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Easy Ways to Creating Social Media Advertising Calendar for 2021

Social media networks generate huge numbers of traffic every second. By knowing the art of directing traffic from social media to your live events, you can have a chance to advertise in front of the massive audience to generate leads.

You want to know the real tricks and tips about how to create your advertising calendar for digital event marketing?

We know what your concerns are!

How to do that? How to plan social media advertising Calendar?

We know people are concerned about “HOW” therefore we got an answer too.

How To Plan Social Media Advertising Calendar

Avail the opportunity when it’s right on your door

WordPress is a very popular framework for event advertisement, and because of that, 67% of the world’s websites are developed on WordPress.

If you come under that 67% of the website owners, then here is good news for you.

Using WordPress Event Manager Plugin, you can customize your whole website for managing events. Let us elaborate more; managing events is a very broad term, so making it simpler for you, we must say, with WP Event Manager Plugin, you can manage registrations, tickets, event calendars, advertisements, and promotions, feedback, and many more to list here.

Once you are ready to dive in and want to explore how social media calendar can be managed by the WP Event Manager Plugin, we recommend you keep reading for a few more minutes.

Advertising Calendar for Events on Social Media

To engage the audience, social media presence is the necessity for the brands and businesses. To interact with the audience and show them your presence, you must have to be consistent.

This doesn’t mean that you have to post on social media after every hour, but yes daily.

For that, you can prepare the advertising calendar to mark the days to promote something special. To announce a big event, you need to keep in touch with the audience for a few days before you give them a surprise for upcoming events.

Make them excited beforehand, and by that, you can actually generate high leads.

WP Event Manager Plugin helps in importing/exporting events

Among other add-ons available with WP Event Manager Plugin, you can avail of the benefits like importing your Facebook events to your WordPress website with just one click.

Facebook has been observed as one of the popular sources to advertise events or you can say advertising calendar. Facebook got billions of users, which makes it a perfect place to interact with a potential audience and promote business events.

Wp Event Manager Plugin Helps In Importing/Exporting Events
Free – Download WP Event Manager

Facebook is not the only option; you can promote your events through different other platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. To make an effective promotion schedule the social media posts through the advertising calendar.

Are you wondering where WP Event Manager Plugin plays its role? Well, all the scheduling becomes handy with a few clicks with simple shortcodes.

Among 67% of the websites are developed using WordPress, and Event Manager Plugin is a sole product that offers all in one functionality within a friendly budget. Click To Tweet

Benefits of using WP Event Manager Plugin

Benefits Of Using Wp Event Manager Plugin For Advertising Calendar

  • The complete package for event management

    For event management agencies, WP Event Management Plugin is a one-stop-shop. It offers services from basic to advanced, including registrations, tickets management, social media promotions, event calendar, and much more to list here.

    Because of offering a full pack of services, WP Event Manager is successful in getting the trust of thousands of customers. WP Event Manager is a part of many big businesses.

  • Easy to configure and use

    If you are new to event management or to WordPress, you need to shed away your worries related to the complexity of the plugin. WP Event Manager requires very minimal configurations. Each add-on available with the plugin has very basic and self-explanatory settings.

    Moreover, documentation plays a vital role in making it a very handy tool.

  • Availability of Add-ons

    The basic version of the Event Manager Plugin is free to use and offers limited functionality. However, along with a basic version, there are numerous paid add-ons like registration add-on to manage registrations process, sell ticket add-on to manage tickets, event calendar add-on to display your upcoming events on your website, etc.

    Visit the add-on page of the plugin documentation and check out which of the add-ons you required for your intended purpose.

Reasons you must have to prepare an advertising calendar

Reasons You Must Have To Prepare An Advertising Calendar

1. Increases customer engagement

The main objective of every brand is to increase customer engagement and let the public talk about their products. To engage the customers with your products, you have to interact with them and provide them something new every time to talk about.

As a business promoter, you need to set the milestones by which you aim to direct the audience towards a specific goal, and for that, the best option you got is to prepare an advertising calendar.

2. Generates potential leads

Interacting with the public provides the foundations to generate potential leads. The sole objective of promotions is to get more leads and increase the customer pool.

By having an advertising calendar, you have a road map about how to direct the audience to a particular objective to convert viewers into buyers.

3. Makes your event successful

Having a great interaction with the public and getting potential leads means a successful event is going to be launched because you have boosted the audience beforehand, which will ultimately result in an increased success rate.

4. A low-cost solution for advertisement

Last but not least, one of the primary concerns for business owners is the cost that is going to be spent on promotions.

Every one of you aims to get more outcomes with minimum investment. So, social media networks are considered as low-cost platforms with maximum benefits when it comes to online promotion.

This is the sole motivating reason why you should have an advertising calendar that serves as a guide about how to have a huge number of audience at your upcoming events.

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