Registrations add-on enables the invitees of your website to register for an event as an attendee. When a user lists the event, you can see it through the dashboard and also manage the registered attendees.

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  • Registration dashboard

    Registration dashboard

    A well ordered, systematic dashboard that is extremely easy to use, both at the front and backend.
  • Registration Status

    Registration Status

    Allow your guests to register themselves to a waitlist when regular spaces are filled up, with the potential for getting a spot! If the registration limit is reached then we don't have a waiting list. We have to improve that.

Features You'll Love

No more incorporation of other platforms to register your users for the events they want to attend.

Register for Event

The add-on places a form on the event listings page for organizers to collect details about the users. The Registration to any event using this Registration add-on plugin is just a click away. This helps the interested visitors to register themselves by providing appropriate details for the event.

Registrations Dashboard

With our well-designed dashboard, event organizers can get an overview of registration details for an event. The dashboard offers smart metrics detailing, registration status, total registrations; canceled, archived, confirmed, etc. The dashboard also features a button to download and export CSV files to your local device

Registered Attendee List

The registered attendee dashboard is a well-planned table that exhibits all the details of registered users. The event registration plugin builds a separate dashboard for you to take a collective glance and saves your time while managing your event attendees. You have smart filtering options where you can filter your attendees by the status of their participation and time. The dashboard contains a list of attendee names/details that can be edited, who can be emailed to and marked with extra comments from the dashboard itself. Thus, you get comprehensive control over managing your attendees, changing their status from waiting to confirm, all from one place. The organizer can easily handle check-in and not check-in for the event, by sending an email to registered visitors.

Registered Status At Event Listing

This Plugin enables a visitor to differentiate an event that they have already registered from the one they haven't. A bold, different color registered status button appears for every event listing that a user has already registered.

Add New Registration from Admin Panel

Need to register your customer for an event by yourself? Go extra mile for your customers. The event registration add-on also provides the Admin with a backend registration form where registrations can be done manually.

Registrations Dashboard at Admin Panel

The best part about the WP Event Manager plugin is that the admin can do the same things whatever an event manager can. Such functionality lets you, as a website owner, extrapolate your customer-oriented efforts and pay extra diligence! Here, the event registration provides you, a dashboard at the backend to manage attendees. Amaze your event organizers by managing their attendees by yourself when they are helpless. You can uncover details of the attendees, check the number of tickets they have brought, change participation statuses (waiting to be confirmed), mail participants regarding updates, mark notes for individual participants. Also, the check-in and check-out status can be altered at the admin panel, thus filing in the role of the event organizer by reducing the communication gap.

Registrations Actions from Admin Panel

In order to manage the registrations, the admin gets full control at the admin panel. The details of the registered participants can be viewed on the provided dashboard under all event registrations. Here, the admin can perform all the actions from, viewing the details, to changing/ updating the status, and to delete it.

Registrations Form Fields Editor at Admin Panel

Create powerful forms that can collect all required details from participants. The admin panel contains a field editor that gives you full access to edit registration forms.

Registered Attendee E-mail Notification Settings at Admin Panel

Everybody loves a bit of personalization, Let the participants know about your excitement using the event registration add on, by sending them a customized email, confirming their successful registration. The content of the automated emails sent to the participants can also be altered. The add-on gets you the satisfaction benchmark by offering such personalization.

Registered Organizer E-mail Notification Settings at Admin Panel

The contents of the Automated Emails sent to the organizer when a new user is registered.

Registrations Form Settings at Admin Panel

The admin panel allows the admin to do the functional changes. These changes include allowing only registered users to register and preventing users from registering to the same event multiple times.

Registrations Management Settings at Admin Panel

Event organizers remain busy with the present, forgetting about expired or canceled events on their site. However, the admin can keep a check over these settings from the management settings at the backend. The Admin panel enables you to get rid of the registrations for the events that no longer exist from the backend at once. The admin can use the “Admin registration management” settings.