Seamlessly integrate zoom accounts, create and manage meetings & webinars, highlight events as virtual, track reports and control users directly from WordPress dashboard as well as frontend.

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  • Control Virtual Environment

    Control Virtual Environment

    Manage Zoom meetings, webinars and attendees and control virtual environment from WordPress dashboard as well as from frontend.
  • Livestream embed

    Livestream embed

    Keep traffic right on your site by embedding Zoom Livestream. It allows users to join the meeting from your site and Zoom App link.
  • WooCommerce


    Automate, create, and sell your Zoom Meetings from your WordPress site using WooCommerce.

Features You'll Love

Experience the power of virtual events.

Zoom API Connection & Settings for the Organizer at Frontend Side

Zoom incorporation at the front end requires a simple authentication mechanism for JWT or oAuth. Ther zoom accounts on the frontend can be explicitly connected by the host using the API keys.

Instead of relying only on an admin account, every host/organizer can now connect their own zoom account and bind events directly on the frontend, resulting in effective selling meetings and webinars.

The Admin need not be required to monitor various activities from the backend, rather the hosts (organizers) themselves can create meetings, add users ,bind events, all at the frontend, which would reflect automatically on the backend as well.

Zoom Submission Form at Frontend

The Organisers get a systematically articulated zoom form at the frontend side, where the details of their meetings, including the meeting name, host details, start-end dates, timings, duration, etc including all the necessary details needed for the users.

Zoom Meeting Linking with Event at Event Submission Form

After the meeting has been formulated, by the submission of the meeting at the frontend or backend, All hosts are required to associate the event with the meeting generated, on the event submission page. The outcome? All necessary information is loaded on the single event page!

Zoom Meeting Dashboard at Frontend

The Dashboard on the frontend reveals all the details of zoom meetings along with the registration of the participants. Along with Starting the meeting on this dashboard, it gives freedom to organizers to either restrict/disable them from joining the Meeting.

Start, End or Resume Meeting

The plugin allows both the host and the administrator to end or restart the meeting from the WordPress interface along with the frontend zoom dashboard. Upon completion, users are updated with end notice on the same page.

Zoom Meetings Highlighted as Virtual Events on Calendar

Looking for a way to differentiate virtual events with non-virtual ones? The plugin provided by wp event manager would allow your virtual events to stand different from others on the calendar view with simple indicators, allowing users to identify them easily.

Zoom Meeting Details at Single Event Detail Page

Upgrade the esthetics of the single event list page by a more organized view of zoom details in Block view along with the sidebar.

The Single event listing page would now display the details of the online meeting including the organizer’s details, duration, date, and timezone of the event. An integration of zoom either by app or via browser with the event listing, eliminating the need to manually enter the details along with avoiding wastage of time involved in joining for a meeting.

Give your audience a little more attention by sending meeting ids, passwords, and other details automatically! And guess what the organizers also can directly start their meeting by a click on the same page! No more confusion with an endless number of options available.

Meeting Countdown

Schedule your Zoom meetings directly from the WordPress dashboard using this plugin and witness/ visualize a countdown timer on the single event listing page.

The timer helps keep track of the users regarding when the meeting would start.

Join Meeting via Browser Links

There is no limitation on how individuals can join a meeting! People may choose to access the meeting directly from the desktop without installing the zoom software. Not just directly, individuals who choose to participate through the app also get an alternative!

Shortly after the purchase, the links would redirect the users to the option to join the meeting.

All Zoom Video Conferencing Features

One of the key reasons/advantages for downloading a zoom add-on is that all video conference functionality is available.

This plugin encourages hosts to conduct video conferences on all devices, be they handheld on smartphones or tablets. It also helps in controlling the activities of members by accepting, eliminating, or mutating them by monitoring their behavior.

The hosts can essentially restrict the number of participants attending their meetings. Additional functions include screen sharing, video chat, raising a hand, a full-screen distraction-free mode, creating accessible spaces, and the option for both host-co-host and participants.

Zoom Meeting at Registration Dashboard

In order to encourage users to register for zoom events, which are visualized not only on the registration dashboard but also on the Zoom Dashboard, the hosts are expected to have registration add-on.

Zoom Meeting Details at Registration Dashboard

All the registered participant’s details would be now reflected at the registration dashboard along with zoom meeting details.

Zoom Meeting Registrations on Your Site Sync with Zoom Server

The addon allows it easy for the host to store the information of the participants on the "Zoom Server" as well. It will be so cool for hosts not to gather and store details at various sites, but just one login type, so all the information is preserved be at WordPress or zoom website.

Zoom Meeting Details with Registration Form at Single Event Detail Page

When the Registration plugin is installed along with the Core plugin, the users enjoy all the benefits of core plugin in regards to displaying details in Sidebar as well as Block/ table.

The major addition is the visibility of a registration tab on the sidebar, which enables users to register themselves by few clicks!

Zoom Meeting Details with Tickets at Single Event Detail Page

Events are not always free, rather many of them require purchasing tickets! The Zoom add on when integrated with the sell ticket plugin, allows organizers to sell tickets for virtual events as well.

The details of tickets are displayed on the event detail page, clicking on which is redirected to the checkout page, post-payment receive details regarding their order in form of email notification confirming their purchase along with details of Zoom Meetings.

The plugin also offers the user to join meetings directly from the Orders at My account where details of the purchase made are listed along with a link to join the meeting.

Zoom Meetings Details at WooCommerce Product Details Page

Automate your one on one Zoom meetings on the shop page with this simple zoom integration with woocommerce. This implementation allows you to display all the meeting details including title, description, duration, timezone,etc directly from your WordPress dashboard to the product detail page whenever a meeting is linked to a product.

Zoom Meetings Linking with WooCommerce Orders

Only when a customer completes the check-out step, Wooommerce zoom integration enables its users to view all orders from my account. Each order page includes a special order Id with all the details that allow users to attend meetings from this page.

Join Zoom Meeting at WooCommerce Order Details

The successful incorporation encourages its members to join the meetings as soon as the payments are made.The last moment booking can be managed immediately as the order summary page showcases the link, where the individuals can join the meeting immediately.

Integrates with the Page Builder you love

Zoom integrates with your favorite Page Builder Elementor. Elementor is a page builder with several more capabilities to generate theme templates and other marketing resources in a streamlined manner that includes dragging and dropping widgets into columns and sections to create a page.

Zoom API Connection & Settings at Admin Panel

Integrating Zoom at the admin panel requires an easy JWT or oAuth method of authentication. along with simple copying and pasting of API, that easily helps the non-developer as well to take advantage of Zoom Meetings.

Adding New Zoom Meetings at Admin Panel

The backend provides a form just as the front-end form, where the specifics of the meetings need to be filled in, along with the information of the host, start-time, end-time, duration, etc.

Added New Meeting at Admin Panel Auto Sync with Zoom Server

The best value of this plugin is the synchronization function. Adding zoom meetings from the backend or zoom website, the data automatically syncs.

Zoom Meetings Dashboard at Admin Panel

The zoom dashboard allows hosts to show the specifics of each meeting. This shows a record of all the meetings, along with information of the start date, location, meeting I d, approvals, etc. The dashboard also enables monitoring of the start, end, or resumption of meetings.

Adding New Users at Admin Panel

Management of users allows pro account owners, for example, to add and delete roles and add-in features, to manage their users. These users imply to the paid or free subscriptions with the same API key.

Added new users or settings auto-sync with zoom server. It helps admin to manage all users at the WordPress site.

Added New Users at Zoom Server Auto Sync with WordPress

Host can also add new users at the zoom site and it auto-syncs with the WordPress site. The users registered on the zoom website, admin can manage users at WordPress site without a login on the zoom website.

Zoom Users List at Admin Panel

The user's dashboard comes packed with an extensive array of details that can conveniently be visible at the backend, displaying the details of the user profile, email address, user id, details of dates that these were created on, and so on.

Submitting details on one end, say, on the zoom website, automatically reflects on the backend as well, and vice-versa.

Send Zoom Details as Notification To Registered Users & Organizers

No more manually sending an email notification to all the registered users. The participants after registering themselves for the virtual event receive an email notification regarding their confirmation including zoom meeting details, and also the organizer is notified of receiving registrations. Guess what! All on an automated basis.

Zoom Meeting Linking with Tickets at Admin Panel

The Admin panel helps admins/hosts to build free, paying, or donation tickets for simulated events. When uploading an event form, at the backend, users may generate tickets for that specific event and connect it to the zoom meeting resulting in the development of a virtual event with the ability to sell tickets.

While Adding New Zoom Meetings Linking with WooCommerce at Admin Panel

The quest for a path to create a shop for zoom events ends now! Create a marketplace that offers online activities as well.

WooCommerce is the solution to all your shop needs. Using all the strength of WooCommerce, such as a broad variety of payment gateways and extensions, to monetize your meetings and webinars is the ultimate solution you can provide for all your online events streaming live.

You can easily access your forthcoming zoom meetings and webinars with our plugin and assign it to WooCommerce products. Upon checkout, you can add participants to your meeting and webinars.

Zoom Meeting Linking with WooCommerce Products at Admin Panel

Zoom Meetings for WooCommerce allows you to automate your zoom meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard by linking zoom meetings to your WooCommerce products.

Zoom Reporting at Admin Panel

Reports allow you to display detailed data in personalized time frames of your Zoom users and meetings. Witness daily statistical data of new users, meetings, participants, and meeting minutes from the zoom webpage directly at the backend of WordPress. Also, it gives details about the meeting held, total participants, total meeting minutes, Last login time, after the meeting has been completed.

These data can be used to analyze problems and to gain a better understanding of how effective the meeting has been.