HubSpot CRM

HubSpot enables you to expand your business more effectively. It aids in the conversion of visitors into leads, the nurturing of leads into customers, and the measurement of business growth.

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  • Easy and quick setup

    Easy and quick setup

    Easy and quick to set up, to simplify your process.
  • Map and sync customers’ data automatically

    Map and sync customers’ data automatically

    Field mapping and synchronization of data on one click.
  • Marketing automation

    Marketing automation

    Quicker data access will help you automate your marketing.

Features You'll Love

Sync your visitors' email addresses and contact information to the HubSpot CRM, where you can manage and segment your audience.

HubSpot CRM settings at Frontend

A full-featured inbound marketing software platform designed to aid in the growth of your company, the HubSpot CRM plugin when integrated with help of API will allow you to optimize your site for quality traffic, lead conversions, customer communications, sales, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Field Mapping of the Registration form Fields at Frontend

Automate the syncing of all of your user data to HubSpot for faster access and more efficient decision-making. You can easily map HubSpot fields to WordPress event management users' fields with Field to Field Sync for HubSpot.

Event-specific Synchronization

The Plugin allows you to synchronize event-specific information, avoiding confusion and allowing you to categorize large amounts of user data. You can pre-select a list for each event that has already been created in your HubSpot CRM account with easy synchronization.

Manual syncing at Frontend

Manual syncing allows organizers to decide which participants should be synchronized to their list of events. It enables you to develop integrations to ensure a continuous flow of data across the platform. They have the choice of picking individual attendees or multiple ones present on the website.

Automatic syncing at Frontend

Enhance revenue growth and maximize productivity in numerous applications including lead production, engagement and support, customer care and retention, and much more, by automating the Synchronization process. The synchronization can be done, as soon as new registration is received, or on the basis of Cron job.

Syncing of attendee information at the time of registration

The website Registration forms will automatically sync with your HubSpot CRM Fields so you can easily manage your contacts, segment them into lists, and see every interaction they’ve had with your website. As soon as registration is made on the website, The same contact with all the information is reflected in your CRM system.

Field Mapping of the Registration form Fields at Admin Panel

By simply enabling the add-on and adding multiple mappings in the settings, the selected attributes can be mapped to the desired Hubspot account. This will enable HubSpot CRM audiences to target only participants to campaigns that they want to reach.

Manual attendee information Syncing at Admin Panel

The plugin is designed keeping in mind the extra careful organizers. Rather than only Automated synchronization, the plugin allows manual syncing of data, Where individual users can be synced individually by the organizers with a click.

Easier manual Bulk Syncing options for Faster results

Registered users can be selected at once or individually from the admin panel and synchronized to the available bulk settings. As an administrator, this feature enables you to give consumers personal experiences by synchronizing participants according to requirements.

Automatic attendee information Syncing at Admin Panel

The plugin syncs registration data automatically in real-time from your current databases to HubSpot CRM. The information can be used to send personalized emails to contacts, to activate customer and guest automation, and therefore to improve the usability and personalization of e-mail marketing.