you add a feature to your website which is relevant to your business.

WP Event Manager, an open source plug-in lets you operate several such functions on your original WordPress website in accordance to event listings and client’s requirements. The functionalities or features that the website fails to provide are the tasks that a plug-in can do for you!

Make your event management website changes the game and become a pioneer in the business by following the simple installation process for the Plug-ins. Not only will the website bring more business but also create an impactful brand value. Expect an enhanced online presence of your event management website with a lightweight, open source, scalable and a fully equipped plug-in for event listing functionality in order to increase the user response and interaction to your WordPress website.

By using WP Event manager you can build a website similar to Eventbrite or BookMyShow, which is interactive and user friendly. The plug-in works in relevance to your event and functions to deliver an excellent user interface to your clients. You can customize the operations as per your business needs and watch your business transform majorly!

WP Event management Plug-ins promise:

SEO-Friendly and recognized by all search engines;
• Compatible with all primary browsers and web standards;
• Hassle free usage on all screens, such as laptop, mobile etc.

Install the WP Event Manager plug-in with few simple steps and discover the several ways in which it eases your work:

• Convenience Guaranteed: With the familiar WordPress Interface, get started with creating, managing and categorizing events on your Website;
• Search and Filter Option: The filter and search feature on the plug-in is based on Ajax which in return lets your visitors find the listings instantly;
• Frontend Forms: Create, manage and classify event listings from the front end submission form available on the dashboard;
• Developer friendly: With the combination of best practices create customization on the post types, endpoints and template files.

WP Event Manager assists you in various functions and increases the functionality and performance of your event portal by providing several add-ons to your website. Let’s understand some of the popular add-ons for your website:

1. Registrations: The interested viewers to your website will find ease at registering for an event as a participant;

2. Sell tickets: The Event tickets can run with WooCommerce on your website and will help in adding as many tickets as you want on the website and sell the tickets within your website for the event. The tickets can be displayed on your event page and it will automatically help in promoting your event. Besides, the selected users can sell the permit vouchers;

3. Calendar: Creating an event listing is only half the job done, besides to target your potential clients it is highly recommended to create an event calendar and display it on your website. With an exact listing of every forthcoming event this will help in keeping your audience updated with the upcoming events;

4. Google Maps: The Google Map add on will elevate the convenience for your clients on another level. The Google Map Add on will navigate your user to the event location without any hassle.

To know more about the plug in or the benefits it may bring for your website, click: or to get a consultation or answers to any other query contact them at: . A chance to build an enterprise is only a click away!

Event management is already hard enough, and nothing should be able to make it worse. The only things that help event managers are the various Plugins. These Plugins act as the one-stop solution to creating and managing events. A plugin is an aspect of software that adds quite a few features to an existing program. The best features of a perfect plugin are as follows:


A perfect event management plugin

1. Easy to use:

Any event management plugin needs to be easy to use. The people operating these plugins could be from any walk of life, and thus, the plugin needs to be easy to use and operate. There are times when the people using these plugins are extremely busy and they normally won’t have the time to learn how to operate the plugin. The more user-friendly the plugin is, the easier the job becomes for the event manager. A reputed WordPress development services will fix it up for you.

2. Time-saving :

Most event management plugins take a long time to set up. But the ones that are perfect will take about 3-5 minutes to set up and will take another 3-5 minutes to create an event. This way, you are saving a lot of time and efforts.

3. Customizable UI :

The user interface of any plugin related to event management needs to be simple and customizable. The plugins that add their own styling are neither easy nor customizable. This can cause a huge waste of time and energy. Thus, it is important to have a plugin with simple usage and customizable UI.

4. Bookings management :

The plugin used for event management has a unique feature. This feature allows you to manage bookings easily and thus, helps you in a great way. Of course, there are a lot of plugins out there which are difficult to use and make the bookings management a task. Thus, simple usage and easy management of bookings are extremely important a feature in plugins.

5. Cost : 

Any plugin that you decide to go for must fit into your budget. This is really important because there are a lot of plugins out there that charge nothing for a basic version and provide a lot of facilities that the other plugins, the paid plugins, do not. This will increase your costs and will stretch your budget. Thus, you must ensure that the plugin that you decide to choose offers the features that you need at a low or no cost.
A TEDx event is a native get-together where onscreen TED-like discussions and videos formerly taped at TED sessions are shared with the public. TEDx events are completely scheduled and organized impartially, on a community-by-community source. The subject and pattern of each TEDx event is exclusive and renovated individually, but all of them have elements in common.


To let your users, know about such events, you need to have a powerful event manager plugin on your events website. With the help of this light and open source plugin, you will be able to get more user engagement. The plugin is quite dominant enough to promote you event on various platforms with the help of the WP Event Manager’s add-ons. It will help the interested viewers to register on your website as well as give them the timely reminders for any such events taking place in future.


tedx event management


So, now you can create and endorse your TEDx events with WP Event Manager plugin. You can not only estimate your promotion efforts but also receive payments. It is always a very challenging task to organise and manage such events; but not anymore with our plugin. You can utilize WP Event Manager’s portal to advertise and plan your TEDx events methodically. The only thing which you are supposed to do is to download this free plugin and get going with your plans of organising and letting people know.


You will also require the add-ons to make your event more successful as these add-ons will help you to add more functionality to your TEDx events. Some add-ons are free while some are not. But the pricing will not at all burden your pocket as the users will render more profits from the events by using the various add-ons.


With the help of WP Event Manager plugin, one can create an event listing for their different type of event like TEDx shows, sessions, conferences, and much more and that also for FREE [with few add-ons]. The event listing with only one of its kind URL is one of the greatest ways to promote your events. The most interested invitees can register as attendees and you can handle the attendees right from your dashboard.


In addition, there is also the simple and useful contact the organiser form thru which the guests can contact you. You will be able to sell the tickets, control and utilize the marketing tools as per your provisions.  

What you have to do to organise a TEDx event?

Before your event goes live for promotion, you have to purchase few of our add-ons which will help you in making your event a big success. The cost might be nominal, but the result will be tremendous. So you can get few of these add-ons for making your TEDx show a great event:
  • The Emails add-on will notify the user regarding any new notification send for the event.
  • Google maps add-on allows you to find the event by location.
  • Registrations add-on permits the invitees of your website to register for an event as an attendee.
  • Sell Tickets add-on allows you to sell events tickets on your WordPress events website powered by the FREE WP Event Manager plugin.
  • Attendee Information add-on will offer you with collection of attendees’ info which attendees has to fill up during the registration for the event.
  • Event Alerts add-on allow the listed users on your website to get event alerts based on the search (keywords, location keyword, category, etc.).
  • Attendees, user or anyone can bookmark events and planner can bookmark attendees/user using Bookmarks add-on.
  tedx event management  

Build your event folio

By installing this smart WP Event Manager plugin, you can publish your event for free. Just sign in to your event listing party website’s account and insert proper pictures and explain your TEDx event as it should be with the accessible fields. The fields allow you to generate a webpage that works like a website to endorse your event.  

Acquire some Social adoration

Social media is an influential platform in today’s era, and we completely understand the importance of social media in promotional campaigns. The Social media offers you the final control to reach larger groups. Thus, the WP Event Manager plugin permits you to sell tickets via Facebook too.  

Protected operations

WP Event Manager safeguards every transaction of your as it is supports many authorised payment modes. So, you can vend tickets and receive payments with no trouble.  

Use the application

Your event management system is now at your fingertips. Download our app and verify your visitor lists and registration. The WP Event Manager app makes everything very easy for you.  

Connect resourcefully

WP Event Manager plugin has an engrained feature to preserve guest list and direct emails. So, now you can send communications right thru our website. Keep your attendees up-to-date with the notices and newest updates. You can also make concession codes and allow your invitees to avail the advantage. Our add-ons like Event Alerts, Sell tickets and Emails will assist you in accomplishing the task of organising a better TEDx event.  

Set a price

The WP Event Manager plugin is open to use if advertising is all you want. Generate an account for free and send your event citation. If you want, you can sell your free tickets without giving a penny to us. You only require to recompense for the estimated tickets that are vended through our platform.  


tedx event management

Evaluate the presentation

Besides all the features and promotional benefits, using the plugins analytic add-ons, you can measure the performance of your event. You can track the traffic coming to your page and implement the improvements accordingly. WILLING TO GET YOUR ONLINE EVENT ACTIVE AND CONTENDING? WP Event Manager’s powerful plugin is invented to assist you anytime, be it pre, throughout, and post event. SO, let’s Get started in less than 60 seconds. Try us out for free.