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General Questions

What Do You Mean By WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system which is primarily used to create, publish and manage content on your website. Simply put, WordPress helps you to build a website from scratch and add content such as images, blog posts, landing pages. It is powered by PHP and MySQL. WordPress has a backend dashboard where you can manage all of your content assets. You are also given templates to change the appearance of your website without having to rely on any code. Moreover, WordPress allows the use of plugins, which are small, individual applications, to expand the capabilities and features of your website.

Specifically, Why Should I Buy your Plugins?

Our premier plugins expand the functionality of your event management website empowering you to compete with heavyweights of the event management space. Our plugins run on code backbreakingly coded by our developers to ensure that you don’t have to use any code to use the features provided by our plugins. Moreover, our plugins do not break or slow down any WordPress powered website.

Do You Provide Web-Hosting Service For WordPress Sites?

No, web-hosting services are not provided by us.

Do You Provide Support?

When you subscribe to us and purchase our plugins or addons, you get fully accessed to our documentation, Tutorials, and Support system. If you want any technical support, An active license is required in order to post a support ticket. If your license has expired, you can renew it from your account page. New licenses can be purchased from the add-ons section. We provide support for problems such as bugs, viruses, or the corruption of files.

Pre-Sale Questions

Can I Alter The Plugin According To My Websites Personal Needs?

Yes, you can alter the plugin, but you should not resell our products. You can change various features such as the colors, images, layouts fonts, and also modify the design of the plugin. You can change the plugin if your customer demands. We design our plugins in such a way that they look great. The download package consists of CSS and WordPress template files. Hence, they can be customized in many ways. Read more about customizations here.

After Customizing The Plugin, Can I Resell It?

No, after customization also, you cannot resell the plugin. If you get a permanent license, you can sell it to your customer for business purposes. Normally we do not giving permanent license to anyone.

What Does The Purchased Plugin Consist Of?

Purchased plugins consist of, font files, php Files and other necessary templates file. If you have any problem regarding the purchased plugin, then you can contact us at live support to clear your doubts.

Does Your Theme Demo Consist Of Dummy Content data?

Yes, we provide a free event listing theme and it contains dummy data with all necessary files and instructions. If you want to download a free theme, then go to our addons section.

Can I Use Clipart, Images And Fonts For Free?

The icons, images, and clipart are part of the product and they are royalty-free. You can use these features to develop a project. You should not distribute it to anyone and should not use them separately for any other purposes.

Using WordPress.Com Free Hosted Account Can I Use Your Theme?

You can use our theme (Event Listing Free Theme) only on a self-hosted WordPress blog and you can download it from WordPress.org. WordPress.com provides free hosting space and you can host your theme there.

Am I Allowed To Use The Add-ons On Many Sites?

Yes, you can use them on as 5 sites as long as you have developer license but you can use the main core plugin WP Event Manager on many sites.

What Are The Acceptable Modes Of Payment?

You can make payment through PayPal or use any major Credit Cards.

After Incurring Payment, How Do I Get Accessed To The Purchased Plugins?

You can login to the member’s area after your make the payment and thus you can download the plugins.

Am I Allowed To Translate A Plugin Into Another Language?

Yes you can. Almost, every plugin that we provide can localization support, and hence, you can easily translate it to any other language. Every plugin includes one file, and hence our user can edit only one file. Our plugins can be translated to any other language. But, you must not re-sell our product or should not distribute our product to anyone. For more details read our tutorial on translating a plugin.

Can I Operate My Theme By Using Third-Party Plugins along with your plugins?

Yes, you can operate your themes with the third-party plugins. But yet, we cannot ensure that they operate. But our plugins can work with any theme.

How Frequently Are Our Plugins Updated?

Whenever any new version of Word Press is introduced, we check whether it is compatible with our plugins and we update it if it is necessary. Whenever we discover any bug or any other technical error, we update the version, and sometimes we even add new features to the plugin.

What Are The Types Of Support Systems For Your Plugins?

The two types of support system include the support systems and knowledge base . You can visit the support section, because you can find several questions and the answers to those questions and hence you can clear your doubts easily.

I Have Some Problems About Pre-Purchasing, Whom Do I Contact?

You should first access the product detail page. On this page, you can find the description and also witness a live demonstration about preview access. Yet, if you still have some doubts, then you can view the contact form from the contact page. You are provided with many subjects and you must click on ‘Pre Purchase questions’. You can get a quick response from us, usually within a couple of hours or more over a day. If you do not receive an instant response, do not become doubtful.

Account Questions

How Can I Buy Another Plugin, When I Am Already A Member?

If you are already registered member, then you can choose any plugins from the list. You can also buy the plugins that are available at the front-end of the webpage.Then press the ‘Personal’ or ‘Developer’ button and open the next screen of checkout page and follow onward payment process.

For Buying Any Individual Plugin, Should I Pay Any Fees?

No. You only pay once after buying the plugin and you are not re-billed.

How Can I Download The Plugin After Completing My Payment Process?

You can instantly download the plugin from my account page after you successfully complete the payment process.You can click to ‘View orders’ menu that is located below ‘My Account’ and you can check your order details. If you are not able to download, then you must contact us.

Why Am I Not Receiving Any Reply From Your Company?

Please check the spam folder of your account because sometimes our emails are sent to the spam section. Yet, if you have not received any reply, then contact us at our contact page.

What Is The Procedure For Incurring Payment? After Incurring The Payment, When Do I Receive My Plugin?

You can also buy the plugins that are available at the front-end of the webpage. Then press the ‘Personal’ or ‘Developer’ button and open the next screen of the checkout page. You must enter your login details with billing information. Then you must select the payment method on the next page. Shortly, after completing your payment process, you receive a notification that your account is active. You can make the payment within a few minutes. If you are experiencing any problems related to payment, then contact us from the contact page.

If I Cancel or do not renew next year, Then What Happens To The Plugins?

If you cancel your membership subscription, then you cannot download plugins from the list. You cannot access the Forum Support also. You can either choose to remain with us and renew your subscription and grow with us enjoying our regular updates. If you do not want to upgrade or extra support, then you need not renew your subscription for the following next year. Also, we will genuinely be sad to see you go.

After Canceling My Membership Subscription, Can I Use The Plugins?

You can use the plugins once you have downloaded it. After the subscription period has expired, then you cannot access those plugins. You do not receive any support from us and you do not get updates for your plugin.

After One Year The Period Of My Membership Expires And Hence What Happens To My Purchased Plugins?

You can always retain the plugin in your folder and it is yours forever. You can use the plugin anytime. But you will not receive any updates after the expiry of your membership. However, you can still access the documentation. If you want to be a member again, then you must make the payment manually to our account. You are required to pay the initial price of the plugin.

Plugin Compatibility

Are Your Plugins Compatible With The Latest Version Of Word Press?

Yes, they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Do Your Plugins Work With “Xxx” Plugin?

There are too many third-party plugins available in the market. We cannot ensure that all e-plugins are compatible with our plugins. But our plugins are designed to go along with most of them.

Are All Your Plugins Widget-Ready?

Yes, all of them are widget ready (if the theme’s design allows widgets)

If You Want To Test Your Plugin, Then Which Browser Or Browser Version Do You Use?

We use modern browsers to test your plugins such as: the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome. Before buying our plugins, you can look our live demo so as to see that it operates with the latest version of WordPress.

Are The Plugins Search Engine Optimized?

Yes. WordPress is a user-friendly engine. We constantly make changes with plugins keeping in mind Google’s factors pertaining to SEO. We undertake many activities such as using proper tags, placement of title, changing headings, adding valid code, and adding excerpts, etc. You can also use a third party plugin such as Yoast or Rank Math along with our plugin to implement SEO on your site.

Does Your Plugins Work With WordPress Multisite Network?

Yes, our all plugins work with WordPress Multisite Network. you can read more about multisite network .

Does Your Plugins Work With BuddyPress?

Yes, it is partially working as of now. However, a separate add-on is in the works for BuddyPress in future. you can read more about BuddyPress .

Add-ons Licence

How Do Licence Keys Work?

After purchasing a plugin you’ll receive a key via email (or you can visit your account page). This key can be activated from your WordPress dashboard’s plugin page. It can also be deactivated and reactivated on other sites when required.

Will I Receive Updates For Purchased Plugins?

Yes, an automatic updater is included inside each plugin/add-on. This requires your licence key to function and you’ll receive updates for as long as your licence key is valid.

Do You Offer Support For Purchased Plugins If I Need Help?

Yep. If you have a valid licence you’ll be able to use our support systems for help.

Do I Need To Renew My License?

If you want to continue support and update then you need to renew license.Licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. When your license expires you’ll be able to renew your key via your account page.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

We do not have any refund policy hence we will not refund any amount after you have purchased add-ons and we would like to solve any problem you have. For more information please check here.

If you have any technical or sales queries please do not hesitate to contact us prior to purchasing.

Common Issues

What Is The Process Of Installing A New Plugins/Addons?

When you purchase a plugin you can read the instructions that are mentioned in the documentation.

When I Upload Zip File, Why Do I Get The Message As ‘Incompatible Archive’?

Sometimes, you get an error message “Incompatible Archive”. If your zip file is not downloaded, you get this message. You can again download the file from the zip files from our sites. First, open the file on your system to test whether it can be uploaded.If you are experiencing any problems related to download, then contact us .

What Is The Process Of Upgrading Your Plugin To A Latest Version?

You can log in and go to the ‘My Account’ page. Here you can find the licenses table. You can download the ZIP file for the latest plugin. This way you can download your latest version of the plugin. You can read the instructions on how to upgrade your plugin. If you have a valid license key, then you are shown an auto-update notification message in the WordPress admin panel once the new version is available.

What Is The Process Of Updating Plugin?

Click on “Update” in the plugin menu at the admin panel. If you are unable to update in that manner click to manually update your plugins from your account at our site.