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Design a Beautiful Calendar for the Church on WordPress

Struggling to maintain your church website? Most church administrators may not be aware of how a specific calendar for the church can help them organize and coordinate events better.

Here’s everything you need to know about opting for a yearly church calendar using the WP Event Manager calendar plugin:

Design A Beautiful Calendar For The Church

Wondering why your church needs a calendar?

Think of a calendar for the church as a resource management tool. It helps your administrative staff develop an attitude that is geared towards planning for future events.

According to ECAL, 70% of adults use a digital calendar to keep track of events in their lives in an efficient manner. Why should running a church and its events are any different?

Whether it is a virtual event or an in-person one, you will find that a calendar for the church helps you with the following:

  • Pinpointing the exact time and duration for relevant church events for your local community so that you do not have any pending work left at the eleventh hour.
  • Holding yourself and your church staff team accountable by ensuring that you do not fall behind your schedule in arranging the resources needed for an event.
  • Establishing your church and its website as a professional platform that is serious about the work that it does. It sends a powerful message to your congregation crew!

It does not matter if you have a relatively small church community or a largely ambitious one, an online church calendar may just be the much-needed change that you are looking for to help boost productivity!

Design Calendar For The Church By Wpem
Free For Church – Download WP Event Manager

Getting started

According to WordPress, their Event Manager plugin is lightweight, scalable, and offers full-featured event management.

After rigorous testing, it would be apt to conclude that the WP Event Manager’s calendar plugin add-on is all you need to gain better control of your church’s event management.

Assessing your needs

Whether it’s a mosque, a synagogue, or a church – places of worship have embraced the digital trend to build websites with an online church calendar to help members of their community remain informed, connected, and seek help with ease. Meanwhile, others are still in the process of building their website.

Your church may already have a well-established online presence or it may just be getting started. Whatever the case, the first step is to assess the details of your needs.

For example, does your church website need a comprehensive time-tracking and ticketing platform or a simple yearly church calendar? Outline your requirements.

Using the Events Calendar plugin

WP Event Manager’s calendar add-on is the most popular WordPress event management tool that your church can take advantage of to organize events and keep church-going members updated with news about upcoming occasions.

If you do not have a WordPress website already then you will have to hire a WordPress developer to set it up for you if you do not wish to do it on your own. Once that has been taken care of, you can move onto integrating the WP Event Manager plugin.

Install the Events Calendar plugin on your website to begin using your WordPress dashboard to experiment with event testing! It really is that simple.

Upgrade as required

Most church administrators will find that the personal package for the WP Event Manager’s calendar plugin offers enough features to meet their event management needs. For example:

  • Event listings
  • Event categories
  • Featured events, recent events, and upcoming events widget
  • Event fields
  • Organizer fields
  • Multiple viewing options

However, you can opt to upgrade to the ‘developer’ version for advanced control over your calendar for the church and its customization options.

(Please note that you will need to update your subscription on a yearly basis for your online church calendar).

Why choose the WP Event Manager calendar plugin?

If you are looking for a yearly church calendar, then you cannot go wrong with the WordPress calendar plugin. Here’s why:

Personalize as required

The WP Event Manager plugin offers you incredible flexibility to help you customize your calendar for the church.

Click on the panel to your left to access customization options for your calendar. From themes and accent colors to viewing options and button details, you are free to build an aesthetic calendar for the church.

Want to go one step further? The developer-friendly code lets you add scripts of your own to go the extra mile in customizing your calendar for the church.

If you are not too keen on adding code-related edits, then you will be happy to know that you can use simple shortcodes to make your calendar for the church and its event management more interesting.

Viewing options

You get to choose how to display your calendar for the church on your WordPress website and in which format too! The quick event view lets your calendar pop up on the user’s screen to reveal more information about your event. On the other hand, it can also fit neatly into your sidebar to prevent overwhelming website visitors.


The listings feature helps users scan through your events calendar without having to spend long minutes finding the event that they are interested in.

Your church’s community members can view the relevant listings to find the event that they came to know more about along with its date and other details. Help your community members save time and get them excited about future events

Get Your Calendar For The Church By Wpem

Get your calendar for the church up and ready in minutes!

Don’t have an abundance of time to dabble in WordPress plugins to set up your website’s calendar? Not to worry! Solutions such as WordPress Event Calendar Plugin by WP Event Manager help you set up your calendar almost instantly.

This option is ideal for churches who do not have too many needs such as advanced calendar customization, event ticket management, or versatile listing options to complement your website.

Get started with your calendar for the church today!

Design A Beautiful Calendar For The Church On Wordpress
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