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Event tag snippets

In order to make your events more searchable,WP Event Manager’s Event tags are a go-to solution that would enable users to search more quickly along with targeting more keywords.

In order to add customizations to the event tags, the following Event tag snippet can be added which will enable you to fulfill your requirement.

Following below steps will help you for Event tag snippets:

  1. Create a child theme and open function.php
  2. Add code:
            function wp_custom_event_manager_tag_cloud($atts){
               $atts['smallest'] = 1;
               $atts['largest'] = 1;
               $atts['unit'] = "em";
               $atts['number'] = "25";
               $atts['format'] = "flat";
               $atts['separator'] = "\n";
               $atts['orderby'] = "count";
               $atts['order'] = "DESC";
               $atts['link'] = "view";
          return $atts;
  3. Save changes
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