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Upcoming events

The upcoming events shortcode is used to access the details of the upcoming events of a specific organizer.

To add shortcodes for Upcoming events, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Log into the Admin panel.
  2. Add a new page under the pages menu on the Dashboard.
  3. Mention the PageTitle(Upcoming Event).
  4. Mention the shortcode on the content section of the dashboard. [upcoming_events].
  5. Preview and Publish it on the website.

The upcoming  Event Listings Shortcode Attributes include the following:

The following are the different attributes that are associated with the upcoming  event listings:

  • per_page: Defaults to the ‘per page’ option in settings. This controls the number of events that can be listed in each page. 
  • orderby: Supports title, ID, name, modified, parent, rand,event_start_date.
  • order: Defaults to ‘DESC’. Can be set to ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’ to choose the sorting direction.
  • show_pagination: Defaults to false. Enable this to show numbered pagination instead of the ‘load more events’ link
  • location: Enter a location keyword to search by default.
  • keywords: Enter a keyword to search by default.
  • selected_datetime: Select the range of date & time to showcase a particular event happening in that time frame.
  • selected_event_types: Comma separate slugs to select by default.
  • selected_categories: Use Comma to separate slugs(categories) to select by default.
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