Attendee Information

Attendee Information add-on will offer you with a compilation of attendees information which attendees has to fill during the registration for the event. This plugin has the layout to let the visitors register for an event on your website and then let the admin/organizer know that a registration has been made.

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  • Collect Attendee  Information

    Collect Attendee Information

    Acquire details from the participant in the checkout section.
  • List Attendee Information

    List Attendee Information

    Display attendee’s info at the registration dashboard.
  • Better Coordination

    Better Coordination

    Attendee centric information helps organizers to manage the attendees, and to communicate with them better.

Features You'll Love

Acquire attendee information all in one place.

Attendee Information Options at Frontend Side

Once this plugin is installed, a small addition happens to the event submission form, which makes a drastic difference in the data, event organizers can collect. The information collected from the attendee is totally under the discretion of the event organizer and can be selected by them in the event submission form. The options provided to event organizers can be defined at the backend.

Collect Information at Checkout

As the admin, you can also get access to the information collected by the organizer.

Attendee Information Options at Admin Panel

The all-powerful backend allows you to change the information to be collected by the organizers at any time you want. You can do this even after the event is published live on the website. These options that appear at the registration form can be changed from the admin panel. However, to use this plugin, you need WP Event Manager – Registrations plugin, sell tickets, and WooCommerce plugin along.