WordPress 5.6: Highlighting The exciting new updates

WordPress is the most famous and successful content management system right now. With regular updates, we can see exciting new features and security patches throughout the year. WordPress 5.6 was released on August 11, 2020, and ever since then, there’s always been the anticipation of WordPress 5.6.

We follow the development of the updates closely and let us tell you about the new WP updates with the new features and information that you could use. The name is not known as of yet, but it will be soon unveiled.

New Features and Improvements in The Block Editor

One of the things that always improve ever since its inception is Gutenberg, the block editor. With each major update, the block editor sees major improvements, and this time is no exception.

With WordPress 5.6, you will see the following new changes.

UI Improvements in Block Editor

There are always updates in the UI of the block editor because that is the part where users are going to interact the most with the editor. There are major improvements with new icons, toolbars, better borders, buttons, and highlights that you can notice.

The New Position Controls for Videos

WordPress 5.6 brings a few new UI and block editor changes, such as position controls for videos. It allows the users to move the focal point forward or backward to set a video in a custom position. It can be used using the arrow keys.

Block Patterns updates coming in WordPress 5.6

Block patterns were another new and exciting feature introduced in WordPress 5.6. They are pre-made blocks that you can use to help you set up a nice and visually appealing layout. There are plugins and themes available that interact with them. WordPress 5.6 brings some major updates in that department regarding their optimization.

Streamlined Block Navigation and Movement (Updated)

While we saw new block navigation and movement controls in WordPress 5.6, the new version WordPress 5.6 brings major updates, such as giving you the option to convert multiple blocks into a single block or however you want.

Image Editing controls

A few image editing options were introduced in WordPress 5.6, but WordPress 5.6 takes it further by providing image sizing controls to the block editor with Gutenberg 9.1.

Block API V2

WordPress’ content management system is second to none. In WordPress 5.6, Block API V2 makes its debut and allows developers to take the block system to another level. It allows devs to introduce their own custom features and options in their blocks.

The new API also enables blocks to render their wrapper element unlocking a whole new set of potential features. The new Block Supports API is also introduced in the new API version. It allows developers to add features to the blocks they create. The options include colors, backgrounds, fonts, font sizes, and other things that can easily modify the blocks.

WordPress 5.6 brings much more consistency and ease of use in the block editor concerning the blocks.

A new theme: Twenty Twenty-One

Similar to every major WordPress release, WordPress 5.6 brings a brand new default theme that you might want to use more than its predecessor. The new theme, named Twenty Twenty-One is a minimalist affair just like other WordPress default themes, but it is really cool for people who want to maintain their niched blogs.

With a single column layout and a footer sidebar, the new theme might not seem special at first, but you can customize it however you want (with the options available) and create something magical. Twenty Twenty-One uses a minimal color palette using pastel background colors to look pretty. The fonts used are from a system font stack.

Site Health Changes: WordPress 5.6

WordPress 5.6 brings a much more improved version of the already available Site Health Tool. It is used to monitor the health of the website avoiding fatal errors and slowness. A new validator is put in place to make the whole process smoother and better.

Pair it with WP Event Manager to get the most out of WordPress 5.6

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WordPress 5.6


WordPress 5.6 will bring a lot of major and minor updates alongside the usually updated security patches that will not only allow developers to check out the new features to make the most out of it but also provides a safe environment. With the immense and constantly expanding marketplace, WordPress is the best at what it is, and 5.6 will only make it better.

We hope that this article is explained in simple and easy terms for you to understand what you will get in the WordPress 5.6 update. It’s the last major WordPress Update of the year, which provides exciting new features.