Google Maps

Google maps add-on allows you to find the event by location. The plugin facilitates collocation search on your website so that users get the exact location of the events.

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  • Google Map Marker

    Google Map Marker

    The Google Map marker provides a high-level view of every event’s location.
  • Google Map autocomplete

    Google Map autocomplete

    Speeden the search process while the user is typing an address.
  • Location Filters

    Location Filters

    Powerful filters to narrow down search results based on location.

Features You'll Love

Locate your exact event destination as well as find out other events happening around you.

Events Proximity Search

Proximity refers to nearness. The Google map enables users to apply search filters and get access to those events in the specified location. These events are then displayed on the large maps along with the specific event’s location in search results.

Proximity (Radius Based) Search Query

Sometimes users may want to neglect travel and find a relatable event nearby.. The add on facilitates by providing event results based on the locality of the user. Visitors only get to see the events that are going to take place in a defined radius around them.

Distance Units

The difference between miles and kilometers may seem innocent. But sometimes they cause confusion for visitors when you list events that attract an audience from around the globe. If your website is one such global platform, attracting an international audience, then this add-on is crucial. Without any bit of coding knowledge, you can provide more clarity to your users by allowing them to choose distance units. A drop-down menu gives users the option to choose either miles or kilometers.

Sort-by Dropdown Menu

This add-on enhances the filter feature provided by giving a new sort drop-down menu. Users can order events based on distance, title, featured, and date.

Results on Google Map

A visual representation is even more impactful than any other form of consumption. Search results are displayed on maps using markers that portray the event’s location in the results.

Google Address Autocomplete

This feature of Google Maps enables users to get automated suggestions for their address in the search bar. Our intelligent add-on will automatically generate a list of locations that are similar in spelling to the words you have typed. Thus, the visitor saves precious time and receives a rich and smooth experience using this feature.

Google Map at Single Event Page

Every individual/single event page will have its own map featuring the location of the event.

All Event Map Shortcode

A single shortcode reveals all events on the map. Events are shown based on location, keyword, and category, etc.

Google Map Styling Wizard

How about customizing the map’s view? The plugin allows you to style your map. Just simple copying and pasting of a JSON and bang on, the standard maps can now be customized with various effects and styling.

Google Maps General Settings at Admin Panel

At the backend, there are plenty of settings that can be modified. The google map general settings under the umbrella of settings allow you to decide on how the Map would function on your website. Go to settings and access Google Map General Settings to change the maps to your convenience.

Google Maps Search Form Settings at Admin Panel

By accessing the Google Map Search Form Settings tab you can modify the behavior of the search filters that appear along with the plugin’s search filters.

Google Maps Single Page Settings at Admin Panel

The Backend also provides a developer to decide upon the presence or removal of the google map on the single event page. This setting is present under the single event page settings. Make several modifications to the map without any trouble. You can do these using the options present in the single event page settings.