Definitive Guide on Revamping Personal Brand Truthfully

A Forbes article reported that 90% of executive recruiters conduct thorough online research of potential candidates. Personal branding importance in today’s digital age is unparalleled.

In our current competitive entrepreneurial landscape, you are not just another face lurking on the internet. The online world lets you share a brand that is true to the values that you hold close to your heart.

Your personal brand lets you carve out who you are, what you do differently, and what you believe in life matters most.

However, over time your branding inspiration may have withered away or become obsolete. If that is the case, then you need fresh personal marketing ideas to promote yourself.

You can do this by revamping your personal brand.

Our personal marketing ideas can help you get started!

Revamping Personal Brand Ideas

The essence of personal branding

The essence of personal branding lies in continuously building, developing, and reforming your online identity and what you do with it to promote yourself.

How you conduct yourself, which ideas you believe in, the way you communicate, which audience group can relate to you, and what your online persona entails are all factors the come together to form your personal brand.

If you feel that your existing brand is no longer accurate, you can always reinvent it! Here is some branding inspiration to get your creative juices pumping:

Streamline ideas for your new personal brand

Do you feel that your previous personal brand was not doing you any favors?

You need to dig deeper to analyze why that was the case critically! Try to understand your motivation behind a revamp and extend it to actions that can be taken to address it.

Do you want to experiment more? If yes, then how do you want to go about building your persona differently? What new goals and objectives do you have in mind with your personal brand revamp? Brainstorm personal marketing ideas!

From a professional marketing-oriented perspective, you will want to focus on the following to promote yourself better:

  • Your areas of expertise (are you a leader in any field?)
  • Things and ideas that you and others associate most with your name
  • The kind of content your followers have responded to most positively

Keep revisiting the brand outline that you have brainstormed to ensure that you are on track.

Align your personal brand with your goals

Personal brand content, social media marketing, and the overall aesthetic you have are all surface concerns that will eventually fall into place once you have aligned your brand with your goals.

Personal branding importance lies in choosing how you want to be seen and heard by the world. A revamp provides an ideal opportunity to give your brand a sense of direction.

You can begin by defining the following for your brand:

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Expectations after being re-branded
  • Attributes that you believe capture your personal brand perfectly

Just remember to stay true to yourself.

Keep a track of what is trending

Are you looking for branding inspiration? The latest personal brand trends can give you a clear idea.

Celebrities will typically have a carefully crafted personal brand that is put together by a team of specialists. They use strategic marketing techniques to promote specific influencers to trend on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Pay attention to the strengths of such brands. There is a lot you can learn from them.

For starters, you can find people in your network who have a personal brand that is similar to yours. You can share content, recommend each other to contractors, or celebrate each other’s achievements on social media. Expand your circle and invest in others in the same field.

Use social media effectively

The Sprout Social reported that 81% of people believe that social media has increased accountability for businesses. Social media has made the world more transparent.

You can use this to your advantage to promote yourself!

Pew Research noted that 69% of adults are on Facebook. However, it should not be the only social media application you are using to revamp your personal brand. By having a voice on Twitter and LinkedIn you can share your thoughts and enjoy a better reach!

Such social media platforms are perfect for quickly brushing up on the latest news, sharing your beliefs with the world, establishing your political identity, and making announcements.

If you want to revamp your personal brand, consider joining these online communities.

If you are looking to develop more professional relationships through your personal brand revamp, then LinkedIn can help you access relevant networks in your field of work.

Using social media can be overwhelming, but by playing to its strengths, you can shed the cocoon of your past persona and explore new personal marketing ideas!

Use social media for Revamping Personal Brand

Organize Events

Utilize the power of online event management plugins like the WP Event Manager to hold remote or virtual events. Allow new audience to explore your brand and connect with people on a more personal level.

Be consistent

Pam Marketing Nut statistics note that it takes anywhere between 5-7 impressions for someone to remember a brand. It would help if you were consistent with your personal brand revamp.

Refresh all your social media accounts, make needed changes to your website, put a status or announcement to communicate the details of your brand revamp if you want to.

Maintain consistency when you revamp your digital presence.


No personal brand is perfect, and personal brand trends are ever-changing.

However, the objective is to formulate a digital identity that helps you achieve your goals in life, get noticed by contractors and recruiters, push you forward in your career, and incorporate the values that mean the most to you.

Just be careful not to get carried away! Personal branding is most effective when it is authentic.

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