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Editing registration form fields

In WP Event Manager you can override registration form value and registration form fields details using filter event_registration_form_fields.

Using this filter you can change fields label, value, or other attributes. As shown in below example of food attribute fields and how changed value of it.

Following below steps will help you to Editing registration form fields:

  1. Open your child theme
  2. Apply the filter as same like shown in the code inside your themes function.php file.
     * override registrations form fields
     * @parma $fields
     * @return $fields
    function custom_function($fields)
     //customize $fields
      $fields['food']['value'] = 'vegetables';
    return $fields;
    add_filter( 'event_registration_form_fields','custom_function',10,1);

Note: Form name and form email both default value of current logged in user. You can’t override this fields value.

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