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WP Event Manager Adds a Modern Touch to Bradford Cathedral Website

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Branford Cathedral is one of the oldest Anglican places of worship in Bradford city, England. They often conduct musical events, art exhibitions, and family activities. However, the Bradford Cathedral team did not have the right tools to manage their events through their newly constructed WordPress site. Find out how they aced the event management game with WP Event Manager.

Key Features:
  • Advanced event search filters
  • Ticket selling features
  • Calendar

Company Introduction

Bradford Cathedral is an Anglican place of worship that is situated in the heart of Bradford city in England.

They are known for their high-quality events that are based on choral and organic music, art exhibitions, and other family activities.

They also initiate programs for educational organizations in their heritage venue and allow free entry to visitors. Such events are conducted throughout the Christian year. The team is dedicated to nurturing people’s faith and is involved in Baptisms, weddings, and more.

The Inspiration Behind the Project

Bradford Cathedral wanted to replace its existing website with a new one having modern digital elements to reflect various aspects of the cathedral.

In simple words, they were looking for a digital solution that could perfectly match the essence of the cathedral as it became necessary to add a modern touch to it after the pandemic when people started relying on digital platforms for almost everything.

They built a WordPress website from scratch in 2022 for the cathedral and wanted to make it mobile-friendly with additional event management features and functionalities.

Bradford Cathedral England

The Marketing and events head of Bradford Cathedral, Mr. Phillip Lickley said “In 2021 we decided that we needed to replace our old website with a new creation, to better reflect the elements and aspects of the Cathedral, as well as allowing it to mesh with our digital elements that had come much more to the fore during the pandemic. In 2022, after consultation and planning, we created the new website from scratch in WordPress, to make it more usable, mobile-friendly and with more functionality.”

The Problem

After the creation of the new website, Branford Cathedral needed the right tools to manage its events efficiently.

Find out the issues they have faced during this period:

  • They were using other software to maintain a calendar for their event schedules. 
  • Did not plan to use plugins to add event management functionalities to the website. 
  • The website visitors who were searching for Bradford Cathedral events struggled to find them on the right page due to the presence of the Calendar.

Due to the above-mentioned issues, they realized they needed a WordPress-based solution for their website.

Partnering with WP Event Manager

To find the right solution for the issues they faced, Bradford Cathedral started looking for WordPress plugins to handle the events it conducts.

They tried and experimented with 2 or 3 plugins and finally settled on WP Event Manager due to its user-friendliness.

Since they did not have much technical knowledge they wanted an easy-to-use plugin like WP Event Manager.

In addition to that, WP Event Manager fulfilled all the requirements they had for their newly built WordPress website. So they chose us over others.

“When looking to solve this issue, we spent time evaluating different plugins via the WordPress plugin shop and from suggestions online. After trying 2 or 3 different plugins, we settled on WP Event Manager as the most user friendly and the one that did the most of what we needed the plugin to do.”

The Solution

They observed several improvements on their website and event services after WP Event Manager’s intervention which are listed below:

  • It has become easy for their website visitors to find their events easily with our advanced search filters for events.  
  • The Calendar plugin helps them display their event dates and details attractively which instantly catches visitors’ attention. 
  • Now they can sell their event tickets without putting a burden on the admin staff. 
  • Accessing all their website data became easy for the entire team as they get everything in one place. 
  • Now the team can manage the visitors, hold events, and do other religious work with convenience as the plugin has automated a lot of their work and also made the overall management systematic
  • Though they have a few bugs in the plugin, they mentioned that the support team was sincere and helped them quickly solve the issues.

“Having WP Event Manager has made it much easier for people to find our events, who typically look through searching, and this helps sell tickets and ease the pressure on our admin staff who would otherwise have to help on the phone or via social media. It also helps us focus on one point of truth, rather than having multiple sources that we have to keep up-to-date.”

The plugins they used and the features they found the most useful

Bradford Cathedral has used the following plugins to solve their new website issues:

  • The core plugin WP Event Manager: They appreciated the advanced search filter options that have simplified the process of finding events on their website. 
  • Event Calendar: They found the calendar most useful for managing and displaying their event schedules. 
  • Sell Ticket: according to the founder, the Sell Tickets plugin has automated the entire ticket-selling process which has reduced the pressure on the admin staff who used to handle everything manually.

Suggestions for WP Event Manager

Lickley seems to be 100% satisfied with the facilities that WP Event Manager provided. However, while talking about his business requirements, he mentioned that his team requires more than what the free version offers to them.

He suggested us to create more addons with more integrations.

“The free version does have some limitations that restrict some of the things we do, and we are working to a tight budget, but we hope to soon explore more integration through the add-ons.”

WP Event Manager was easy to install and customise and works well in WordPress, and helps us display our events clearly.
Bradford Cathedral, Team
Wp Event Manager Adds A Modern Touch To Bradford Cathedral Website
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