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WP Event Manager Helps 435 Locals Build a Perfect Website for Managing Their Community Events

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435 Locals is a WordPress website that works as a community resource for the residents of Southern Utah. It lists various community events and also contains a business directory to help the community members know about the community’s businesses. However, due to the immense pressure of events, the website needed a secured event management system for which they turned to WP Event Manager and found the best solution.

Key Features:
  • A user-friendly events dashboard to manage all events.
  • Multiple event layouts.
  • Multiple views.
  • Ticket selling system.

Company description

435 Local is a brand that plays the role of a community resource for the locals of Southern Utah through its WordPress site.

They maintain an events calendar to show their different types of events including local classes, business meetings, fairs, festivals, etc.

It is a free platform for all event organizers to post their events.  It also offers an affordable option to promote such events through their business directly that connects the locals with different community businesses.

435 Locals believes that small businesses build the heart of their community and that is why they have offered a free platform for their exposure.

Company History

The founder of 435 Locals, Katie Sparks was born and brought up in Southern Utah. She was associated with multiple local organizations and during this period she observed the need for a resource like 435locals.com to gather the entire Southern Utah under the same roof.

In a nutshell, Katie’s passion for connecting the community people has given birth to the idea of 435 Locals.

She said “Reaching from St George, Cedar City, to Brian Head and Kanab. I love connecting people and I have the skills to bring them together online through our website and social media. This is how 435locals.com was born.”

The inspiration behind the project

435 Locals aimed to build a centralized location for all the locals of Southern Utah to help them gather all the details of the local businesses and events through their website.

They work with various small businesses in Southern Utah and offer them the opportunity to advertise their business through social media platforms and their website content where they narrate their stories.

To offer the best value for the investments the businesses make, they have paired content creation with local promotions.

The brand also helps people connect through social media where they continuously share information about local events, touring guides, local hikes, and more.

The need to create a comprehensive platform like this inspired 435 Locals to turn to WP Event Manager.

The Challenges they faced

As 435 Locals wanted to collect and display all the event details that take place within their community, it was crucial for the website to have some event management features to simplify the process.

They were in search of suitable WordPress plugins that would make it easy for people to:

  • Post events on their website easily.
  • Upgrade for featured events. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Additional features to improve user experience. 
  • Sincere support.

“I was looking for an event plugin that would allow users to post events, upgrade for featured listings, and most of all be user-friendly and look good. I also was looking for good support and features that allow the user experience to be good.”

Connecting with WP Event Manager

The founder initiated a thorough research on various WordPress event management plugins and finally after considering their features they ended up picking WP Event Manager.

She was impressed with its:
  • Event listing features. 
  • Events layouts. 
  • Event display. 
  • User friendly interface. 
  • View options.

In her words “I did a bit of research on different plug-ings and WP Event Manager seemed to have everything I was looking for. I like the look and the way events are displayed and this was probably one of my largest draws to the plug-in other than its features. It has a modern and simple layout and view options.”


According to the founder, WP Event Manager offered the best solution to their event management work online.

She appreciated our paid plugins including Sell Tickets and Google Maps that have made it easy for them to monetize their website.

Here are the improvements they have witnessed on their events website in managing their community events:

  • Easy event listing facility. 
  • The front-end event submission system has given event organizers the freedom to submit their events with ease. 
  • The event location is now displayed on Google Maps. 
  • Selling event tickets easily with the Sell Tickets. 
  • Managing payments through WooCommnerce. 
  • The event listing appearance has also improved with attractive layouts.

She added “I used this plugin from the beginning of the website so I don’t have anything to compare it to in switching. I have found the extra plug-ins have been very important to my website. The ability to monetize featured events was and is very important. I like the SEO integrations and Google Maps a lot.”

WP Event Manager has created a plug-in that meets my needs, is user-friendly, and has good support. Keep up the great work!
Katie Sparks, Ceo
Wp Event Manager Helps 435 Locals Build A Perfect Website For Managing Their Community Events
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