How Event Registration Add-on is Useful for Events Business Website

Ever since the increase in demand of Event Registration technology, we have launched an Event Registrations add-on. It will serve your event registration well.

Advantages of Web Pages for Event Registration

  1. It is 100% logical. By having event web pages it is not necessary to design and print pamphlets, flyers or large posters that are usually a solid polluting waste for the environment.
  2. It represents a way to save time since all the information is promoted through the Internet while we carry out other activities of the organization of events.
  3. The Internet network is infinite. In it, we can store a large amount of information of all kinds, without limits of space or time. It is an ideal environment to promote anything we do, from anywhere in the world.
  4. Facilitates interaction between event organizers and potential attendees.
  5. Through events web pages it is possible to offer the opportunity to those interested in paying the tickets in a safe, simple and convenient way.
  6. It allows organizers to provide users and potential attendees with detailed and quality information to encourage their interest to attend the event.
  7. Another great advantage of having web pages for events is the fact that it helps improve the visibility of the activity. The more attractive your design is, the greater its impact will be.

What are the Key Elements of an Event Business Website?

  • Responsible design

  • It is essential today to give users the opportunity to open the website from any device: PC, Tablet or mobile phones. It is a safe, fast and effective way to make users navigate on it without having to sit in front of a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Be Self-administrable

  • One of the advantages of the self-administered design is that it allows you to add or modify the content of the page whenever you consider it necessary, without having to resort to a Webmaster for it.

  • Must be safe

  • One of the safest ways to have event web pages is WordPress design since it is updated frequently. To be able to use that tool it is necessary to have specific training.

  • Data Protection

  • An event website generally offers the opportunity to the potential assistant to buy and purchase tickets from that page. Therefore, it is important to guarantee the protection of user data. To provide greater security to the Internet user, you can add a section related to the legal notices on the Web content.

  • Optimization

  • The design of event web pages must be optimized for the user to have a pleasant experience. It is important that it allows you to open and load the information as quickly as possible.

  • Concordance with the business image

  • This is a key element in the design of web pages for events, as it must be consistent with the corporate image that is handled. This will provide a more serious and professional image, which later translates into user confidence.

  • Integrate social networks

  • Nowadays people tend to be more connected through social networks than through other means of communication. Therefore, it is important to include information related to the company’s social networks on the website, as well as to disseminate the information through these means quickly and easily.

  • Email Manager

  • One of the marketing strategies of the web pages is the possibility of managing emails from users to apply a Mailing campaign, that is, to promote the event by sending emails to potential event attendees who have subscribed to the newsletter of the website.

  • Contacts

  • It is necessary that the web pages for events have a list of contacts, in order to establish feedback with the possible attendees who visit it.

  • Registration

  • With a marketing point of view, the business owners get the benefit of registration of the customers to stay in touch with them for new offers or to promote the business. From a customer point of view, the registration is beneficial for clients, as they do not need to organize their data and the things every time they visit the portal or account.  

What’s the Importance of Registration on the Website?

Keeping in view the event management website, registration offers a lot of benefits for both the customer and the client where we say the attendees of an event and the event manager. Below are the few noted benefits that you should know before considering integrating the registration feature on your website. 

  • Keep track of the audience

  • By using the registration feature of an event, the organizers can keep track of the audience by checking how many people are responding to which category of events. This can help the event managers to estimate the event popularity among the audience. 

  • Mange the event dates

  • Event dates are very important factors for attracting an audience. By having a registration feature, the event manager websites are able to collect the data including the relevant information about the people to know what dates are suitable for an appropriate audience like summer vacations, springtime, etc. 

  • Mange event locations

  • Using the data collected through the registrations, the event manager website can provide an insight to allow the managers to check which type of event is more popular in a certain region or place. This helps in facilitating the audience by reducing the traveling time and transport charges.

  • Manage tickets

  • Registrations can get an estimate of the registered audience that helps the managers to make that number of tickets available. This could be very helpful for avoiding organizing such events where the organizing cost goes beyond the expected recovery of expenditure through tickets. 

  • Mange facilities at the event location

  • Another important factor is the estimate of facilities at the event spot. Through registrations, the event managers are able to get an estimated number of participants which will lead them to have a certain number of arranged facilities for participants. This helps to reduce the cost of arrangements. 

Event Manager Plugin for WordPress Website

For WordPress users, if you are going to start a business for managing events online, you obviously need all in one plugin that meets the needs of your business. Keeping this in mind, WordPress Event Manager Plugin is the best option you can avail of. It comes with numerous free features that provide you the basic functionalities to manage events online.

For more complex functionalities and advanced features, the plugin as numerous paid add-ons that you can purchase and integrate with the plugin anytime you want. Among those add-ons registration, an add-on is available at a very reasonable cost with a lot of worth having it with your WordPress Event Manager Plugin. 

How WP Event Manager Registrations Add-on is Useful?

We have already mentioned in the above section, how the registration feature can help the online event managers and the audience. By having the registration add-on you can avail of all those benefits. Integrating the Registration Add-on is simple and the proper guidance is available at the official website. Along with a paid plugin, you will get documentation that elaborates each and every feature of the plugin and the available add-ons with how to integrate these add-ons with your plugin. 

Get Event Manager Plugin and Event Registration add-on

If you are interested in experiencing premium features of the WordPress Event Manager Plugin, you can simply purchase the plugin from an official website. The process is quite simple and self-explaining. Get the Event Registration add-on now and facilitate your audience and avail the opportunity to stay connected to your audience and through the data collected apply marketing strategies that make sure you get a lot more attention from your events. 

Event organization agencies have a real demand from companies and individuals and, therefore, a broad market. There are practically no barriers to entry and, in principle, anyone can dedicate themselves to organizing events, as long as they have the necessary characteristics: creative mind, organizational capacity, commercial attitude, dedication to service and empathy. The other side of the medal is that the intrusion represents a problem of the draft in this sector. In general, expensive investments are not required to start Online events business. The Online events business can be profitable in the very short term that is, at the end of each event, with average gross margins ranging between 10% and 30% on the total billing of subcontracted services.

Online Events Business Sector

Currently, we find a very atomized and fragmented sector, in which a few large and many small agencies compete, generally detached from each other. Expert Eric Mottard, CEO and founder of Eventoplus, a reference platform for agencies, spaces, and suppliers for events, believes that, after the hard years of the crisis, we are in a good moment. Of course, there has been a transition towards strengthening the event in its strategic aspect, as a powerful communication tool. Therefore, the role of the event organizer must go far beyond mere production or coordination, to focus on providing authentic value to the customer.

How to Set Up an Event Organization Business?

If you want to ensure the viability of your company, you must follow this series of steps to create your event organization company. It is necessary that before starting your activity all these steps and decisions are reflected in the business plan. This will help you define your business project to the fullest, know what to do at all times, and present your business to investors or potential financing entities that provide you with the necessary capital to move forward.

Step 1: Identify what your qualities are

It is not necessary to lose sight of, that although a priori the organization of events may seem an idyllic work, the reality is that like any other professional activity, it requires a series of personal skills and qualities.

And, the planning of events requires a very specific personality, one that is sufficiently outgoing, social and creative enough to address all the changes and unforeseen events that may arise when planning an event successfully.

Step 2: The role of training

Once the issue of personal qualities is resolved, before creating an event organization company it is convenient to bet on training in the sector to have an accreditation that represents you as a professional in the sector.

A hobby is something quite different from work. Therefore, even if you have previous experience organizing events for relatives or a company, it is always more convenient to have serious and formal certifications that provide credibility to the service.

Step 3: Market definition and target audience

The sector of the organization of events is very wide in relation to the number of services and areas in which you can get to work.

Thus, it is essential to decide on what types of events are more interesting to plan. In broad strokes we can differentiate between:

  • Commemorative events: They are formal acts aimed at remembering important figures and events. Generally, the budget items that derive from these types of activities are considerable.
  • Acts of celebration: They tend to have a more festive character and include events of different types and nature, from anniversaries, weddings, fairs or meetings.
  • Promotional events: For event organization companies that want to focus on business, this objective is usually their favorite. This area includes brand launches, product presentations, press conferences for advertising, etc.
  • Conferences and educational purposes: There are some businesses dedicated to the organization of educational events, such as student graduations, meetings, congresses, etc. If you prefer to dedicate yourself to a more serious and formal business sector, this option may interest you more.
  • Sustainable events: There is currently a greater concern for the environment and sustainable development. Therefore, the services of organizing events committed to the environment in which they are taking place are increasingly being demanded.

Step 4: Financial and legal plan

Economic planning is another key aspect of any business event organization. At this point, it is important to analyze how much capital is available and what the strategies used to maintain the income flow will be.

It is essential to make the balance between the prices that are intended to be placed on the product or service, what are the business costs that the business could have if it is intended to outsource any task or all the work will be done through internal contracting.

WordPress Event Manager Plugin

Well, you got all the necessary details, here is the main tip that we want to offer our readers who are interested in developing their online events business. For that, the one thing is for sure you need a well-designed event management website. Due to the effectiveness and potential WordPress is the best framework that is popular among beginners to professional level people. 

While working on WordPress, you need help related to the event management and for that, the WordPress Event Manager Plugin is the best you can get. The WP Event Manager Plugin comes with a variety of features and add-ons that you can integrate with your plugin. You can list events, sell tickets, use map add-on to display the location and allow the user to search for events in a specific location, calendar feature to schedule the dates of your events and much more. 

1. List events

The basic feature of WP Event Manager Plugin allows you to list as many events as you want on your Online events business website simply from the backend. Moreover, you can allow the customer to list the events from the frontend too. 

2. Sell tickets

You can sell online tickets using WP Event Manager Plugin’s sell tickets add-on. You can set the limits and types of tickets for user convenience. 

3. Map feature

WP Event Manager’s Map feature allows you to display the locations of the events using a map marker on the website. Moreover, users can search for the event using the search proximity filters too. 

4. Online events business Calendar

Calendar feature of WP Event Manager Plugin lets you able to schedule your events on the calendar which offer a user-friendly experience to the customers.

Start Your Online Events Business Today

Plugins are able to help you a lot with particular tasks when you are working with WordPress. Among various plugins for online event management, the best one we have opted on the basis of features and user’s rating and experience is WP Event Manager. Due to its unique, interesting and productive features at optimal cost makes it worthy enough to be the best choice for those who are looking for starting online event business with a little amount of money.

WordPress Event Manager Plugin

Those who are not familiar with the WP Event Manager Plugin, let us introduce a little bit for them. If you are already aware of the WP Event Manager, or you are a great customer you can skip the introduction part. WP Event Manager Plugin offers you to host events information on your website. It comes with a lot of handy and useful tools and features that allow you to do event management with a few simple steps. WP Event Manager Documentation is provided at the official website, you can go through it or read our articles about the introduction to know more about it.

Google Maps Add-on

Among other useful add-ons, an important and a very handy add-on we are going to let you know is the Google Maps add-on that allows you to manage the search of events by locations. Using this add-on your visitors are able to perform a search of events by location. Now, the Google Maps add-on works perfectly using the Google Map API and a beautiful interface designed by the WP Event Manager Plugin. Read below the main features that come with the Google Map Add-on and how you can take advantage of this if you are among those who are managing events online on their website.


Before going in-depth, as the readers are more concerned about the price and packages before going to know the insights. At an official website of WP Event Manager Plugin, there are two packages available. One for personal use and other for developers. You can check the prices there with some discount promotions too. However, the features of the Google Map add-on justify the cost that customers are paying. So, we recommend as go grab it after reading the below sections. In this article, we are going to explain to you the main features, a few general settings and how to install it on your WordPress.


There are two different ways to install Google Map add-on, which are the automatic install and the manual installation process. For automatic installation, you need to search the WP Event Manager in a plugin search bar and you can install and activate it simply.

Automatic Install:

Go to WP Admin >> Plugins >> Add New >> Search WP Event Manager >> Install >> Activate.

Another easy process for installation is as you need to download the .zip file of the plugin. After getting the file you need to go to add a new plugin and there you will find an option to upload the file. All you need is to upload the file and click the activate button.

Go to WP Admin >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload .zip file >> Activate.

For manual installation, you need to download the plugin and then upload it to the webserver through any FTP application. For that, you need to unzip the downloaded plugin file. Using the FTP application upload the files in a WordPress directory “/wp-content/plugins/”. After that just go to the WP admin panel and activate the plugin and you are good to go.

How to Set Google Map API?

So you own a Google Console Account and from there you need to create an API key to integrate Google Maps with your plugin. Once you have created the API key copy it and insert it to the plugin using the admin panel. Simple steps are WP-Admin Panel >> Event listings >> Settings >> General >> Google API Key.

Now, before you start seeing the actual working of the Google Maps plugin you need to perform some more actions as recommended. Follow the simple steps. Google Console Account >> API and Services >> Dashboard >> Click on Enable APIs and Services >> Enable the APIs: Maps JavaScript API, Geocoding API, Geolocation API, Places API and after that, you are good to go.

General Features

  • Google Map Marker
  • Google map marker makes the visualization more attractive and informative at the same time. Using Google map marks the location of the event is represented on the map. Displaying information in a user-friendly manner is the main objective of this feature.

  • Google Map Autocomplete
  • This is called somewhat an intelligence that gives the suggestion of the place or event while the client is typing in the search bar. This feature becomes very handy when the client is not familiar with the proper name of an event. By typing the starting guess, this feature will automatically show the suggestion related to that.

  • Location Filter
  • This feature can narrow down the search for the plugin. The client can search for an event in a particular area by using the location filter. The location filter allows the client to specify kilometers or miles within which the plugin should pop up the list of the event along with the location map marker.

  • Developer Friendly
  • The plugin code is very user-friendly. If you have purchased a developer package you can enjoy this feature very much. As a developer, you can easily make changes as per your needs and it is very easy indeed because there are proper sections and sub-sections for each of the features.

What’s More?

  • Events Proximity Search
  • As explained above, using this feature the client can customize its search capacity to the particular area and location.

  • Proximity Search Query Based on Radius
  • Now, the clients can use the option to mention the area (radius) in which they want to get the information of the events.

  • Distance Units available
  • There are two units available for the distance. Either you can search by Kilometers or miles. This becomes very handy while customizing your search space.

  • Results on Google Map
  • Using the map marker, the plugin represents the information in a very understandable and easy fashion. Using the location marker of the events on the map provides an ease of understanding for the clients.

  • Sort-by availability
  • Along with other many customization options, the sort by option helps you to sort your search using the drop-down menu. Your search can be sorted by distance, featured, title, date, etc.

  • Google Address Autocomplete
  • Whenever in a search bar, you are going to enter any address the Google Map will automatically give you the right suggestions. Now, this will help you when you don’t know the exact spellings of or the exact address.

  • Google Map at Single Event Page
  • You can have two main features of this plugin. The first one is that you show a single page related to every event and on that page, you have a map that represents the location of the event. It means providing all the necessary information about the event along with the direction of the location where the visitor can attend the event.

  • All Events Map Shortcode
  • The other way around is to show all the events like the Google Map marker on one map. This can provide an overview of the events that are going to be held at different locations. The plugin allows you to out shortcodes to show a map with all the events locations indicated on the map.

Ratings by the Users

As per the current users’ feedback, we conclude this little piece of information about the Google Map Add-on. As a reader, you know the features, prices and you much be curious to know how the current users have experiences with this plugin. Well, feedback is very satisfying. People love to use the Google Map Add-on as it brings a premium enhancement to your events management. Every website administrator wants to provide the best out of best to its visitors and clients. If you are hosting the events on your website. This is the right time to grab this add-on and let your visitors experience a much more user-friendly interface for information representation and ease of access to the information.

When it comes to event marketing, the effectiveness of using tools that assist you to Display events online has no match! Let’s learn more about our exclusive Slider plugin, shall we?

Event Promotion and Marketing Strategy

For every event to become a successful one, there is always a vital role played by the marketing team. Marketing is an art to sell yourself or your product and gain the attention of the audience. For every single event, there exists a proper marketing and promotion strategy. This strategy defines the ways and channels through which and how the event should be promoted. Well, the topic under consideration is not how to enhance your marketing strategy.

However, we need to consider one thing that for a successful event there must be a proper and well-defined marketing strategy. Then, what should be there for a successful marketing plan? Yes, for that you do have a strong content that can help you display event online to the audience. Always remember, content is the king.

Content is The King

Now, we have seen the importance of the content, we should know how many types of content are there which can be needed or utilized during the promotion of an event online. The content can be textual data or a graphical one. Usually, the best approach is to use a combination of text and graphics. In this modern and busy world, no one has time and interest to read the text data that contains long stories or a lot of information. Even the point is, if someone reads the lengthy text of advertisement there is a bright chance the reader misses some of the information. The picture speaks louder than words so the major focus that should be paid is on the graphics with a little mixture of the text.

Graphics as a Medium of Seeking Attention

Managing graphics is not an easy task. It requires a team of professionals who are well aware of the modern tools that aid in creating the graphics. Moreover, the ability to come up with something creative is the important requirement of such professionals too. Creativity is something that is born talent. So the point we need to make clear is that graphics can define how much attention you will get through your promotions.

Best graphics mean the best response which leads to getting more attention from the audience. You want to know how well you can manage the graphics during your event promotions. Keep reading as we have something thrilling and exciting coming for you.

How to Display Your Events Online Into a Beautiful Slider

Well, here comes what we actually want our readers to know. If you have an event management website then probably you are using WordPress as a framework. it’s handy, useful and easy to operate. You are not a WordPress user? Still, you can read out the content maybe you come to WordPress after reading how easy it is to manage events on your website. So, the best plugin that is currently available for the management of the online event is WP Event Manager Plugin by WP Event Manager. Along with many useful features that are available with the WP event manager plugin, the one which is among the most important features is its unique ways provided to the admin to display the events information into a beautiful slider.

Display Events Online With WP Event Manager Sliders

WordPress Event Manager Plugin enables you to make an assortment of content for your online events. To make the event look increasingly alluring to visitors, it is recommended to utilize sliders or carouselsWP Event Manager Sliders accompany the excellent quality assortment of sliders that you can pick as per your needs. It is the only plugin add-on with such huge numbers of sliders templates prepared for various necessities and requirements. Pick a slider as indicated by your plan needs and prerequisites.

Premium sliders accompany numerous additional features.

  • Live Support
  • The WP Event Manager Slider support group is focused on all clients of slider add-ons. In any case, you are not getting a response through forums, etc. don’t hesitate for a second to visit our official site and get needed help utilizing Live Chat or by sending a ticket.

  • Create a Responsive WordPress Slider
  • When you make another slide, you can review the whole slider on the design page. Enables you to alter the typography, transition speed, impact, foundation shading, width and height of the slider, and so forth before inserting the slider. You can straightforwardly review a slider of sections and control the display of slides in a slider.

  • Reorder Simplified
  • You can change or reorder the slides simply through drag and drop. Simply with the help of a mouse within no time you can perform the adjustments. The slider adapts the changes very quickly and efficiently. 

  • Randomize Slides
  • If you want to show the slides in a random order, there is a choice to do as such because WP Event Manager slider add-on comes up with the programmed sliders. Once adjusted, the slider will keep on consequently change the request for the slides.

  • Limit the Number of Messages
  • You can decide to confine the number of slides in the slider. For instance, in the event that you just need to show 5 as of recent images inside the slider, there is an alternative to do as such. It likewise helps while making a picture slider utilizing pictures from the media library and like to show just the 4 as of recently added pictures inside the slider, this feature is valuable. The limitation of the number of slides additionally helps in the presentation of the content of an event.

  • Self-Expired Slides
  • The Slider remembers an alternative to consequently terminate a slide for a specific date. It enables you to mark the calendar for the added slides and once the date shows up, that specific slide will show up in the slider. A helpful choice for promotions or offers.

  • Text Content Control
  • It enables you to limit the number of characters or words in the content area that ought to show up. All things considered, there is additionally an alternative to remove the “read more” message also.

  • Export and Import
  • One can trade the total Slider setup and import the configurations into another installation. This can be done simply through a CSV file that contains all the configuration details of the plugin and its add-ons. Importing that CSV file into a new installation will help to maintain the previous configurations.

Shortcode and Template Tag

WP Event Manager Slider also comes with a template tag and shortcode. These methods allow you to place the Slider anywhere on your WordPress site to let you Display events online. Use these methods to embed the slider and put it into operation in just a few minutes of installation.

You can operate with the shortcode [events_slider featured=1 limit=5 orderby=”rand”] to show the slider wherever you want.

Get Slider using Page Template:

The slider is also compatible with popular page creators such as Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, etc.

Responsive View Of Slider

Yes, the slider you see here is totally responsive! When your visitors are viewing the website on any of the different devices(tablet, mobile, iPad, etc.), the slider promises to render well without messing up the looks and format of your website.

Installation of Sliders Add-on

  1. Purchase the Sliders plugin from here.
  2. Download the purchased plugin from your account (
  3. After downloading the .zip file of the plugin, go to WP-admin >> Plugins >> Add New.
  4. Upload .zip file using the “Choose File” button and click on the “Install Now” button.
  5. You will get the Plugin install successfully page, click on the “Activate Plugin” link.
  6. At last, insert the license key and enjoy the plugin! 🙂