The Event Alerts add-on provides an option for visitors to choose if they want to receive alerts for their events. The users are also provided with the option to manage their alerts from a dashboard.

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  • Email Alerts

    Email Alerts

    Automate email alerts to users based on keywords, location, category and other parameters.
  • Alert Search

    Alert Search

    Make it easy for users to create alerts based on their search.
  • Alert scheduling

    Alert scheduling

    More power to users as they can choose to receive daily, weekly or fortnightly alerts.

Features You'll Love

Enhance the user experience and user retention by constantly notifying them via event alerts.

Create Custom Event Alerts

Personalization is a powerful feature you can offer to your users. No matter how likable your brand/business is, unwanted emails are shown a “thank you for coming” note as soon as they hit the inbox. By choosing to set alerts that are highly relevant to them, users are intentionally accepting your brand into their mailbox and minds. Thus the event alerts an add-on is a powerful tool for branding as well. The add-on provides a form for users making setting alerts, a cakewalk. First registered users name their alerts as per their desire. Next, users will begin to set their preferred keywords, locations and categories, frequency, tags and event types to receive the right event alerts. And voila! They are only one email away from engaging in a flawless email receiving experience forever.

Create Event Alerts Based On Filters

For users to seamlessly add their alert preferences from the events page, an “add alerts” is given on the events page itself. The add-on allows users to set alerts based on filters from the events page. They can choose any filter like event type, category and only get the alerts for the ones they want to. If the user is logged in, they can immediately save their alerts using the add alerts button. However, you wouldn’t want to take advantage of their generous nature. Users are thrilled to bits when they receive alerts in a timely fashion. The add-on equips users to set a frequency with which they will receive event alerts.

Event Alert Dashboard

Why should only event managers have all the fun and benefits of a smart dashboard? The add-on creates a dashboard for website visitors to manage their alerts. The dashboard displays every event alert the visitor has ever created along with the respective keywords, categories, tags, location, frequency, status and date created. Adding to a neat dashboard are more customizations that await your visitors. Users can request an email of all the events related to their alerts or view events straight from the dashboard. They can also delete the alert if they want to.

Alert Settings at Admin Panel

The add-on doesn’t leave the backend powerless. It complements the opulent, feature-rich backend by adding a panel to manage event alerts for you. You can amplify your personalization efforts to the word by modifying the content of the email that contains the event alerts. Along with modifying content- its format, duration, and when the mail needs to be sent.