Mobile APP

Highly customizable, simple to use, event check in mobile app allowing right swipe and QR code ticket scanning to streamline the event management process making it completely handy.

  • Mobile APP
  • Mobile APP

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  • Instant Search &  check in

    Instant Search & check in

    One of the fastest check in experiences for your attendees, be it for 100 or 100000 attendees in one tap.
  • Multi device real time sync

    Multi device real time sync

    Get real time data synced across all the device, be it checked in via Mobile application or web check in
  • Works offline

    Works offline

    Internet connection down? Offline mode stores data and automatically syncs it after the connection returns!

Features You'll Love

Incredibly simple to use, intuitive and fast event check in app. Learn how to use it in seconds.

Web and mobile app works together

The mobile check in feature can be used on an infinite number of devices, incorporated with the website. You would not have to train on-site workers to use it because the completely customized check in feature is very intuitive. All devices can access attendant information and synchronize this with every device in real-time.

Showcase Event Listing

WP Event Management application provides an event listing platform where you can organize, analyze, virtual, and on-stage events are it upcoming, ongoing, or past events. The event listing page showcases the list of all the events created on the website using our plugin.

Real time data over dashboard

The dashboard tabulates the data into easy-to-review summaries, displaying details of visitors to your event, organizers, and venues.

Easily see breakdowns for your Registration specifically, the new, confirmed, waiting, or canceled ones, including graphical representations of total check in out of total registered ones.

We make it easy by providing a centralized dashboard that juggles solutions with respect to tracking your sales. Get detailed interactive statistics on how many tickets are bought and how many people.

The fastest way to check in attendees by swiping and scanning

WP Event Manager App Checks In your attendees with an easy technology-driven interface hence saves you time, eliminates stress, and helps you check in all of your attendees in 75% less time, by simply swiping right or scanning the QR codes on the tickets they purchased online and carried to the events.

Attendee management & Add Notes

WP Event Manager Check In app helps manage attendees by shortening check in lines, tracking, and attendance monitoring. It offers a check in staff system to swipe right and left to check participants, and also allows participants to add notes for later reporting and export when you check them in.

Check order details and Email participants

The order management system includes sophisticated transaction processing, and end-to-end order fulfillment details by providing individual order information in the form of tickets purchased or canceled by visitors to help you save time and improve overall efficiency. Also, the space allows individual emailing in regards to any last moment information to be communicated along with the ability to check-in directly from here as well.

Unlimited devices are synchronized in order to track arrivals in real-time

The application syncs the real-time data of all the users and devices by which the check in process has been completed. This helps organizers keep a track of the attendee's list on all the devices, be it via the website or on the application.

Works in Offline mode

Flaky internet? No worries! The Offline mode allows an instant search for all the attendees and checks them in the event by storing the data and syncing them later when the internet returns.

Supports multiple languages

A premium feature offered by the WP Event Manager would allow organizers to not only enjoy the basic languages but also allow them to convert the whole app into their own native language.

Experience the Dark and Light mode

The App allows users to toggle between light and dark mode, enhancing the user experience. The displays, menus, and buttons, use a darker color palette in Dark Mode, and it uses more vibrancy to make the contrast content stand out against the darker backgrounds.