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WP Event Manager helps Edwards Communications Revamp Kiwanis Group Website

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Find out how WP Event Manager helped Edwards Communications revamp the Kiwanis Group website.

Key Features:
  • Ticket selling features.
  • Event creation.
  • Registration management.

Company description

Edwards communications is a company that helps organizations build their brand identity online. It covers inbound marketing, content marketing, graphic designing, lead generating solution, social media services and more. The company basically connects businesses with more and more prospects and also helps them turn into their customers through branding.

In the words of the founder “We help businesses find more prospects and convert more prospects into customers by creating their best brands. Don’t spend money on social media and Google ads until you can convert more of them.”

Edwards Communications came into existence in 1996 holding the hands of Mr Barry Edwards as a graphic designing agency. Mr Edwards took his first step towards building an online solution by creating his first website during the same year. Gradually the agency flourished and by 2008 e-commerce, membership, events and corporate websites became its main focus along with video shooting/production and podcasting.

Inspiration behind the project

In November 2022 Edwards Communications received a project from the President of Kiwanis Group of Independence, Ohio to revamp their existing website with functionalities like events, mass emails and membership. This was the time when the company turned to WP Event Manager for help.


The main objective behind the project was to revamp and restructure the Kiwanis group website with the following functionalities:

  • Events listing feature.
  • Mass emails.
  • Memberships and more.

Challenges faced

The biggest challenge in this project was to find a solution which will not only help them add the above mentioned features to the website but also it will be easy to use for the people who do not have much coding knowledge.

Why did Edwards Communications choose WP Event Manager?

After a detailed research Edwards Communications found WP Event Manager and after going through its features and functionalities it finally said yes to the plugin.

Here are the reasons why Barry chose the plugin:
  • User-friendly interface for the tech-challenged customers. 
  • Quick and easy set up. 
  • Light-weight.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Comprehensive events features of the plugin. 
  • Various event setting options.
  • Attentive and responsible customer support. 
  • Customizability as per event requirements.
  • WooCommerce integration.

In the words of Mr. Barry “The fact that it’s part of the WooCommerce family is an additional trust factor. I’ve been utilizing WooCommerce for my e-commerce solutions for at least 10 years.”

He continued “Another huge factor for preferring WPEM is that it supplies the best interface for my tech-challenged clients. After I set up the events for the year, I showed them how to update the dates, times and prices. They really don’t need to do any more than that. I created a 2-minute tutorial video for them and that’s all I needed to do. I promised them that I’d deliver a much cleaner and easier-to-use website than their previous one and I irrefutably delivered and WPEM was a big reason for that.”

Plugins Edwards Communication used

Edwards Communication revamped the Website of Kiwanis group using WP Event Manager.

Here are the plugin they used from us.

Edwards Communications is also planning to opt for the Calendar plugin as its client wants it too.

The founder said “I also like that even with as powerful and comprehensive as the plugin is, it’s still pretty light-weight. You have the option of downloading sister plugins that offer only the additional functionality needed, such as PDF tickets and Form Builder. My client is now inquiring about having an event calendar page, so I’ll likely be purchasing that soon.”

Solution WP Event Manager provided

Edwards communication has successfully delivered a clean website with various event features using WP Event Manager and its premium extensions. Barry Edwards wholeheartedly appreciated the plugin user guide like our YouTube tutorials and also our support team who helped them wherever he needed.

In addition to that he talked about the customizability of the plugin as different types of events have different requirements.

“Events come in all shapes and sizes, so there is definitely the need to configure the settings in different ways. I needed to reach out to Customer Support on two occasions and I received fairly quick, helpful replies both times — this is a very important factor to consider when deciding on which event plugin you should use.”

Edwards Communications seems to be thoroughly satisfied with our plugins and they also have plans to add some more event listing features to the website.

I’ve used a few different plugins over the years and I have to say, they’re usually quite complicated to do your initial setups. I’ve been happiest with WP Event Manager so far. I also don’t want to get involved with complex software that may or may not be supported in a couple years. Many plugin developers get dismayed over the dedication it takes to keep their software current with WordPress and to supply customer support to their clients. I feel confident that WP Event Manager will be around for a long time. So I’ll happily use it on other client sites in the future.
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Wp Event Manager Helps Edwards Communications Revamp Kiwanis Group Website
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