Sell Tickets

Sell Tickets add-ons combined with WooCommerce, enables your event management site to sell tickets on the website. This add-on enables organizers to track tickets, selling schedules and multilevel pricing. Furthermore, it reduces dependency on developers and eliminates the need for coding.

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Add-on Requirements

  • WooCommerce


    Sell tickets add-on integrated with WooCommerce to give 100+ ironclad, secure payment gateways for customers.
  • Multilevel pricing

    Multilevel pricing

    Deliver the best possible values by building up multi-level pricing; levy a tax or fee anytime you want.
  • Track & Schedule tickets Sales

    Track & Schedule tickets Sales

    Sell and manage your tickets all in one place. Automate ticket selling schedule.

Features You'll Love

Conveniently, add tickets, set availability and sell the tickets to your visitors in a few clicks.

Add New Paid Ticket

This add-on provides an option for event organizers to quickly sell their tickets without setting up anything extra. Generate revenue on your website by letting your buyers to buy the tickets in advance.

Add New Free Ticket

Selling Free tickets online enables an organizer to know about the response of the event excitement. Free tickets can also be sold on the website.

Add New Donation Ticket

Tickets selling for charity or crowdfunding events can be also organized with the help of this plugin. You can sell the tickets online with a unique descriptive name.

Ticket Settings

Ticket Settings contains different functions that can modify the ticket selling forms and multiple features appear on the website. There are a variety of options for you to test and use these settings, some of which include; fees to be paid by, minimum/ maximum tickets per order, etc.

Ticket Information Block at Single Event Page

The ticket information block is a table that displays the price model for the event, the start and end date for ticket sales as well as the number of tickets that can be bought for the event. Visitors can easily choose the desired number of tickets and buy using the button present below.

Order Summary

The add-on ensures the creation of the purchase record and ticket generation is done right without any effort. Whenever a customer purchases a ticket, a purchase record is created automatically. The ticket add-on places the order in front of you for approval. Instantly, on your approval/ payment, tickets are promptly emailed to your customer.

Ticket Registration Fields

The plugin enables the registration of all the attendees at the time of purchasing the tickets. Registration fields can be customized as per the events. It allows users to set a buyer only information option at the time of event submission, prior to which no matter how many tickets are bought, it will ask just once, the information of the buyer irrespective of ticket quantity or more than one attendee.

Registered User Information at Registration Dashboard

The registration dashboard shows all detailed information about the registered user.

Download Ticket as PDF

The plugin offers the organisers ease of managing the events by helping them to sell tickets directly on the website as well as to send tickets (PDF format) to attendees via email.

Order Management

Does It become really difficult to manage so many invoices for various events on your website? Leave it on us. The Plugin helps in managing the invoices on the backend easily.

Download Ticket PDF at Registration Dashboard (for organizers)

The registration dashboard allows the organizer to download tickets of any attendee. The ticket is downloadable in a PDF format and can be easily sent to the attendee via EMail.

Download Ticket for Attendee(User)

Attendees can download their tickets from my account page, as provided by Woocommerce. Users can navigate to an order table where there is a download link.

Attach E-ticket in Email

We provide a personalized experience to your attendees at all touchpoints as possible. Here, the tickets are sent to the registered email ids.

Download Ticket at Admin Panel

Admin can also download tickets at the backend from the orders page. As an admin, you can show a diligent customer first attitude by personally sending their tickets to the registered users. The tickets can be downloaded from the order page present under the WooCommerce tab.

Ticket Fees Settings at Admin Panel

A good customer experience while buying tickets is vital. Any itch and pain in this area would make the customer bounce off the website without buying from you. A certain amount of processing fee is charged from the customers when they are managing a lot of events. Now for this, the ticket fee setting under the WooCommerce settings comes to your rescue. The settings enable processing fee and allow you to set the default and maximum fee for tickets. Another useful feature is you can set the rules for fees. The rules you set will be based on country location and fee modes like fee per ticket or fee per order Or fee type like the fixed fee Or percentage according to scale of your business goals.

Manage Tickets at Admin Panel

Like all our end to end event management add-ons, you can manage event tickets from the backend of the admin panel. The admin panel allows the admin to add new tickets for an event or even edit or delete the existing tickets using this plugin.

Sell Tickets Settings at Admin Panel

The sell ticket settings under the event listing settings, help you change certain fundamental but important aspects of the ticket selling form. It enables the admin to show which fields need to appear on the event listing page. For example, Show/Hide Paid tickets field, or Show/Hide free tickets field, etc.

Tickets Overview Details at Registration at Admin Panel

The Event Registration Dashboard at the backend emulates the functions and features of the event attendee dashboard at the front end. At the backend, this is the most important dashboard related to managing event attendees as it helps in identifying the number of tickets sold, users registered, etc. Thus, the backend dashboard helps you be a dependable helping hand when the event organizer needs you to manage their attendee for them.