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Our Story

We’ve been passionate about WordPress & Other Technologies since 2009.
From our roots as a Outsourcing company, we have now emerged as one of the rapidly-growing, top-rated online plugin developing companies.

  • 2009
    Ashok Dudhat started building websites for local businesses to upgrade his skills and knowledge about the market.
  • 2010
    Bought the domain ‘GAM Software Solutions’ on 1st Dec 2010. Launched the site with the goal to become an outsourcing service provider for Software Development.
  • 2011
    Single-handedly developed small projects and learned about new technologies and industry.
  • 2012
    Continued with small projects’ development and gathering deep knowledge about technologies. The company got registered by the end of 2012 as an outsourcing company with only one employee initially. Again, redesigned the company site and launched it. We bought the domain ‘Germany Startup Jobs’ on 30th November of the same year.
  • 2013
    Our outsourcing business continued to expand. We built a remote team of expert designers and developers in Surat, India on 7th Feb 2013. We have developed several big projects like ‘Samtog’ and ‘Samtog Shop’ for the clients. To make the company more stable, we started to develop our own products like Wordpress Themes. Our theme marketplace ‘GAM Themes’ was launched in July 2013.
  • 2014
    By the end of Nov 2014, we had started to develop the ‘Germany Startup Jobs’ platform using WordPress.
  • 2015
    We launched ‘Germany Startup Jobs’ in June 2015. Quickly, we have also launched Startup Jobs Platforms for the different countries the same year.
  • 2016
    After trying (and failing!) to launch a WordPress theme, we continued to grow our business and looked at plugins for our next 'side hustle'. After getting enough knowledge about the job listing concept, we launched our first plugin ‘GAM Event Manager’ in June 2016.
  • 2017
    We rebranded ‘GAM Event Manager’ as WP Event Manager on 10th March 2017 and also launched a new site for this plugin. We were finally on our way to becoming a product company after many years of hard work. As for the Startup Jobs platform, we started ‘Startup Jobs Fair’ on (March) in Berlin.
  • 2018
    The plugin revenue started to overtake our web and theme development business, so we stopped taking on new clients and focused more on WP Event Manager development. We rebranded as ‘Tech Jobs Fair’ , consolidating not only to connect startups but also SMEs and corporate companies.
  • 2019
    We have changed the company name from GAM Software Solution to WP Event Manager , consolidating our new status as “WordPress experts building top most event management plugins for users around the globe”. We have merged all Startup Jobs platforms into one platform, called Tech Job Wall , launched in November 2019. It is a platform created to complement Tech Jobs Fair by bridging gaps between employers and employees.
  • 2020
    2020 is probably the most disastrous year in world history when the world had to turn on its pause button due to a deadly virus outbreak. However, WP Event Manager refused to stop and continued to fight back and we redesigned and launched our new website (this one!) on 19th June, and launched other new plugins. We have moved to our new office in January. Several new plugins are currently in the works for 2020!
  • 2021
    2021 brought new hopes in WP Event Manager with the launch of new plugins and Hire Tech Talent which is created for the companies looking for suitable employees and also for the people looking for suitable jobs. We spread our wings with a 60% increase in our team members. Tech Job Fair equally contributed to this growth by covering successful events in 12 countries.
  • 2022
    WP Event Manager witnessed 70% growth in the number of employees and we are still expanding our team. We also have plans to expand our headquarters in Surat. Tech Job Fair has successfully conducted events in 15 countries. Besides this, WP Event Manager has also added a new feather in its cap with the Monster Awards 2022 where we have achieved the second position for being the best booking and appointment WordPress plugin.
  • 2023
    The WP Event Manager team began the year 2023 with a lot of enthusiasm and hope. The team expanded with the arrival of the new members. One of the biggest achievements of 2023 is the birth of WP Food Manager with which we stepped into the world of food businesses. WP Event Manager also has made its place in the list released by the World Brand Affairs for being one of the most Trusted Indian Brands in 2023 . Hire Tech Talent, another wing of WP Event Manager has also been launched publicly in this year.

Our Team

We are the people behind WP Event Manager

  • Ashok Dudhat
    Ashok Dudhat
    Founder & CEO
  • Krinay Dhanani
    Krinay Dhanani
    Product Manager
  • Bindu Kalwadia
    Bindu Kalwadia
    Business Development Executive
  • Ghanshyam Dudhat
    Ghanshyam Dudhat
    Administration Head
  • Nilay Panchal
    Nilay Panchal
    HR Manager & Talent Advocate
  • Jignesh Mistry
    Jignesh Mistry
    Tester & Quality Assurance
  • Priya Goenka
    Priya Goenka
    Customer Support | Content Writer
  • Swapnil Bendale
    Swapnil Bendale
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Kaushik Pokal
    Kaushik Pokal
    Graphic & Web Designer
  • Jonsi Kakadiya
    Jonsi Kakadiya
    Graphic Designer
  • Prachi Surati
    Prachi Surati
    Laravel Developer
  • Rita Sangani
    Rita Sangani
    Wordpress Developer
  • Prachetshi Basu
    Prachetshi Basu
    Content Writer
  • Dhaval Savaliya1
    Dhaval Savaliya
    Laravel Developer
  • Vijay Rathod1
    Vijay Rathod
    Junior WordPress Developer
  • Mohmmad Shoyeb Bulsara
    Mohmmad Shoyeb Bulsara
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Shuvarthi Biswas
    Shuvarthi Biswas
    Customer Support Trainee
  • Devendra Shiyal
    Devendra Shiyal
    Graphic & Web Designer
  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar
    WordPress Developer
  • Harsh Dhanani
    Harsh Dhanani
    Graphic & Web Designer

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