Collect & Store all the information of Attendees Online

For an event management agency, the best way to organize events and to boost their business market is Sell Event Tickets online and store information of Attendees. Due to the online presence, more people can reach a particular agency and marketing will become effective. Moreover, the online management of the events is much easier and smoother than the traditional one. So, coming towards online management of events, we have to integrate a lot of features on our website to perform better functions. If you have developed your online event management website on WordPress, you can get a lot of features under one umbrella. 

For an event management website, WP Event Manager Plugin provides a full pack of services that an event management website should have. Including all the basic to advance features, WP Event Manager Plugin offers different add-ons to provide extra features within the plugin. In this blog, we will demonstrate the difference between our two major add-ons that are “sell tickets” and “attendee information“.

Let’s dive in. 

Sell Event Tickets Add-on

With the basic features of WP Event Manager Plugin, you can get extra add-ons. Among those add-ons, the one which is of extreme importance is “sell tickets“. 

If you are wondering, how to sell ticket add-on can provide you benefits then keep reading. While managing the events online, making sales and estimating the revenue are the common goals. Now, when you have advertised an event but you are not able to know how many people are there to become an attendee then you are always stuck in between wondering with no idea of estimated revenue until the event ends. Moreover, if you are unable to know how many participants you will have at your events, you cannot make proper arrangements. Either you will fall short of the facilities or you offer extra facilities which only costs you money and nothing else. Do you want to get rid of such situations? 

Yes, you can. Purchase the sell ticket add-on and integrate it with your WP Event Manager Plugin. By doing that you can make your sales online providing a facility to the users to pay through their master cards and immediately book tickets. Moreover, by calculating the sale you have a good estimation of what amount of participants will be there at your event. You can easily arrange the facilities according to the number of participants. Store information of Attendees to avail more advantages like. 


You already know the importance of using the sell ticket add-on but let’s have an abstract view of the pros that you can have. 

  • Lets you make online sales as you Sell Event Tickets online
  • Easier for customers to purchase tickets instantly
  • Keep a track of sales
  • Estimates the number of participants
  • Estimates the revenue generated
  • Estimates the facilities required
  • Easy to install and use
  • Allows you with numerous valuable features
  • Allows you to control your sales through the number of tickets

Attendee Information Add-on

As for the business point of view, information about the customers and the potential market is a valuable asset. For online event management, the agency has to advertise the events to reach those people who are most likely to attend the event. This could be done much easier if the agency has a history of the customers.

Keeping this in view, the WP Event Manager Plugin offers Attendee Information add-on. This add-on will let you save the attendee’s information and his/her interests. On the basis of the customer’s data, through data science, we can narrow down the potential market and with a short and cheaper marketing strategy, we can bring a lot of interested potential customers with a generation of handsome revenue too. 

Registrations add-on can be used for the same purpose with a limited amount of information. However, if you really want to build a database where you have an excess amount of information about the customers then we highly recommend you to go for the Attendee Information add-on


It’s been clear that the attendee information add-on offers a long term benefit to the event management agency. Let’s have a quick overview of the pros that an attendee information add-on brings. 

  • Let you gather basic to advance information about the customers
  • Build a database to store the information which can be required to do market analysis
  • Easy to perform event successful rate and analysis based on the users’ presence
  • Allows to narrow down the marketing to reach to the interested customers
  • Provide easy access to the information of attendees

Difference Between Sell Event Tickets and Attendee Information

As both the add-ons are specific purpose-oriented and cannot be used in place of one another. The major difference between the two add-ons is “sell ticket” allows the agency to make online sales of the tickets and provide an easy mode to the customer to book their seats at events.

While “attendee information” allows the agency to collect and store the information of ALL the attendees during the registration process which can be further utilized in different market analysis and marketing strategies. 


Having an online place to manage your events requires some basic to advanced features that let the administrators manage more smoothly. WP Event Manager Plugin is one of the best and popular online event manager full packaged plugins that comes with a lot of add-on including sell ticket and attendee information modules. Both these add-ons help to build a professional online event management website along with advanced features that surely help the administrators to make effective strategies for attracting more and more interested people towards the events. 

Without the help of these add-ons, manual work is a hectic process and full of errors. These add-ons make it easier to manage the full event information and sales automatically and precisely with no errors at all.

More than 50,000 websites receive attacks every day. Do you know how to secure WordPress? Many people believe that only the websites of large companies are in the spotlight of hackers.

It is a wrong idea.

Whether you are an internet giant or if you just started, your website is a candy. In fact, the most vulnerable sites are the youngest. Therefore, if you don’t want to be a victim of cyber-attackers and see how your effort fades with a simple click, you need to learn the basic notions on how to secure WordPress event website. Quiet, because the steps we recommend you take in this article can be done without problems, even if you do not have a technical profile or have knowledge of cybersecurity.

Are you worried about the security of your WordPress event website and your data? Then read on to discover the best tips we can give you to Secure WordPress.

Why You Must Secure WordPress

Here is a question for you. How much time have you dedicated to creating your website, learn how to install WordPress, know which plugins are the best, know the most effective strategies to gain visibility and improve SEO? Many, right?

Now tell us: How many hours have you invested in strengthening the security of your website? Not so many.

Well, we must tell you that you have given priority to actions that do not require your attention so much. Think about it. What is the use of doing all that if you have security breaches everywhere? We answer you: it is of no use to you, because the moment you receive an attack, your entire project will fall like a house of cards.

7 Actions To Protech WordPress & Turn Your Website Into An Impregnable Fortress


Do you access your site with the typical “admin” or “administrator” that comes by default in WordPress? Well too bad, kid.

This is the first thing you have to change. Having these names is like having a bright sign that says: “The doors of my website are open, attacking.” What name should you use instead? Whichever you want, less «admin», «administrator» or similar.


Another big door to access your website is the password. There are dictionaries with thousands of frequent passwords. So to secure WordPress, you will have to choose one that is strong and as difficult as possible to hack. Your name, your date of birth or the name of your pets are NOT strong passwords.

A good password is the one characterized by:

  • Have more than 8 characters.
  • Toggle upper and lower case.
  • Include numbers and symbols.

The more random it is, the better. For example, a strong password is something like: A% ftg * 49R #


Now that you have a strong password, don’t make the common mistake of having the same password to access your accounts: WordPress, email, social networks… If they manage to crack your password, they will have the door open to all your sites.

As you can see, having a unique password is like being a helpless fawn in the middle of the African savanna and being surrounded by lionesses during the dry season. We know what you’re thinking: how are you going to memorize a lot of passwords? You do not have to do it!

There are tools that do that work for you. You just create an account that you have to remember and the application saves and remembers all the others for you.


To protect WordPress properly, always keep it updated in the latest version because outdated versions are security leakage points. This is valid for both the WordPress version and the plugins you have installed.


This recommendation has a lot to do with the one we just mentioned. If you do a quick search on the internet, you will see that there are hundreds and hundreds of WordPress plugins. But neither are all necessary nor are all reliable.

Download and install only those you really need and do it if the download location is safe. The official WordPress repository is the safest place to download plugins and templates. The versions are updated and checked, so there is no danger of stalking (or drastically reduced).


The wp-config.php file, which is located at the root of our website, stores very important information, so you have to protect it from any attempt at external access. It is not a complex task and you will do it in a few minutes because you just have to add a code in the .htaccess file, which is also at the root of your WordPress.

Specifically, you only have to include at the end of the .htaccess file this: Save the changes and with this simple action you will be able to deny access to the wp-config.php file to all users, which is just what we are looking for.


What it is about is to avoid the massive attempts of access through the WordPress login screen, that is, to set a limit of times that can be failed when trying to access the administration panel. Limiting the access limit is a way to protect WordPress from brute force attacks.

The task to Import Facebook Events to your event website plays an important role in event marketing. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The Importance of the “Event Promotion” Phase

If you have in mind the realization of a business event and you decide to carry it out, certain guidelines are essential for this event marketing to be a profitable investment in the short-medium term. One of them is the key to promoting an event.

These activities are a really effective way for both the entrepreneur and his company and its services to reach a target audience in an absolutely direct way as well as ingenious and entertaining. In these cases, the function of the image and the memory plays a fundamental role. Since it will be what determines that those possible assistants and contacts who have attended their event become potential clients.

How to Promote Business Events


It is advisable to send a mailing to the contact base you have, both to the subscribers of your website and to those who are already potential customers of your company. This is a really effective way to foster relationships, as it is giving you exclusive information. It is also profitable because the information reaches a large audience through a free event promotion tool.

Platforms for the promotion of the event

In addition to the website and its database, you must use other tools that help you reach a target audience, the one for which your company is still unknown. It is a way to reach potential customers, spreading not only your brand but also the event that is organized.

This is the case of platforms dedicated to the promotion of events, such as integration of WP Event Manager Plugin with WordPress website, in which the promotion of events can be done using several add-ons with a lot of beneficial features. 

Payment campaigns

The option of payment campaigns is usually really useful since it can reach a specific audience and with it to potential customers, due to the segmentation they allow to do. Tools of this type can be:

  • Google AdWords. Sales tool for any search. It allows amazing accuracy because it always responds to a search that is absolutely related to what the interested party wants to find. It is advisable for a more objective and specific audience.
  • Facebook Ads. Although the range reached by Facebook is lower, it also means less cost. Segmentation is done for the interests of users. It is advisable for wider audiences.
  • LinkedIn Ads. It is effective to locate people related to the sector you need for your event.

Import Facebook Events for event promotion

This social network offers numerous options to make the event promotion as effective as possible.

Event statistics appear: number of people who have seen a link to the event page on Facebook, those who have seen the event and those who have interacted with the event – have confirmed their attendance, perhaps attended or have saved it -. Therefore, you will have the possibility to know how many users you are arriving and the acceptance you are having.

Import and Export of Events to and from WP Event Manager Plugin

Integrating your Event WordPress website with Facebook to import/export events has a very significant advantage for the promotion of the events. Facebook is a very useful tool to promote the events to the targeted audience and the WP event manager plugin is, on the other hand, a very interesting and beneficial plugin for the event management website. Combining these two important and useful modules together clearly depict how much benefits it will bring for the event promotion. 

For both that are importing events from Facebook and exporting events from websites using WP event manager plugin can be done through the available add-ons. WP event manager plugin comes with a number of handy and full of features add-ons which can be integrated with the plugin for extra functionalities. Each add-on is a paid one with an easy to integrate and simple and understandable working feature.

Paid Add-on

For importing and exporting the Events between Facebook and the WP event manager plugin there is a different add-on for each of them. To export the events from the WP manager plugin to Facebook the add-on “Embeddable Event Widget” offers the best functionality. Similarly, to do the reverse thing, that is importing events from Facebook to WordPress website, there is an add-on available with the WP event manager plugin. 


The basic feature of the Import Facebook Events add-on is to show your Facebook events on the WordPress website. Along with the basic feature, here are some other beneficial things that you might consider before purchasing it. 

  • Easy to use. (documentation is available on how to use particular add-on)
  • Fast and adaptable. (Quick management settings are available and you can have multiple options to adjust the appearance imported events)
  • Error-free. (Due to its simplicity and availability of the documentation explaining each and every aspect of how to handle the add-on, there is a very low probability that you stuck somewhere (at any error even).

Why purchase?

For an event management business, it’s important that you have modern tools to advertise and attract the target audience to your events. It’s a digital era, and technology is evolving at a great rate. Websites for event management are currently considered as the best way to promote and manage events.

Therefore, in doing so business, you must have two things that are a very handy and beneficial tool for the management of your events which we have offered through WP Event Manager Plugin. Another one is a tool that can help to promote the event across different platforms which again can be done using the WP Event Manager Plugin Add-on to promote events across Facebook and WP website. 

Event Tags by WP Event Manager is a premium add-on for your Events WordPress Website. Introduced by WP Event Manager to improve the handling of the events on your website. If you want to enhance the searchability of your event, use the Event Tags add-on and see immediate results.

The Event Tags add-on works in conjunction with WP Event Manager. Luckily WP Event Manager is a free plugin, and you can easily set it up in a matter of minutes. The Events Tags add-on is a paid plugin, but we assure you, it is worth it. If you read more, you will find out why.

The add-on uses advanced functionality to target more keywords in less time. In clear words, you can say that it improves the efficiency of your event by using more keywords and making them much better in search

The Event Tags plugin adds tags for the event post type. This helps in keeping track and improving the efficiency of the events’ searchability. The user or the admin fills the tags when creating an event on the site. Using this mechanism, the plugin provides the option of showing you events using the tags through shortcodes. The plugin then adds tag filtering to the standard shortcode of the event to filter it further and improve the efficiency of the system.

Shortcodes are little pieces of code that help you in performing complex tasks with little effort. Every event has its own standard shortcode.

Features of Event Tags add-on?

The most prominent features of the Event tags add-on are the following:

  • Tag Listings

    Event Tags add-on creates lists of tags. The plugin allows users to tag their entries in the listings.

  • Events Filter

    The add-on allows the users to save their events using specific identifiers using the events filter. It also allows the users to look up the required events.

  • WordPress Taxonomies

    WP Event Manager’s development team created the Event Tags add-on using WordPress Taxonomies. This makes it easier for the developers to create and the users to use it.

Using Tag listings, the frontend of the site allows the users to select already added tags in their events. If your website enables frontend event registration via the user, this is a significant plus point for the optimization of the event. The user can add their event and add the relevant tags, which will increase the searchability of their events. These tag listings help users in finding the right occasion.

Events Filter are search filters that allow users to narrow down the events by using the identifiers. These identifiers are, in fact, the very tags that we use from the tag listings. While massively improving the visibility of the events, it lets users explore other relevant events too.

How Event Tags Add-on useful and advantages of using it?

Event Tags add-on improves your events website in many ways. It improves the searchability and rank of your event by using tags and shortcodes. Using the add-on, you are guaranteed to refine the search engine optimization of your event.

We have discussed the features of the plugin, now let’s talk about how the plugin is beneficial for your website:

The first step the plugin performs is when you are creating the event. It’s called showing/creating the event tag field. In the event submission form, the plugin adds a new text field. This text field houses tags. Tags can be any keyword/s that are associated with your event in any way. Here you can add all the keywords that describe your event, event subject, the type of your event, or related to your event.

After this, the plugin lets the users filter their desired events by the tags. The filtering makes it much easier for the users to look up events that they may not remember the exact names. When you search for tags, the tags assist the user in finding one or more similar functions and events they are looking for. The add-on improves the visibility of the event using this method. Not only does the event get more popular due to this, but your website will get more viewers as well.

After creating the event tag field using the add-on and letting users search events by using tags, we can talk about the settings at the backend. At the backend, the Event Tags add-on provides full control to the Event listing settings to the admin using the Admin Panel of WordPress. Using the settings, the admin can enable or disable the tags. Additionally, the admin can set the type of tags filter.

After the basic event listing settings are the event submission settings, you can handle and operate these settings from the backend using the WP admin panel. These settings are highly useful to change settings connected with tags. You can change the settings at any given time. You control how the users interact with your site using the Event Tags add-on and allow the users to submit their tags and event listings. Using the frontend forms, users can add their events to your website. At the same time, you control the maximum number of events, the delimiter to separate individual tags, and to provide the user with ease.

Subheading: Setting up the plugin is a breeze

One of the major issues the users and website admins encounter during dealing with plugins is the complexity of installing and using the plugin. The WP Event Manager team has made sure that this is not the case with Event Tags add-on. It’s incredibly easy to set up:

  1. Automatic installation (can add a link to automatic installation here)
  2. Manual installation (can add link)

Both methods are straightforward. Any level of user will easily be able to understand how to set the add-on up.

The add-on facilitates both frontend and backend forms to add events and tags. These forms allow the users and the admins to add events on the website and add relevant tags to the events.

Lastly, you can customize the template of the add-on according to the theme of your website or any other way you want in a few steps. These require you to override the original look of the add-on by utilizing these steps. (Add link here or scrape this line). Make sure you create a visually appealing and user-friendly look that goes well with your website’s look and feel.

These settings, features, and customization options will make your events website an immediate hit while ensuring it remains optimized. The Event Tags add-on alongside WP Event Manager is a must-have combination of plugins for your Events website.


The Event Tags add-on is a must-have tool for any events website on WordPress. A premium add-on developed and catered by WP Event Manager, the Event Tags add-on, is a highly efficient and effective tool that helps your events website provide to users in an improved way.

The add-on increases the output of your event massively by increasing the searchability and visibility of the events listed on your website. By using the effective technique of using tags, the add-on helps the users in finding their desired searches or listing their events on your website. While a lot of users might be reluctant to pay for an add-on, some tools are worth it, and the Event Tags add-on is one of them. If you are looking to increase your website in terms of event functionality, you need to get this add-on immediately.

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