Google Maps
Google Maps
Google maps add-on allows you to find the event by location. The plugin facilitates collocation search on your website so that users get the exact location of the events.
Add-on Requirements: Google map addon will not work if you already have google map plugin or theme API loaded on site.
Licenses grant one year support & updates. Personal license are valid for a single site, whereas developer license are valid for 5 sites.
We do not have any refund policy. We suggest that before buying our add-ons please check our demo or play with core plugin until your satisfaction.
Google Map Marker
It represents each event’s location in the result
Google Map Autocomplete
It shows recommended results while the client is typing an address.
Location Filter
The feature filters the result within particular Kilometres or Miles
Developer Friendly
Developer friendly code for easier customisation
Events Proximy search
When displaying search results you can even choose to display Google map with markers representing each event’s location in the list results. The map will be displayed above the list of results.
Google map search
Google map radius Search query
Proximity ( radius based ) Search Query
Let the visitors search the events based on their address. They will be shown the results proximate to their own location. So the visitors only get to see the events that are going to take place in a defined radius around them.
Distance Units
To optimize the search feature of your website, this plugin adds a filter that allows the visitors to select the distance unit miles or kilometers to apply the filters. They can choose this using the dropdown selectors.
Google map unit
results Google map
Results on Google Map
Maps are more convenient to understand. So it’s a great idea to display the events on maps, so that users can find them quickly and conveniently. When displaying search results you can choose to also display Google map with markers representing each event’s location in the list results.
Sort-by Dropdown Menu
WP Event Manager- Google Maps add-on enhance the “order by” functionality as well and now let you create a dropdown select box and let the users change the order of the results. You can easily create a dropdown select box with any of the values: Distance, Title, Featured and date to be sorted by.
Sort by dropdown menu
Google address autocomplete
Google Address Autocomplete
Google address autocomplete feature saves the visitor the effort to type in the complete message. As soon as the visitor enters a few letters of the address, a list of all the possible addresses will be displayed(as shown in the image). This feature will be available on the new/edit event form as well as search form. Google address autocomplete will display suggested results while the user is typing an address.
Google Map At Single Event Page
The event page that will show all the detail of a single event can have a map that displays the event’s exact location on it.
single event google map
google map admin setting general
All Events Map Shortcode
Show all the events on map with single shortcode with several criteria like location,keyword,category etc.
Google Maps General Settings From Backend – Admin Panel
You can head to the admin dashboard and access the Google Map general settings to change how the maps behave on your website.
google map admin setting general
google map admin setting search
Google Maps Search Form Settings From Backend – Admin Panel
Another option to control how the search is affected by the WP Event Manager – Google Maps extension is through this tab. From here you can set the proximity radius, maps height/width etc.
Google Maps Single Page Settings From Backend – Admin Panel
You can specify if the google maps are to be shown on the single event page or not. You can change the map height/width, type of map, etc.
google map admin setting page