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Attendee Information

Attendee Information plugin is used to collect the different information of attendees for each & every event submitted on your website.

It gives an option to select the specific fields for specific events while submission which attendees have to fill out when they register for the event.

It also gives you the option to collect either only Buyer’s information or each attendee’s information.

Attendee Information plugin requires Registrations and Sell Tickets plugins to make it workable on your website.

To refer those plugins’ guides click on below links:


  1. Automatic Installation : You can install plugin from backend of your WordPress. Click Here to see how you can do automatic installation.
  2. Manual Installation : You can install plugin manually using SFTP or FTP tool as well. Click Here to see how you can do manual installation.

Complete Video Guide On Attendee Information Add On

Attendee Information Fields on Frontend Submission Form

Once you installed and activated the Attendee Information plugin, you will get two more fields named “Attendee Information to collect” and “Attendee Information Collection Type” on the event submission form.

  1. Attendee Information to collect: Select the fields which information you want to collect from attendees.
  2. Attendee Information Collection Type: There are two types collection:
    • Buyer Only – It will ask for submitting only the buyer information on checkout page regardless how many tickets buyer has purchased.
    • Each Attendee – It will ask for submitting the information of each attendee on checkout page(depend of number of tickets purchased by buyer).

The organizers can specify the attendee information that they want to collect from the visitors who register to attend the event. Only on providing this information, will the attendees be granted registration to book the ticket for the event.

It is totally up to the organizer on what information they want to collect from the attendee. This plugin simply lets the organizers specify what information they want. These all information options can defined at registration form settings(WP-admin >> Event Registrations >> Registration Form >> Form Fields).
WPevent manager Attendee Information

Attendee Information Fields on Backend Submission Form

Once the event is hosted and live on the website, the plugin even lets you change the attendee information to be collected. The admin can also change the attendee information fields at any time from theme backend at WP-admin >> Event Manager >> All Events >> Edit.
WP event manager attendee information backend submission

Registration Fields on Checkout Page

Once attendee proceeds for the checkout, he or she will be redirected to the page where the attendee has to fill out the required registration information.

When organizer has submitted the event with “Each Attendee” for “Attendee Information Collection Type” option for ticket function, then it will ask the buyer to fill up all attendees information on the checkout page for whom the buyer has purchased the ticket as you can see in the below-attached screenshot.
WP event manager registration field checkout page

Advanced: Overriding/Customizing the templates

For overriding or customization, template files can be found in the wp-event-manager-attendee-information/templates/ directory. To override a template file,

  1. first you need to create directory “wp-event-manager-registrations” under your theme folder
  2. Copy the template file to “/wp-content/yourtheme/wp-event-manager-registrations/” directory.
  3. Your theme will use all the template files from the “/wp-content/yourtheme/wp-event-manager-registrations/” directory instead of the plugin’s template file (/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager-registrations/).
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