Constant Contact

Build your email network from your event WordPress site by combining the versatility of the WP Event Manager plugin with the powerful Constant Contact features!

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  • Personalised Communication

    Personalised Communication

    Let the registered users be engaged by sending the perfect personalised message at the right time.
  • Saves Time

    Saves Time

    Automation synchronization eliminates the need to export and import files,also avoids keeping a record of every data, hence saving time.
  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation

    Control your email marketing by enabling marketing automation to the Auto synced users list.

Features You'll Love

The synchronization of user information with Constant contact platform makes your email marketing much easier and faster.

Constant contact settings at Frontend

The fundamental settings of the integration of two platforms are completed by connecting a continuous contact API key and secret key to a WordPress event management site. Individual organizers may customize the settings by integrating their keys into their event dashboard, bringing their email marketing synchronization one step closer.

Field Mapping of the Registration form Fields at Frontend

With the Constant Contact Add-On, The organizers can quickly map custom fields in Contact Contact to form fields. This suggests that any custom data received from registered participants may be easily connected with fields established in the constant contact platform. All that is needed is for these fields to be properly mapped.

Event-specific Synchronization

The front dashboard allows the organizer to select from a predetermined list of events, which are established at constant contact, to automatically synchronize users who are registered for the specific event in that list. This means that Different lists can be selected for different events to get the synchronization, even more systematic.

Manual Synchronization at Frontend

The registered user data pertaining to a particular event can be updated manually and instantly across constant contact platforms. This helps the organizers to carefully determine and choose which users to be synced.

Automated synchronization at Frontend

The organizers from the front-end can automatically update the data without manual input; making them rest assured that all the facts and figures collected in the registration form are truly synced. This ensures that constant contact has the same data as the WordPress website, which is essential for better marketing.

Synchronization on the basis of Cron Job on frontend

The Organizers can set up a specific time at which they want the users to be synced. You can Automatically synchronize the attendees overnight, or daily at specific times using this cron job method.

Field Mapping of the Registration form Fields at Admin Panel

You may easily map custom fields in Contact Contact to form fields using the Constant Contact Add-On. The Admin panel lays a clear form identifying all the custom fields that need to be associated and mapped with the adjacent contact fields. This means that any custom data gathered from registered participants can be simply linked with fields created in the constant contact platform.

Manual Synchronization at Admin Panel

The list of registered users in the Registration section at the admin panel, specific to events, or as a whole can be synced either individually or all at once to the constant contact platform manually by Admins.

Get Closer to your Registered users with improved synchronization

Personalization and customization at a certain scale enable you to get closer to your users. The Admin level settings allow you to specify which attendees to be synced, individually or in bulk, thus triggering email campaigns based on your event activities.

Automated synchronization made easy at Admin Panel

In order to help Admins move quickly and seamlessly from one task to another, The plugin automatically and constantly syncs new users thus retaining the focus and productivity. This Automated synchronization avoids the hustle to maintain the data at various platforms individually.