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Best WordPress Event Listing theme to Launch Events Calendar

WordPress store is a hub of millions of WordPress themes. Choosing the right theme for the website is a crucial part. Therefore, we step in to help you out with a quick review and guidance if you are developing an event listing website.

For all those who are planning to develop an event management website, the best choice is the event listing theme.

Do you wonder why we recommend just the event listing theme among hundreds of others?

WordPress event listing websites require a particular type of functionalities to act as an event management system. Among them, the most essential feature is the events calendar.

Let’s see how the event listing theme and events calendar plugin can play together very smoothly and why we are asking to put your trust in these two.

About Event Listing Theme

Event listing theme can be used for multiple purposes, as it is best suited for the event website, blogs, portfolio, or even for a WooCommerce website. Due to its fast and responsive features, it got a 5-star rating on the WordPress theme store.

It can work with all types of page builders for quick drag and drop page creation. Moreover, the event listing theme is fully compatible with the WordPress Event Manager Plugin, which offers an events calendar plugin as an add-on, too, and considered as all in one bundle for those who are looking for one ultimate solution for an event management website.

About Event Listing Theme
Free – Download Event Listing Theme

How does the events calendar plugin works with WordPress event listing?

The events calendar allows you to list your events on a website. One of the main objectives is to let the audience know about upcoming events in advance.

It has been observed that a huge portion of the potential audience remains unaware of the online event because the organizers start promoting the event in a very short time.

Therefore, to eliminate this problem and take advantage of grabbing the attention of the maximum potential audience, you need the events calendar plugin.

You don’t need to hustle around for the best event calendar plugin. If you are already using the WP Event Manager Plugin, then you can simply purchase an add-on to perform the desired functionalities.

About WP Event Manager Plugin Calendar Add-on

The events calendar plugin allows the admin to use any of the two modes, i.e., a full-size event calendar, and the second one is the mini size sidebar calendar. You can use the calendar widget at any place of your website that’s most suitable for the calendar to be displayed.

Users are allowed to perform a quick search to know if there is an upcoming event in the applied filter. Moreover, if there is an event on any date, the users just need to hover the mouse cursor over a date, and information will pop up.

As the WP Event Manager Plugin provides the shortcodes for every add-on for quick integration, you can get one for the events calendar plugin too.

The best thing is you can easily manage it with fewer settings from the admin dashboard.

Integrating Events Calendar Plugin with Event Listing Theme

Installing the Plugin on an event listing theme is similar as we do with hundreds of other themes.

The process of downloading and installing the Plugin on WordPress is generic. Therefore, you need to access the plugins area and search for the WP Event Manager Plugin.

There you will have two options either download it from the Plugin’s store or if you have the zip file, you can upload it directly.

Integrating Events Calendar Plugin With Event Listing Theme

Whatever the method you have opted, you will be able to install the Plugin, and right after the installation, you need to activate the Plugin.

Once activated, you need a minimal setting, and you are boom ready to display your events calendar on your website.

You May Need Event Listing Tips

Having an event calendar is not enough to get the attention of the audience. However, where to place it so that the audience can have easy access to the events calendar is a crucial thing.

Well, we make it simple for you with a few event listing tips.

33% of the targeted audience remains unaware of the event going to be held of their interest. That 33% is a huge number and can be converted to potential buyers with simple but effective strategies. Share on X
  • Try to place your event calendar on a landing page so that once the user visits the website, he/she can easily see what events are going to be held sooner or later.
  • Another important thing is to integrate the events calendar on a sidebar of every page so that if the user misses the calendar on the landing page, he/she still has a chance to see upcoming events through the sidebar.
  • Colors are important, and we advise our readers to choose bright colors for the events calendar because bright colors get attention quickly.

A Perfect Combo of Event Listing Theme with WP Event Manager Plugin

WP Event Manager Plugin is getting popularity due to the functionalities it offers, especially through the paid add-ons.

The event listing theme is quite popular for those who aim to get the functionalities of WP Event Manager Plugin, and there is a science behind it. WP Event Manager Plugin works very smoothly with all the themes, but with the event listing theme, you just need to do very minor settings, and you are good to go.

It seems like the event listing theme, and the WP event manager plugin becomes a perfect combo for developing a full-fledged event management website.

A Perfect Combo Of Event Listing Theme With Wp Event Manager Plugin

That’s our recommendation to integrate both of them together to get the most out of them. However, if you are fond of any other WordPress theme and, at the same time, you want to integrate the features of WP Event Manager Plugin, then exactly you can do without any hurdles.

Readout the reviews of the event listing theme and the WP Event Manager Plugin before making your decision.

You are free to choose from!

Best Wordpress Event Listing Theme To Launch Events Calendar
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