WP Event Manager

A powerful event management plugin that instantly turns any website into a remarkable event management website with event registration forms, event listing pages, event dashboard. Easy to use and no coding skills required.

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  • Easy To Use

    Easy To Use

    Create, categorise and curate an event-based website without any coding skills.
  • Search and Filter

    Search and Filter

    Ajax based search and filtering feature direct visitors towards relevant event listings on the website.
  • Front End Forms

    Front End Forms

    Frontend forms and dashboards to create, organise, and manage your events.

Features You'll Love

Turn your WordPress website into an event management portal with just few clicks.

User-Friendly Frontend Event Submission Form

The event submission form is crafted to be simple and sleek in design, smashing in functionality. One amongst the several things that the front end submission form is free, unlike its rival event listing plugins. Secondly, the plugin offers a shortcode to create a submission form on literally any page. Normally, the default fields should suffice in gathering the necessary details. However, you can add and edit fields without any coding. Thus, you end up delighting event organizers by designing submission forms that cater to your requirements. Undoubtedly, it is everything a smart event registration plugin should be.

Event Submission Preview

Go that extra mile for your event organizers without breaking a sweat. Our event management plugin automatically provides a preview of the event listing before event organizers submit the event. This also means that the organisers have the ability to edit, alter or change the listing before publishing the events.

Event Listing Box Layout

Enhance the convenience quotient on your events website by completely giving users control over the way they want the event listings to appear on the site. Our plugin offers a box view and a list view to display event listings. We recommend the box view to see multiple events at once. The box view flaunts the listed events with a large event banner, making the page even more attractive.

Event Listing Line Layout

User preferences are always a mystery. Our core plugin satisfies the need of users with a list view for your event listing page as well, By choosing the list view, event listings are displayed in chronological order.

Single Event View

Our plugin offers a beautiful view with respect to single event listing. After the shortcode has been implemented for a single event view, the page offers detailed information regarding the event title, organizer's name, date, time, venue, location of the event. Also the brief description along with the respective category and type is displayed over the page. Enjoy this fascinating event view with our plugin.

Event Search Filter

Our plugin solves all your worries as it increases convenience by offering search filters to search and filter the events based on keywords, dates, time, event type, and categories. By using a search filter, visitors can find events for themselves with a click or two without needing to look at each event.

Event Dashboard

What is an event management plugin without an events dashboard? WP Events Manager provides event managers and organizers with a user-friendly frontend dashboard to manage events. Users get an exclusive dashboard once they register on the website. Event managers and organizers can use the dashboards to check the status of events that await moderation too. Users can edit, cancel and delete the events whenever they want from the dashboard.

Adding Organizers At Frontend

A very clear and concise form is presented to the organizers to get in-depth details along with the logo and other affiliated links. The interface is so seamless and elegant, that information can be quickly filled without stepping backward.

Event Organizers List At Frontend

The quality of an event relies primarily on the event organizers, and so they deserve an extra special place on your website. Organizers will now be displayed in alphabetical order on the page with descriptions about their present and future events.

Multiple Organizers On Single Event Listing Page

Event specifics are vague without the organizer’s information on it. Experience an entirely separate segment to show the specifics of the organizer, including the name, logo, description, and other relevant links on the single event listing page. The Other advantage this feature offers you is that not one, but you can have multiple organizers on the same event.

Organizer Dashboard At Frontend

In addition to offering a user-friendly event management dashboard, the plugin also provides you with a well-structured, detailed Organizer Dashboard. It allows organizers to introduce, modify or delete organizers to improve the event management process. The Dashboard highlights all organizers associated with the same coordinator, meaning that many organizers may also be shown on the same events

Specific Organizer Details

Know the identity of the organizers with a few clicks on the organizer's dashboard to get an in-depth understanding of their information along with their current, past, and upcoming events.

User-Friendly Admin Panel Interface

As the website manager, you will need a friendly, no-code solution to manage all events. WP Events Manager makes tiring event management easy. The Wordpress event plugin provides a clean, comprehensible admin panel to manage your events. The admin panel allows you to edit, delete, cancel, and approve events with ease. You can also perform actions in bulk (such as approve or delete in bulk etc). The plugin increases your efficiency by setting filters for you and helps you search more easily.

Add New Event at Admin Panel

This plugin gives you an opportunity to add the event from admin as well. To add a new event, you just need to login, click on add events present under the event listings menu and enter the details of the event. Doing this demands no coding skills required.

One of the Coolest Feature - Field Editor

The plugin offers a Field editor where you can create, edit, or delete any fields as per your requirement. WP Event Manager helps you to quickly assign extra custom fields to an event, and you can use them to apply more data to events and show them on the event page. For this after login, click on the field editor present under the event listings menu, click on the “Add Field” button to add a new custom field. You can drag & drop the field in order to change the position of the custom field on the event submission form.

Add Event Type at Admin Panel

So many Events, and difficulty in differentiating one from another? WP event manager got your rescue. With our event listing plugin, one can add and assign “event types” to all the events, providing them more filtering options,in terms of what type of event it is to say,“An award function”, “Conference”, “Concert”.

Add Event Category at Admin Panel

Our event management plugin prioritizes the visitors’ preferences. With the event listing plugin, you can add and assign categories to events for your users. For example, you can add categories such as sports, music, dance, personal development, clubs, etc and assign events of the particular type to these categories. You can add and edit categories by clicking on event categories under event listings.

Event Listing Settings at Admin Panel

The settings menu present in the admin panel makes you more than a mere admin; a true master of the website! Use the event listing settings to make changes to listings easily. Absolutely no knowledge of code is expected from you. You can change how and how many event listings should appear, change how canceled events and expired events should appear etc.

Event Submission Settings at Admin Panel

The submission form is one of the most important parts of any event website. A fully functional, easy to use submission form can sometimes be the dealbreaker for your website. Most event management and event registration plugins provide forms as paid add-ons. Whereas the WP Event Manager provides a submission form for free. The Event Submission Settings menu in the admin panel makes it easy for you to make changes into the submission form. You can make changes to the account creation process, moderation process, adding categories and listings in submission forms etc resulting in the most useful submission form on the web.

Page Settings at Admin Panel

Our event management plugin helps with the structure of the website as well. WP Events Manager provides a number of settings and shortcodes to edit and set event pages. The use of shortcodes shall reduce to zero knowledge of code.

Date and Time Format Settings at Admin Panel

The Admin panel also enables its users to adjust date and time format in the settings tab present under the event listing. Here users get an opportunity to customize the settings according to their own country preference time format (12hr or 24hr) and select different formats of date i.e, dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yy. The plugin offers time zone settings that allow an individual to set the correct time zone according to the event location. An individual can choose a different time zone with the drop-down menu as well.

Add Organizers At Admin Panel

The plugin helps the admin to add all the organizers to one location so that they are not connected to individual events again and again. If the organizers have been listed, they will be displayed in the list of organizers on the submit event page. The backend enables users to add the information of the organisers, including the name, logo, description, etc.

Organizer Dashboard At Backend

The addon offers the Admin the ability to manage the list of event organizers on the admin panel as well. He also has the complete freedom to incorporate or remove organizers from here.