Sell Tickets
Sell Tickets
Event Tickets integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to add as many tickets as you wish to a given event and then sell those tickets entirely within your site. You can display it on your event platform and let your visitors get tickets for those events easily. Even the listed users on your website will be able to sell their permit vouchers.
Add-on Requirements: Registrations, WooCommerce
Licenses grant one year support & updates. Personal license are valid for a single site, whereas developer license are valid for 5 sites.
We do not have any refund policy. We suggest that before buying our add-ons please check our demo or play with core plugin until your satisfaction.


The Sell Ticket add-on runs on the Woocommerce, and also supports many payment systems

Multi Level Pricing

Build multilevel pricing by inserting Tax or Fee on each ticket / order

Track Selling Tickets

Offer tickets for your events and keep track of them

Scheduling Sales

Sell tickets after a predefined period terminates
add new paid ticket
Add New Paid Ticket
If you want to charge the users for the tickets they buy, you have the option to create paid tickets using this add-on. Creating and selling paid tickets was never easier but this add on paid ticket option will do magic for you.

Add New Free Ticket

On the contrary, if you want to sell free tickets on your website, you can do that too. Create free tickets and let your visitors buy them online.
add new free ticket
add new donation ticket
Add New Donation Ticket
This feature is essential when your website is hosting a crowdfunding or charity event. You can create a donation ticket with a unique descriptive name and then set the minimum amount of each ticket. You can create a cause as an event and then accept donation using the WP Event Manager – Sell Ticket.
Ticket Settings
Isn’t it very important to have some control over the ticket’s behaviour and settings. You can do so using the tickets settings of the this plugin.
add-new ticket settings
ticket information table
Ticket Information Block at Single Event Page
To show the ticket information to your visitors on the single event page, the box as shown in the image will be shown. The box will list out the available tickets for the event, the price, the sales start and end date. It will also let the visitors choose the quantity and has an order now button through which the visitors can buy tickets.
Order Summary
A customer purchases one or more tickets. An order or purchase record is created. You review the order and, if you’re happy with it, you mark the order Complete. The moment the order is completed tickets are generated and emailed out to the customer. At the same time, ticket details are added to the attendee list for the event.
ticket cart
checkout registration fields
Ticket Registration Fields
You can ask to each attendee to provide information when they will purchase tickets. It is also possible to set buyer only information option at the time of event submission, then no matter how many tickets they will buy, it will ask just once time information of the buyer rather than depend on ticket quantity or more than one attendee. You can set different registration field settings for different events. It is always upto you how you want to collect information and which kind of information from attendee. This can you do with help of WP Event Manager – Registrations plugin so if you want to manage registration with selling tickets then you need this plugin.
Registered User Information at Regitration Dashboard
The registration dashboard will allow you to view all the registered users. It also shows all the information about the registered user.
registration dashboard ticket details
Download ticket pdf
Download ticket PDF at registration dashboard(for organizers)
Organizer can download ticket of perticular attendee on the registration dashboard. Ticket will be in PDF format so organizer can easily send to attendee or use where they want.
Download ticket for Attendee(User)
Attendee can dowload his ticket on my account page which is specified in woocommerce. When user navigate to order table there is a download link in ticket column.
attendee download pdf ticket
Email attachemnt ticket
Attach E-ticket in Email
E-ticket will be attached with order completed email. Buyer can dowload e-ticket from email attachments.
Download ticket from admin
Admin can also download ticket from order page.On order page inside the action button it will show extra download button which allow admin to dowload ticket.
attendee download pdf ticket
admin fee settings
Ticket Fees Settings from backend – Admin Panel
When you are selling tickets of different events on your website, you will need to manage certain fees like what is the maximum amount of fee, that you can charge your customers? If you are charging any additional fee such as processing fee, etc you can manage it from here. Most important feature that you can also set fee based on country location, fee mode like fee per ticket or fee per order, fee type like fixed fee or percentage.
Manage Tickets From Backend – Admin Panel
As an admin you will have the full control on the events and tickets of your website.From the backend, you can add new tickets for an event or even edit the existing tickets.
admin add new paid ticket
admin sell ticket settings
Sell Tickets Settings From Backend – Admin Panel
You can use the settings available here, to change how the ticket sales feature of your website functions.
Tickets Overview Details at Registration From Backend – Admin Panel
You can keep track of the sold tickets for your events through the backend panel. For each event the admin can view the number of tickets that are already sold, how many remaining so far etc.
admin-ticket overview block