Adding the bookmarks add-on to your website helps visitors to save their favorite events. The add-on modifies the website by adding a bookmark button on each event page and provides the user(registered) with a dashboard to manage their bookmarks.

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  • Bookmarking System

    Bookmarking System

    A simple bookmarking system for events.
  • Bookmark Notes

    Bookmark Notes

    Remember your bookmarks by marking them with personalized notes.
  • Shortcode


    Make life easier by using shortcodes to bookmark every page.

Features You'll Love

Segregate and decide upon which events need to be remembered/saved for the future purpose.

Bookmark Events

Personalization is power. It saves users time and gives them more reasons to revisit your website. Offering a bookmarking tool to your visitors, helps them to store a list of useful, relevant events to their personal dashboard. By giving features to help them remember, visitors get a reason to come back to your website. Registered users can also make useful notes to their bookmarks on the event page. They can revisit the notes from their dashboard anytime.

Remove Bookmark Events

Storing the event for future purposes is very important. The users can easily store new events as well as remove the old bookmark (saved events) with one click.

Bookmark Dashboard

Every bookmark tool or platform has to provide a dashboard for their visitors to manage their bookmarked listings. The Bookmark add-on displays a concise dashboard for website visitors to manage their bookmark listings. Using the dashboard, visitors can view events, notes, and delete bookmarks. You can add the dashboard using a shortcode at the backend in the admin panel.