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Modern Events Calendar Vs WP Event Manager Complete Comparison

WordPress offers a wide range of event management plugins, which often makes it difficult for people to choose the one that is the best pick for their business. To help you make the right decision, we have come up with this article, Modern Events Calendar Vs WP Event Manager, where we have revealed how WP Event Manager can fulfill all your business requirements, as a Modern Events Calendar competitor.

Modern Events Calendar Vs WP Event Manager

If you are someone who runs a WordPress-based events website and wants to add event booking, registration and ticket selling facilities to the website with an efficient event management plugin or you are simply searching for a better Modern Events Calendar alternative, this article will be helpful for you in making your final decision.

The Modern Events Calendar and WP Event Manager are two very popular event management plugins available in the market today and through this blog on Modern Events Calendar Vs WP Event Manager, we are going to reveal how WP Event Manager can be an amazing alternative to Modern Events Calendar.

Introduction to Modern Events Calendar and WP Event Manager

Modern Events Calendar is designed by Webnus that builds WordPress themes and plugins. It is a Canada based company that aims to fulfill the requirements of web designers to simplify the process of web designing. Modern Events Calendar is a plugin that is developed to help users create, manage and sell their events through their WordPress site.

On the other hand, the journey of WP Event Manager started in 2009 as an outsourcing service provider for Software development. After intense research on WordPress and years of hard work on several small projects, WP Event Manager has finally established itself as a WordPress plugin developer.

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1. Comparison Based on Features

let’s begin the comparison between Modern Events Calendar and WP Event Manager with their features. Both the plugins are rich in features but WP Event Manager offers some useful features that are not present in Modern Events Calendar.

One of the significant things about WP Event Manager is that it offers some important features for free to its users whereas these features are listed in the paid features of the Modern Event Calendar plugin.

Recently the free version of the Modern Events Calendar plugin named Modern Events Calendar has been removed from WordPress due to security concerns. So if you are looking for a Modern Events Calendar alternative then WP Event Manager can be the best choice for you.

Modern Events Calendar Vs Wp Event Manager Comparison

2. Comparison Based on Performance

The overall performance of a plugin highly depends on its loading speed as users would always prefer a plugin that is fast and occupies less memory. Here, it is to be mentioned that, the Modern Events Calendar occupies 9MB space on your Website which is way higher than WP Event Manager that takes up only 2.9MB. Clearly, WP Event Manager takes up less loading time than Modern Events Calendar. This makes it a faster and a better performer than Modern Events Calendar.

3. Comparison Based on Addons

WP Event Manager offers more add-on options than Modern Events Calendar. Moreover, WP Event Manager offers a free mobile application that has several amazing features to impress users like QR code scanning, facility to work offline and more, whereas Modern Events Calendar does not offer any mobile application to its users.

Wpeventmanager Features

Similarly, the Migration addon is also free in WP Event Manager which is an extremely important addon for every user who wants to shift from other plugins to WP Event Manager or from WP Event Manager to others.

As we always prefer to give an honest and neutral comparison for users, we would like to mention that the event Calendar of the Modern Events Calendar offers several calendar view options that are limited in the WP Event Manager. However, WP Event Manager is soon going to introduce a huge list of Calendar views that will give users the freedom to choose their preferred layout for their events. Besides this,  there are several other features already present in the WP Event Manager Calendar addon that adds great value to your event website. Starting from adding a calendar widget to your website to an endless number of customization options the Calendar addon from WP Event Manager simply takes your event calendar to another level.

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4. Comparison Based on Support

For assisting users and customers, Modern Events Calendar offers support in the following way:

  • A section for frequently asked questions.
  • Live chat facility. 
  • Knowledge base.
  • Email and help desk.

On the other hand WP Event Manager offers support in the following way:

  • Knowledgebase section its official website.
  • Live chat facility. 
  • Email and help desk. 
  • A section for FAQs.

WP Event Manager also guides its users with blogs containing useful information regarding their addons and how they can be used for different purposes.

Besides this, it also has an exclusive Youtube Channel where the usage of the addons are discussed thoroughly with videos.

WP Event Manager is known for its great support quality. The team is sincere and responds as quickly as possible to its users with patience and proper solutions.

Comparison Based on WooCommerce Support

Both the plugins support WooCommerce. One of the biggest advantages of WooCommerce is that it simplifies the process of handling transactions securely with multiple payment gateways. When you purchase an event ticket with Modern Events Calendar or WP Event MManager, the ticket gets added to the WooCommerce cart as a WooCommerce product.

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5. Comparison Based on SEO Friendliness

SEO friendliness is one of the crucial aspects of an event management plugin. Modern Events Calendar and WP Event Manager both claim to be SEO friendly plugins. Both the plugins support major SEO plugins. However, WP Event Manager offers the facility to add several categories and tags to your events that helps Google discover your site easily. Moreover, the overall loading speed of a plugin also affects the SEO friendliness of a plugin. As the Modern Events Calendar requires more space to run it will certainly take longer time to load than WP Event Manager, we could say that WP Event Manager is more SEO friendly than WP Event Manager.

6. Comparison Based on Developer Friendliness

Modern Events Calendar and WP Event Manager both claim to be developer friendly. However, making changes to Modern Events Calendar is not so easy, whereas WP Event Manager plugin is coded with best coding practices which makes it easy for users to make any required changes in it.

7. Comparison Based on Pricing

Talking about the pricing of the plugins, both of them have free and paid versions of their plugins. Although the free version of Modern Events Calendar has been removed by WordPress Org due to some security issues but its paid version is still available for users.

The Modern Events Calendar plugin offers its addons from $99 onwards. Their pricing model contains both individual addons and bundles.

The pricing structure of WP Event Manager is one of the biggest advantages of their products. They have designed it keeping the affordability factor in mind. Users can purchase WP Event Manager’s premium add ons both in bundles or individually.  

Here it is to be mentioned that selecting a bundle option is much more affordable than purchasing each addon separately. Bundles are segmented based on their purposes.

For example, the virtual event bundle fulfills the requirements of your virtual events, marketing bundle takes care of your event marketing and more. To get all the details of their bundles click here. The add-on bundles start from $99 onwards which makes it easy for almost every buyer to purchase.

Besides this, WP Event Manager has a free version with basic features and it also offers a free trial facility to its users. This certainly increases the credibility of their products and also ensures that users can spend on these addons after clearly understanding them.

Both the plugins offer a free and paid version to its users. The version contains the basic features and the paid one carries the premium features. WP Event Manager offers several amazing features in its free version which are otherwise included in the paid list of other plugins. Moreover, the free version of the Modern Events Calendar plugin has been removed from WordPress.org raising a question on its security. Although users can still download and use it but the security concerns can not be ignored here.

Similarly if you look at the bundles in both the plugins, you will see that each bundle in WP Event Manager contains more addons than Modern Events Calendar bundles which makes it more economical for buyers.

8. Join Hands with WP Event Manager

We hope that the article on Modern Events Calendar Vs WP Event Manager will help you get a clear picture of both the plugins and also let you understand why WP Event Manager can be a better Modern Events Calendar alternative.  If you are currently using the Modern Events Calendar plugin and want to switch to a better alternative, WP Event Manager can be the best pick for you.

Besides being a feature packed plugin, it always prioritizes its customers. From solving your minor issues to the major ones, we are always there to help. The best thing about WP Event Manager is that migrating from other plugins to WPEM is easy. It offers a free migration plugin to ensure that users can make a switch to WP Event Manager from other popular plugins including Modern Events Calendar without much effort.

Modern Events Calendar Vs Wp Event Manager Complete Comparison
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