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WP Event Manager Redefines Navratri Celebration in Germany with Gujarati Samaj

Gujarati Samaj Event
Gujarati Samaj Logo

Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V is a registered non-profit organization in Berlin, Germany that is built by the Berlin residents who are associated with the Gujarati culture.

Key Features:
  • Mobile app is used to handle 2500 attendee check in and checkout.
  • Ticket selling system to accelerate ticket sales.
  • Attendee data management with the Attendee information addon.

It is said that “You can take a Gujarati out of Gujarat but you can not take Gujarat out of him.“

Whether it is Germany or any other country, Gujaratis can be found in every corner of the world. Organizations like Gujarati Samaj Berlin play a great role in connecting them.

About the Organization

Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V is a registered non-profit organization in Berlin, Germany that is built by the Berlin residents who are associated with the Gujarati culture. It works as a bridge between the Gujaratis and other communities in Berlin.

Berlin Navratri

The Gujarati community originated from the Western part of India which is known for their rich traditional heritage and colorful festivals. The organization aims to keep the essence of their culture alive in Berlin by bringing all the Gujarati people under the same roof especially during festivals.

Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V was started in 2021 with the support of a considerable number of people that witnessed a massive expansion within a short period of time.

The organization conducts a grand event on Navratri every year since 2012 as it is one of the biggest festivals of Gujarat. It is all about colorful Chaniya choli, Kurtas and matching footsteps with the Garba beats. During the nine days of Navratri, different forms of Goddess Amba are worshiped. Gujaratis wait for these days throughout the year. Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V has utilized the craze for Garba during this period among this community to bring them together in Berlin, Germany.

Their idea worked and more and more people started participating in their Navratri events. After receiving an overwhelming response from the Gujarati people in Berlin they quickly decided to register the group as a non profit organization. From 200 in 2012 to 2500 in 2023 the organization earned the support of many people in their Navratri celebration.

Inspiration behind the project

As the number of participants started to increase in the Navratri celebration in Germany, it became essential for Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V to handle the crowd in a systematic manner to make the event successful in every way. Besides the Navratri celebration, the organization has organized a food festival with the strength of more than 1500 people.

How Gujarati Samaj Berlin found WP Event Manager

Gujarati Samaj Berlin and WP Event Manager already had a Gujarat connection as the founder of WP Event Manager Mr. Ashok Dudhat himself hails from Gujarat India. So he took the initiative to help the organization manage the crowd, registration, ticket sales and more with the WP Event Manager plugins.

Challenges faced

Amidst the growth and appreciation, the non-profit organization in Berlin was also facing some challenges.

These challenges include the following:
  • Attendee management in bulk. 
  • Handling registrations without errors and managing registration data. 
  • Tracking check-ins and check-outs. 
  • Selling tickets. 
  • Making it convenient for audiences to check in.

How WP Event Manager helped Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V?

The plugins offered by WP Event Manager helped Gujarati Samaj Berlin make the Navratri celebration in Germany a great success.

Here are the plugins that they used to overcome the above-mentioned challenges:

  • Mobile application: it helped them bring and manage the entire Navratri celebration to mobile devices. 
  • Sell Tickets: More than 2500 audiences checked-in to the Navratri celebration event through the scan code that was present in their event tickets. The ticket scanner was a big problem solver for them as it made the entire process fast and smooth. There were no long queues to enter into the Garba ground and attendees graced the event with enthusiasm and happy faces.

Qr Code

  • Registration: the organization has successfully taken care of the bulk registration without any hassle and errors with the Registration addon.
  • Attendee Information: knowing community members is essential to stay connected to them. The attendee information addon fulfilled this requirement by storing the attendee data that includes their tastes and preferences.


Navratri is one of the most popular Hindu festivals that is celebrated all over the world. Germany is no exception. However, the event that Gujarati Samaj has organized on this Navratri was surely the biggest Navratri celebration in Germany covering more than 2500 attendees. We, at WP Event Manager are glad to be a part of it and we hope and believe that the bond that we share will get stronger and better.

Gujarati Samaj Garba

Gujarati Samaj Garbas

Gujarati Samaj Germany

Using the WP Event Manager plugin and its addons was truly beneficial for us as we have sold more than 2500 tickets without any hassle. The best part was that we did not have to pay a huge amount of commission to a third party. We were able to access the ticket status and orders in detail in one single dashboard through the app. The application was a game changer for us as it handled the check-in and check-out process smoothly. The product can easily handle events of all types and sizes and we highly recommend it to every event organizer.
Gujarati Samaj Team
Wp Event Manager Redefines Navratri Celebration In Germany With Gujarati Samaj
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