Support Policy

With a purchase of our software (plugins/addons), you will get access to the WP Event Manager helpdesk where you can get support for any issue related to our software. Currently, we are not offering any support via live chat, video calls, or in-person support. As a customer, you have to get our technical support only by means of support tickets. Our technical staff is available on the given timings of 10 AM to 6 PM as per Indian Time. The customer will get a response within 24 hours of working days.

As a customer of WP Event Manager, you must know under what conditions we are not bound to provide our technical assistance. If the software is damaged by any means, the WP Event Manager will not be responsible for taking care of that. Customers can experience the downtime of the software whenever we announce maintenance. WP Event Manager support team will not entertain your query if you experience any issues with the software due to any of the following:

  • Issues from your internet service provider
  • A force majeure event
  • Any of the systematic failure on your side
  • Your acts of omissions for which you are not allowed
  • The issue caused by any third-party software or customization

Moreover, if you have our product with an older version, the support is not offered for that. We are offering technical support only for the new versions. In order to get support from our technical team, you must be an active user. After the expiry of the time period of the license, you need to renew it to get our support assistance.

Important thing is, get our software standard documentation to see how it works, the support team will not help in any kind of customization of the software.

At WP Event Manager, we always look ahead to provide an easy means to use the software under our terms and conditions.