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Change the domain of license key (license key migration )

Changing the domain of license key won’t be a problem. You can activate the key of the theme on a first development domain and then reactivate it on another domain.

Following below steps will help you to Change the domain of license key:

  1. Login on wp-eventmanager.com
    Wp Event Manager Add-On-Domain Key Change
  2. Go to My-account Dashboard
  3. Check how many domains are active with your license key
    Wp Event Manager Add-On-Domain Key Change
  4. Deactivate the domain that you are not using from the list of domains present.
  5. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  6. All the installed plugins are available on the Plugin tab at the left-hand side of the panel. In case if the plugin is not installed, upload the zip file of the plugin under the add new plugin option available.
  7. Install and activate the plugin after uploading it.
  8. The users need to copy the license key and email which can obtain from http://wp-eventmanager.com/my-account/
  9. Add/Paste license – from your email – in the input field below the plugin just like this screenshot and press enter key.
    Wp Event Manager Add-On-Domain Key Change

You are good to go for as many domains you want to deactivate for a particular license key.

In order to activate the Add-on Licence key, Click Here

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