5 Steps To Find And Manage Productive Event Volunteers

In most of the cases revolving around great events, organizers take most of the credit. But there’s so much more taking place under the surface, which is not visible or apparent enough for people to see. That’s the part where event volunteers thrive and add value to the event.

Without event volunteers, great events won’t be so great. Without the right manpower who would love to be a part of your event, your system just won’t take off. They are the backbone of any event that will see off everything from bottom to top.

To make the entire experience pleasant and useful, the event volunteers will keep it running. From politely greeting the attendees to ensuring everything goes in a smooth flow from security to management to making people check-in, this staff will incorporate a satisfying experience for your attendees.

The key part is to find these invaluable people, these unreal event volunteers we are talking about. How does one go around finding and managing them? Don’t you worry? Here are a few ways you can go about your quest to look for these volunteers that will turn your entire event around.

Tips to Find & Manage Event Volunteers

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1. Promote and share your event

As soon as you have planned when your event will happen, start promoting and sharing your event. Spread the word as much as possible, because volunteers should know that you are looking for them so they can reach out to you. The sooner this entire process starts, the better for you.

Make sure you use all of your social media accounts and your social circle to widen your reach as much as possible. Start from your social accounts, website, email, event calendar, and then ask people to know to share the post as well. That can multiply the reach massively.

2. Set up a volunteer page on your event calendar

Make sure that you have put the event upon your online calendar on your website so that potential volunteers can see any information they are looking for. Create a sign-up page specifically for volunteers, so they can get all the information about what they are supposed to do. They must know everything before getting into it.

This will not only make it easier for volunteers but will make it much more convenient for you as well. It will make the management of event volunteers a breeze. If you are looking for an event calendar, you can check out the WP Event Manager’s Calendar. It has all the options you would want for your events.

Find And Manage Productive Event Volunteers

3. Look for potential volunteers

Always be on the lookout for event volunteers that can bring dedication and commitment to make your event successful. You can find volunteers in your past attendee’s list because you never know who liked your event a lot and would want to manage it now.

Your past attendees are your future sponsors, in one way or another. They would want to support you more than new attendees, so get in touch with them. Keep in touch and email them to let them know that you are looking for volunteers so they can write back if they are interested in your new event.

4. Institutes are the key

The best place to look for event volunteers are schools, colleges, universities, and other businesses that are relevant to your events. Institutes have students who are eager to be a part of new events to gain more experience about how to manage and maintain events. Institutes also massively encourage their students to take part in such activities.

Businesses are also a nice place to look for potential volunteers. They are often willing to help in promoting and even sponsoring your events. It also helps them, of course, so it’s a win-win if you can fulfill their requirements.

Productive Event Volunteers

5. Provide appreciation certificates and credits

You can’t expect volunteers to work for absolutely anything. Event volunteers are not in it for the money, but they are there for the experience and most importantly, your appreciation. It’s up to you how you are going to thank them, but offer them gratitude for their services.

Give them free tickets to your events or take them out on a lunch or provide them with certificates. All of these techniques work fine and boost the morale of the entire group.

6. Crystal-clear communication

Event volunteers, and your event in general, need clear communication. This is a part of managing the volunteers more than finding them. Tell everyone clear what they are required to do. Tell them early so they can get started and can take their time without having to rush into things under pressure.

Assign the event volunteers with their respective roles, responsibilities, all the information, and most importantly, what you expect from them. Assign a leader for any groups you are going to make. If the event still has a few days to go, you can use certain applications to create virtual groups and channels to manage volunteers, such as Facebook, Google, and others.


Event volunteers are the crown jewels of your event. Be grateful to them and they will ensure that your event takes place in a sorted and pleasant way that will be enjoyable for your attendees. If you follow our set of tips perfectly, you can create a group of volunteers that will always be there for you as long as you are there for them.