Salesforce CRM

WP Event Manager integration with Salesforce combines the power of the world’s top CRM system with a world’s leading event management system.

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  • Synchronize your attendees

    Synchronize your attendees

    Keep your Registrations and marketing data in sync.
  • Increase attendance

    Increase attendance

    Boost your attendance with indulgence in marketing techniques.
  • Custom Field Mapping

    Custom Field Mapping

    Map custom fields with salesforce fields and get the most out of records.

Features You'll Love

A comprehensive package for registered user data integration and subsequent marketing automation.

Salesforce CRM settings at Frontend

Integration of API key and Account Url from the campaign account will start transmitting the data of the attendee in almost real-time, based on the settings. This facilitates the process of following up on emails, marketing campaigns, event cancellations, etc.

Field Mapping of the Registration form Fields at Frontend

Salesforce CRM includes default fields for storing contact information. Custom contact fields can also be used to collect additional information relevant to your Events. All created custom contact fields will appear on the Settings page, where the Organizer must map these custom registration fields to Salesforce CRM fields in order to get perfect data at synchronization time.

Manual syncing at Frontend

Manual synchronization permits organizers to decide which participants must be synchronized to their event list. They have the choice of picking individual attendees or multiple ones present on the website.

Automatic syncing at Frontend

A Salesforce CRM synchronized with wp event management is a highly potent technique of connecting your marketing initiatives with the resulting registered participants. You can bring automation to another level when combined with a sophisticated email marketing platform.

Syncing of attendee information at the time of registration

Enjoy the automated syncing of registered users on the Salesforce CRM account. Whenever a new registration encounters a website and has a list associated, the Organizer needs not synchronize the data manually for each registrant. Instead, the plugin wonderfully provides this feature to all organizers to automatically synchronize user data as soon as a new user is registered on the website.

Field Mapping of the Registration form Fields at Admin Panel

Just synchronizing names and email addresses is very mainstream hence we wanted to develop something beyond that. Therefore, we have developed our easy-to-use field mapping tool to synchronize all the fields on your contact, target, and lead modules. This will enable Salesforce CRM audiences to target only participants to campaigns that they want to reach.

Manual attendee information Syncing at Admin Panel

The plugin is designed keeping in mind the extra careful organizers. Rather than only Automated synchronization, the plugin allows manual syncing of data, Where individual users can be synced individually by the organizers with a click.

Improved synchronization brings you closer to your registered users

The registered users can be selected at the admin panel all at once, or selected individually, and synced with the bulk settings available. This function allows you as an admin to provide a personalized experience to the users by syncing the attendees on the basis of the requirement.

Automatic attendee information Syncing at Admin Panel

The Plugin will automatically sync registration data from your current databases to Salesforce CRM in real-time. This information may be used to send personalized follow-up emails to contacts, activate automation in customers and guests, thus making Email Marketing even handier and personalized.