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How Southvision Made Its Clients Happy With WP Event Manager

Southvision Logo

Southvision has many clients who seek help from them regarding their website development or plugin related issues.

Company introduction

Southvision is a leading web designing agency that specializes in developing WordPress sites. Besides website designing, they also customize existing WordPress plugins and that is what connects the company with WP Event Manager.

“We are developing individual websites for our customers based on WordPress and therefore we are also customizing existing plugins. That’s why our client came to us knowing we could help him with his project and provide a customized solution for him respecting his wish to work with the WP Event Manager Plugin.” quoted the founder Marco.

Inspiration behind the project

Southvision has many clients who seek help from them regarding their website development or plugin related issues. One of such clients was SAK Lörrach that came to Southvision with a requirement to build a new website with WP Event Manager features. SAK Lorrach was aware of the plugin and was impressed with its features. This was the main inspiration behind the project.


SAK Lorrach is a Social Working Group in Lörrach (SAK) that is a registered non-profit organization, established in 1969.  SAK Lörrach e.V. runs educational, cultural, social and ecological projects together with SAK Land & Bau gGmbH and SAK Altes Wasserwerk gGmbH. It organizes regular international youth camps with participants from Lörrach’s twin towns.

Managing such a big number of events along with bulk registration was a laborious task and that is why SAK Lorrach was in need of a good plugin that could help them manage the events with features like.

  • Registration.
  • Ticket selling. 
  • Booking. 
  • Categorization. 
  • User friendly website layout.
  • Easy search and find option for website visitors.

In a nutshell, they wanted a plugin to build a user-friendly structure of their website where visitora could search and find event information quickly.


Southvision faced multiple challenges during the project and they successfully solved them with the help of WP Event Manager.

These challenges include the following:
  • SAK already had a layout for the entire website that contains several WP Event Manager elements.
  • They had to develop the website based on a premade layout and logical structure but the logic and layout were not very close to the layout that SAK provided them. 
  • The developers’ team at Southvision worked hard on the coding part of  WP Event Manager to implement it to the rest of the website. 
  • It was extremely challenging for them to work with the premade shortcodes offered by WP Event Manager and they needed to set up custom templates to make some more customizations to have a pleasant user flow on the website that would fulfill the requirements of their customers including information in sidebar, different filter options and so on.

The WP Event Manager addons that Southvision used to solve their issues and the features that helped them

The founder shared that several WP Event Manager add ons helped them overcome all the obstacles that they faced during the journey of this project. As they always prioritize customer satisfaction they left no stone unturned in ensuring that SAK Lorrach gets its desired results from them.

Southvision Plugin

The WP Event Manager add-ons they used include the following:
  • Recurring Events

Southvision deals with several customers who conduct weekly or monthly recurring events. So it was crucial for Southvision to offer them the scope to manage these events effortlessly as managing such recurring events manually is laborious as well as time consuming and error-prone.  So it turned to the Recurring Events addon offered by WP Event Manager to solve this issue. The founder of Southvision Marco confirmed that it simplified the process of managing such different types of events for Southvisions’ clients and offered them the desired results. 

  • Event Colors

In order to create an optical guideline for website visitors, the clients of Southvision wanted different colors for different event types. They have been struggling to add this feature until they discovered WP Event Manager. The Colors addon from WP Event Manager offers the exact service that they were looking for. The addon not only saved their time but their money as well. 

  • Registrations and Sell Tickets

Southvision has utilized our Registration and Sell Tickets addons especially for those clients who host events with limited seat capacity. Marco wanted to serve these clients with a system that makes such events  accessible through registration or advance ticket booking. WP Event Manager offered these facilities with Registrations and Sell Tickets addons.  

  • iCal

For Southvision, the main objective behind using the plugin is to help their clients’ website visitors easily add an event to their personal calendars so that they do not forget about the event they are interested in.


Marco admitted that each of the WP Event Manager addons that they have used does its work and fulfill every requirement they had. He also shared his experiences of using other WordPress plugins where some of the crucial event management facilities are missing. According to him it is a time consuming and laborious process to work on customizing these addons. He thanked WP Event Manager extensions for saving his time and effort and fulfilling all his requirements.

“Because we have also worked with other WordPress Event plugins we knew that many needs are not taken into account in this plugins. The customization of this type of plugins can be very laborious and frustrating. That’s why we were very happy when we saw the list of possible extensions of WP Event Manager. Nearly every need one can have to an Event Managing plugin can be found on the extension list.”

Here are the improvements that were witnessed in this project after using WP Event Manager:

  • It became easy for Southvision to pick up the functions that were needed and remove the trouble of unnecessary extensions that do nothing but make the administration confusing.
  • The developers at Southvision now only focus on customizing the existing features and they do not have to waste their time on trying to implement special features in a system that is not built for that purpose. 
  • SAK, as a client of Southvision had very precise ideas about the structure of its events and Southvision has efficiently given proper shape to these ideas with WP Event Manager.

“As the effort of a custom development would be multiple times the effort of customizing a plugin, we knew that WP Event Manager was the way to go.“

  • Southvision can now easily implement all the important features of an event booking system in custom WordPress templates with the help of WP Event Manager extensions.

Marco appreciated WP Event Manager saying that the final Website that they developed for SAK Lorrach has brought a smile on their faces and they were more than happy that all the functions they needed were implemented with their desired layout.

“After some time of development we gave the freshly developed website to the SAK Lörrach and they were more than happy that all the functions they needed were implemented and  the layout was exactly as they expected. If you are interested in the result visit just have a look at https://alteswasserwerk.de/”.

With all the different extensions WP Event Manager is highly customizable and has everything an Event Managing tool should provide.
Marco, Ceo
How Southvision Made Its Clients Happy With Wp Event Manager
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