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Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager

WordPress offers some amazing event management plugins and WP Event Manager and Events Manager are two of the most popular ones among them.

If you are in search of an event management plugin which can be a better alternative to Events Manager,  we are here to help. WP Event Manager is an open source all-in-one free WordPress event manager plugin that is available to everyone. As we have an endless number of WordPress event management plugins we often get confused about which one to choose.

Events Manager and WP Event Manager both are well known WordPress plugins. So which one is better? Well, the answer is given in this article based on Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager study.

Events Manager  Vs WP Event Manager

We have assembled all the necessary aspects of a good event management plugin and compared Events Manager with WP Event Manager on the basis of them to show why WP Event Manager is a better alternative to  Events Manager.

Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager : Introduction

Events Manager is an eminent WordPress event manager plugin that strengthens your events website with the ability to create and display events, manage bookings and do more on your events website.

The basic features of the Events Manager is free but users can avail its advanced features through its paid version named Events Manager pro. The pro version is simply an extension to the basic version with a lot of additional features for professional event managers.

Some of the most prominent features of Events Manager include its booking system, calendar and Map integration for venues and locations. You will find more about its features, pricing and other important aspects in the upcoming segments of this article on Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager.

Besides, WP Event Manager as an Events Manager competitor is a compact event management plugin that offers an interactive events calendar, registration, booking, ticket-selling facilities and others to enrich your events management website. WP Event Manager also offers feature-rich restaurant themes that are easily customizable SEO friendly and responsive.

It also has both free and paid versions for its users to use as per their requirements but here we would like to mention that, WP Event Manager’s free version contains some amazing features that are usually listed in the paid version of other plugins. The premium features of WP Event Manager are not only affordable but also add magical powers to your events website to streamline the event management process and impress attendees with superior event experiences.

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Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager comparison at a glance

  • When you compare Events Manager and WP Event Manager, you will find that both the plugins provide basic and paid versions. However, Events Manager lacks some useful features in its basic version that you can avail for free in WP Event Manager. 
  • WP Event Manager’s mobile application is one of such useful and the most demanding features that is offered for free by the plugin. In contrast, the Events Manager does not offer any such mobile application to its users.

To get a quick look at the Events Manager and WP Event Manager comparison, check out the following video.

See what the mobile application of WP Event Manager offers you:

Wp-Eventmanager Features

  • Customization is a crucial aspect of any event management plugin as users always prefer to use a plugin that fulfills their requirements. Both Events Manager and WP Event Manager offer several customization options but while Events Manager, we realized that customizing is a bit of a complicated process which is actually very easy with WP Event Manager.
  • The Events Manager plugin is not recommended for beginners or who don’t have much technical knowledge. This plugin is more for developers than users. However, WP Event Manage is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager: performance

When it comes to Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager performance a few things need to be considered including its loading speed, the space it occupies on your site and user experience.

Events Manager and WP Event Manager both are light weighted plugins and considered fast as compared to others. However WP Event Manager has a better user interface than the Events Manager plugin.

Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager: features

Both the plugins cover some of the most useful features that are included in the list of their basic and advanced versions. Let’s have a look at who wins the battle of features.

  • Both plugins offer the basic features required for event management for free. However, the number of free features in WP Event Manager simply exceeds the number of such features present in Events Manager. Moreover, Events Manager also lacks some basic important features that WP Event Manager offers. 
  • One of the most desired and important features in event management is a mobile application. The biggest advantage of WP Event Manager is that it provides a mobile application that does a lot more than just handle check-in and check-out. The good news is the mobile app is available for free. On the other hand,  Events Manager does not offer any such mobile application. 
  • Both the plugins offer a frontend event submission facility which makes it  easy for the users and guests to submit their events independently. 
  • WP Event Manager offers a live chat facility to users which is not available in Events Manager.

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Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager: Themes

Besides useful event management plugins, WP Event Manager also provides users with multiple event themes which is missing in Events Manager.

The biggest advantage of these themes is that they are perfectly compatible with WP Event Manager plugins.

Key features of these themes include:

  • Responsive designs.
  • Cross-browsing support. 
  • SEO friendly. 
  • WooCommerce compatibility. 
  • Quality support.

Events Manager Vs WP Events Manager: support

User experience with a particular plugin greatly depends on its support quality. Events Manager guide their users in the following ways:

  • Documentation.
  • Tutorials. 
  • FAQs. 
  • Troubleshooting tips.
  • Pro support forums. 
  • Community forums.

WP Event Manager’s support system consists of the following areas:

  • Documentation or Knowledgebase. 
  • FAQs. 
  • Blogs. 
  • Video tutorials through an exclusive YouTube channel.
  • Connecting with the support team.
  • Live Chat.

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Among all these options the first four types of support are dedicated to the free version users that includes their thorough knowledge base section, FAQs and blogs on relevant topics. The paid users get the additional facility to directly contact their support team to solve any paid plugin related issues or queries.

They can raise a support ticket with the issues they have been facing and send it directly to the support team and the support team promptly sends answers to their queries within a few hours through emails.

In the Events Manager comparison with WP Event Manager, we have discovered that Events Manager’s support for their users is mostly developer-centric. It might be difficult for users who do not have any technical background to understand the concept whereas WP Event Manager’s support system is for everyone.

The language used in the knowledge base section can be grasped by anyone as it is super easy. Moreover, their YouTube channel is also free and regularly updated with various relevant and user demanded topics to help them.

The support team is also very sincere and tirelessly attends users with queries and issues with their paid plugins.

Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager: developer friendliness

As mentioned above the Events Manager is a developer centric plugin and its website contains a huge amount of resources to guide developers on various usage of the plugin and its addons. This definitely makes it easy for developers to freely work with the plugin but often makes it challenging for non-tech-savvy users.

Similarly, WP Event Manager plugin is specially designed to make it easy for developers to work with. It is coded with the best coding practices to give it a developer friendly structure.

So when it comes to developer friendliness, WP Event Manager and Events Manager both have similar qualities but WP Event Manager can be used by both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy people. So in that way, using WP Event Manager is certainly more advantageous than Events Manager.

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Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager SEO friendliness

WP Event Manager is designed with the best coding practices which ensures that the site in which it is used never has to face any SEO related issues. Their coding structure is clean and free of bugs. This certainly makes it an SEO friendly plugin. Unlike WP Event Manager, Events Manager follows a complicated coding structure that sometimes affects the site SEO. Moreover, the user interface of WP Event Manager is also better than Events Manager.

Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager: Pricing

As mentioned above, Events Manager has a free and pro version. The cost of the pro version starts from $89 and goes up to $599.

Here is the pricing structure of Events Manager Pro:

  • $89 for 1 Site.
  • $150 for 3 Sites.
  • $200 for 5 Sites.
  • $350 for 10 Sites.
  • $599 for Unlimited Sites.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager has a unique pricing structure that is for everyone and every size of business.

WP Event Manager offers its basic features for free whereas its premium addons are paid. Its premium addons are available individually and in bundles.

  • Event Manager Plus: $99. 
  • Event Manager Pro: $199.
  • Virtual Event Manager Pro: $299.
  • All Events Manager Pro: $399.

All these above mentioned prices are for single sites. To know more about our pricing, click here.

Bundles at WP Event Manager start from $99 onwards with 20 addons and they are super affordable. Users can buy their preferred addons individually or in bundles. In this context, we would like to mention that purchasing bundles instead of individual addons can be a smart choice as bundles offer compact solutions at a much lower price. Bundles are categorized in four segments based on the purpose they serve.

Clearly, the pricing plan of WP Event Manager is much more flexible and affordable for users than the Events Manager plugin.

Join Hands with WP Event Manager

We hope that the article on Events Manager Vs WP Event Manager will help you get a clear picture of both the plugins and also let you understand why WP Event Manager can be a better Events Manager alternative.  If you are currently using the Modern Events Manager plugin and want to switch to a better alternative, WP Event Manager can be the best pick for you.

Besides being a feature packed plugin, it always prioritizes its customers. From solving your minor issues to the major ones, we are always there to help. The best thing about WP Event Manager is that migrating from other plugins to WPEM is easy. It offers a free migration plugin to ensure that users can make a switch to WP Event Manager from other popular plugins including Modern Events Manager without much effort.

Events Manager Vs Wp Event Manager
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