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WP Event Manager Annual Meet, Where Colleagues Become Friends

It is said that “No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”

We too believe in the same at WP Event Manager. As we have a global team where members both work from office and home, our CEO Mr. Ashok Dudhat organizes an annual event every year to bring all the remote and in-office employees under the same roof.

This year it took place in a lavishing farmhouse in Surat, Gujarat. You will find all the details of the fun-filled event in this article.

Before describing the event, let us brief you about our company culture.

Company culture

WP Event Manager was established in the year 2017 with a small team of highly dedicated individuals who aimed to build exceptional WordPress event management plugins to digitize the event management system.

Thankfully, with the guidance of the CEO and immense hard work, the team managed to make the plugin number one in the industry.

As a result the small team started expanding and today we have 40 employees globally who work behind the plugin to deliver consistent performance to its users.

Wp-Eventmanager Annual Meet Game Activity

Though each of us has different viewpoints, we all have the same mission to make the plugin better and ensure customer satisfaction.

The founder stays in Germany whereas most of us work from India. However, he stays well connected with the employees even after his busy schedule to ensure that every employee works in comfort.

The Annual Meet

The WP Event Manager Annual Meet creates a space for its employees to connect, share their problems to find solutions and obviously to uplift the team spirit.

Wp-Eventmanager Annual Meet Photography

This year the annual meet took place on 11th January in Bajrang farm place in Sevni where the employees from different parts of India joined. The venue was 20 kms away from the office where we all reached through a luxury bus.

The best part about the meet was that many of us met our team members for the first time which gave us the opportunity to know each other personally. We had various interactive sessions to break the ice and engage in some friendly conversation.

Interactive sessions

The venue was amazing, so was the weather. The month of January is quite pleasant in Gujarat as the weather remains neither hot nor cold. Several games and activities were arranged for us and the winners were also rewarded with amazing gifts.

Wp-Eventmanager Annual Meet Gift Distribution

One of the most significant sessions in this event was the team interaction session where team leads, HR, and the founder himself shared our future plans, highlighted the areas where we have done well, and also the areas that need improvements through presentations.

HR policies were also discussed in it and each employee was given the opportunity to share their views on the same. The session was full of constructive conversation. At the end of it, all the game winners and the Employee of the Month were awarded.

The food was also amazing there. We started our day with an authentic Gujarati breakfast, tasted Punjabi cuisine during lunch and ended the day with a fusion of Gujarati, Marathi and South Indian delicacies.

Wp-Eventmanager Annual Meet Dinner

A fun-filled event is incomplete without dance, so how could we miss it? We ended the super exciting event with a team dance. The weather, music, and the mood created the best atmosphere for us to dance.

Those who knew each other through Google Meet a day before the event were dancing together and enjoying the event to the fullest. That’s how the magic of our annual meet works.

The best part about the event was that our CEO participated in all the activities with us which helped us know him better and bridge the gap between us and him.

Wrapping up

Such annual meets not only energize our minds but also encourage us to maintain a healthy workplace culture. Socializing and connecting with colleagues become a challenge for remote employees but such events help us overcome it.

We did not even realize the people we interact with every day for work how suddenly they became friends. We all were dropped at our hotels and office at night from where we headed back to our homes.

Wp Event Manager Annual Meet, Where Colleagues Become Friends
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