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Registrations add-on enables the invitees of your website to register for an event as an attendee. It also allows the organizer and admin to manage the event registration form, registrations dashboard.


  1. Automatic Installation : You can install plugin from backend of your WordPress. Click Here to see how you can do automatic installation.
  2. Manual Installation : You can install plugin manually using SFTP or FTP tool as well. Click Here to see how you can do manual installation.

Complete Video Guide On Registrations Add On

Registrations Form

The registration form allows attendees to register for the events.

“Register for Event” button appears on sidebar area of the event detail page and clicking on that button will display form with the fields Full name and Email address as you can see in this below screenshot:
WPEM Registrations

Registration Form Fields – Add, Edit, Delete

The fields appear on the registration form at the front end can be managed (Add, Edit or Delete) from the backend at WP-admin >> Event Registration >> Registration Form.

The admin can totally choose which type of information he wants the attendee to submit to get registration for the events.
WPEM Registration

Registration Form Settings

As seen in the image, the admin can manage the behavior of the registration form using the settings provided into the backend at WP-admin >> Event Registration >> Settings.
WPEM Registration

Different options under the “Registration Forms” tab:

  • User Restriction: If the option “Only allow registered users to register” enabled, only logged in users can register. For the Non-logged in users, it will ask first for login.
  • Multiple Registration: If the option “Prevent users from registering to the same event multiple times” enabled, the registration form will be hidden after registering. Disable this option if you want to allow visitors to register the same events multiple times.
  • Organiser Email notification: Organizer will be notify via email once registration on his event created.
  • Attendee Email notification: Attendee will be notify via email once registration form filled with his email.
  • New registration default status: This implies that When a user registers on your event, what default status you want to keep for them, They should be New/Confirmed/Waiting/Cancelled/Archieved.
  • New registration notification status: This implies that When should a user get email notification when he registers on the event,They shoulkd get email notification on which of the following status, New/Confirmed/Waiting/Cancelled/Archieved.
  • For example, If the new user default status, is new, and registration notification status is confirmed, the user will get notification only after the admin or the Organizer change the status from new to confirm.

Frontend Registration dashboard

All the event registration received from the attendees can be managed from the frontend registration dashboard as well as backend registration dashboard.

Organizer can manage registration from the frontend registration dashboard and admin can manage all the registration from the backend registration dashboard.

Take a look at the below screenshot for the frontend registration dashboard. You as an organizer can not only view the registration requests but also can see event registration status like total registration, new, waiting, canceled, confirmed, archived, totally checked in, etc. It also shows you the number of registration for each event.
WPEM Registration

Clicking on the number of event registration showing in events table on the frontend registration dashboard page will redirect you on the registered attendee’s list page. This page will display all those attendees who have registered for that specific event with the attendees and tickets details – number of tickets, ticket type, a ticket purchased date.

Organizer can change registration’s status as well(For ex: waiting -> confirmed) and make comment or note for a particular registration. It could help to remember it for special action in the future. There is also an option to send an email to attendees. Here, organizer can easily handle check-in and not check-in as well for event.
WPEM Registration

Backend Registration Dashboard

Same as frontend registration manage feature, Admin also can see full details about attendee which they have submitted at the time of the event registration process.

Follow the path WP-admin >> Event Registrations >> All Event Registrations for admin to manage the event registrations.
WPEM Registration

Admin can also change event registration status like total registrations, new, waiting, canceled, confirmed, archived, totally checked in, etc. from backend side and change status of the registration, viz. Change a registration to cancel, change from waiting to register, etc. and manage registration actions like delete, update, and view.
WPEM Registration

Registered Status At Event Listing

As shown in the image, a green “registered” status will be displayed under the event title for all those events which already have been registered by that visitor. So, visitors do not need to remember and register the same event again.
WPEM Registration

My Registrations

In order to set up a My registration page,

  1. login to Admin panel
  2. Go to Wp admin >> Pages >> Add new
  3. Name the page as My registrations and enter the below code in the content area of the dashboard.
  4. [my_registrations]

    It will list all the registration of the current logged in user.

Add New Registration From Backend

Not just the voluntary registration from the front end, this plugin also allows the admin of the website to manually add the registration of a user for an event.

  1. Go to WP-admin >> Event Registrations >> Add new.
  2. WPEM Registration

  3. fill in the desired information required for the event in the form that appears.
  4. save changes

E-mail Notification Settings

The event registration email will be sent to organizer and attendee both after event registration done by visitor(attendee).

  1. Go to WP-admin >> Event Registrations >> Notifications in backend of your site. Here, you could see two tabs:
    • Organizer Notifications
    • Attendee Notifications
  2. Customize the email message of the organizer and attendee.

WPEM Registration

Registrations Management Settings

What if the event is cancelled? There are settings regarding the events registrations that needs to be managed.

  1. Go to WP-admin >> Event Registrations >> Settings >> Management:
    • Delete with Events: If this option enabled, event registrations will be deleted when the parent event listing is deleted. Otherwise they will be kept on file and visible in the backend.
    • Purge Registrations: Purge registration data and files after particular days.This means that you need to mention the number of days after which the data gets deleted. This number of days is applicable from the day of Event expiry. You can enter negative value if you want to purge the data before expiry date. For example, if entered 1, it will delete the data after 1 day of event expiry date and if you enter -1, it will purge the data one day before the event expiry.

    WPEM Registration

  2. Save changes

Advanced: Overriding/Customizing the templates

For overriding or customization, template files can be found in the wp-event-manager-registrations/templates/ directory. To override a template file,

  1. Create directory “wp-event-manager-registrations” under your theme folder
  2. Copy the template file to “/wp-content/yourtheme/wp-event-manager-registrations/” directory.
  3. Your theme will use all the template files from the “/wp-content/yourtheme/wp-event-manager-registrations/” directory instead of the plugin’s template file (/wp-content/plugins/wp-event-manager-registrations/).
  • event-registrations.php template file lists the user’s alerts.
  • registration-form.php template file which controls the alerts form display on events page.

Note: If you have override template file and plugin frequently updating then you need to sync template file with new updates from the plugin’s template file for better functionality and new features.

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