Sell Tickets- 1.8.8

Release Notes: Sell Tickets- 1.8.8

In an attempt to make the plugin function better here is the list of added features and improvements in the Sell ticket plugin. Please update the permalink after the version is updated.

Until actually upgrading the plugin, it is often best to take a backup so as not to lose substantial changes that could take a while to fix later.

New Feature

  • Priority for tickets can now be set. Out of say 4 tickets, the user can now decide which ticket needs to be kept first-second-third-fourth, likewise.


The following Bugs were Fixed:

  • Fixed – Fee settings improved.
  • Fixed – Currency switcher compatibility.
  • Fixed – Min and max ticket validation
  • Fixed – Show/hide ticket description.
  • Fixed – Show event details on the order page.
  • Fixed – Checkin with extra details like source and DateTime.
  • Fixed – Some string, JS, and CSS tweaks.


  • Ticket sales data now syncs with the event start and end date. This means that the user cannot set the ticket selling date after the event date is over.
  • Elementor shortcode improved.