Recurring Events

The Recurring Events add-on allows admin or user to create a batch of similar events at the same time. The frequent events after particular time like day-to-day, weekly, monthly or yearly are automatically relisted. This saves time by allowing you to quickly build out events instead of creating each one individually.

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  • Timely Repetition of Events

    Timely Repetition of Events

    Organizers set events to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Time Saving Process

    Time Saving Process

    The same events need not be created, again and again, rather they can be duplicated, resulting in time-saving.

Features You'll Love

Create and customize the frequency of occurring events at once, rather than recreating them.

Repeat Daily

Like your never-failing alarm clock, the add-on repeats events on a daily basis without fail. Proving to be a life-saver for your event organizers, the add-on saves the trouble of painfully remembering and spending time on creating the same event listing every day.

Repeat Weekly

Several meetups, networking events, and training sessions happen on a weekly basis. It’s atrocious and demanding for your event organizers to return and complete a mundane task such as creating the same listing every week. The add-on disallows you from imposing such pains on your event organizers by allowing them to repeat the same event on a weekly basis.

Repeat Monthly

Events that repeat on a monthly basis are quite common as well. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to skyrocket the convenience for your audience who will need to list events that repeat on a monthly basis. Use this add-on and help them to set the event listing to reappear every month without fail.

Repeat Yearly

Events that reappear on a yearly basis are extremely special and difficult to remember! Create something on your website for event organizers to list once and forget forever. The recurring events add-on allows event organizers to set and ensure that their events seamlessly repeat every year ( just like their birthdays!)

Recurring Events Settings at Admin Panel

The Recurring Events add-on creates a resourceful dashboard on the backend where you can manage all the recurring events. The dashboard sports four columns; Event ID, Event Title, Start Date, End Date, Action. You can use this one dashboard to monitor and serve event organizers, such as reminding them that an event is going to repeat itself, etc.

Repeat Daily at Admin Panel

The admin can also alter the event listings that need to be repeated daily at the admin panel.

Repeat Weekly at Admin Panel

The Addon with an easy and convenient admin panel allows the admins to set to repeat events on a weekly basis on the backend.

Repeat Monthly at Admin Panel

In order to manage the recurring events monthly, the admin can alter them at the admin panel.

Repeat Yearly at Admin Panel

The Admin panel at the backend eases you by helping you enable settings allowing the events to occur yearly all at once hence removing the dependency for code.