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Event Tag snippets

The Event Tags in WP Event Manager are designed to simplify the process of searching events. It allows users to search for events quickly with targeted keywords.

Event Tags can be customized with the help of below mentioned Event Tag snippet.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Create a child theme and open function.php
  2. Add the below mention code:
            function wp_custom_event_manager_tag_cloud($atts){
               $atts['smallest'] = 1;
               $atts['largest'] = 1;
               $atts['unit'] = "em";
               $atts['number'] = "25";
               $atts['format'] = "flat";
               $atts['separator'] = "\n";
               $atts['orderby'] = "count";
               $atts['order'] = "DESC";
               $atts['link'] = "view";
          return $atts;
  3. Save changes.
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