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WP Event Manager Teams Up with Wbcom Designs

We are delighted to reveal our new partnership with Wbcom Designs, a well-known WordPress Website development company.

Wbcom Designs is popularly known for its expertise in creating vibrant online communities, marketplaces, membership sites, and LMS theme solutions tailored to individual requirements.

WP Event Manager Teams Up with Wbcom Designs

In this article, we are going to introduce our readers to the brand and what they can expect from our strategic collaboration.

About Wbcom Designs

Wbcom Designs specializes in designing dynamic WordPress sites to build a company’s presence.

They are dedicated to offering customized solutions to their clients to accelerate their business growth and boost engagement.

Wbcom Designs has successfully delivered more than 500 projects that speak for their work quality.

Wbcom Designs Service Highlights

Proven expertise in:

  • WordPress plugin development: Wbcom Designs offers superior plugin development services keeping different business requirements in mind. 
    They are capable of solving complex business issues through their WordPress plugin development services.
  • WordPress theme development: The brand has also proved their expertise in developing attractive themes. It can magically transform your ordinary site by improving its UI/UX design by developing professional themes for your Website by WordPress BuddyPress developers. 
  • WordPress customization: The developers at Wbcom Designs also provide themes and plugin customization services based on individual requirements.
  • BuddyPress customization: With Wbcom designs, users get custom BuddyPress solutions. Its powerful social networking features help users fully utilize its potential to create an engaging online community.

Why choose Wbcom Designs?

As we can see, Wbcom Designs offers a comprehensive solution to build and strengthen your online presence. Besides this, the brand has a lot of advantages that make it superior to its competitors.

  • 13 years of operation in this field. 
  • Over 2k satisfied clients. 
  • 89+ premium plugins. 
  • 30+  awards and recognitions. 
  • Amazing reviews on popular sites. 
  • Offers customized WordPress solutions.
  • Holds the capability of solving complex business problems.
  • Experience and expertise in the web development field. 
  • Client-centric approach.

Wbcom Designs and WP Event Manager partnership

From WordCamp Ahmedabad 2023 to the current partnership, both the companies have come a long way.

With this collaboration, we aim to provide our customers with well-structured, attractively designed websites and powerful WordPress event management plugins together.

We were astonished to see the level of expertise that the developers of Wbcom Designs have and realized that the collaboration could be extremely beneficial for all our customers especially those who are looking for themes and plugin template customizations.

On the other hand, Wbcom Designs has also used our plugins before and was thoroughly satisfied with them.

The biggest advantage of the collaboration is that the Wbcom Designs’ BuddyX theme is compatible with WP Event Manager plugins.

What to expect?

We initiated the partnership keeping our customers and target audiences in mind. With this collaboration, we hope to offer a comprehensive WordPress solution to our clients.

Here are the advantages that the collaboration may bring in:
  • Brand recognition: With this collaboration both of the brands’ customers, supporters and target audiences will know about it and they can utilize our services whenever they need them. 
  • Additional facilities: our customers will now be able to get  A to Z WordPress solutions starting from building a website to adding event management functionalities to it. 
  • Easy plugin customization: Our plugins are easily customizable and the developers of Wbcom Designs offer superior plugin customization services that our customers can utilize. 
  • Offering everything at the same place: Starting from building a rich WordPress website with attractive themes to adding powerful event management functionalities through plugins to it, our users can get all types of solutions at the same place.

Wrapping up

We believe that this collaboration will be helpful for our customers as well as our brands. Now building a WordPress website from scratch with event management features is easy as the developers at Wbcom Designs can create such websites and we are here with our event management plugin to help you add event management features to it.

Every collaboration brings in a lot of advantages with it. Similarly, the partnership between Wbcom Designs and WP Event Manager is also made to give better solutions to our clients, add innovations to our services, and make our clients more satisfied with our services.

Wp Event Manager Teams Up With Wbcom Designs
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