Now Host Virtual Halloween Event Effectively with WP Event Manager

Halloween has been one of the most famous events that the world celebrates in October. Are you a fan of Halloween events?

Why not organize a virtual Halloween event this time? No idea about where to start? Let’s dive in.

Halloween isn’t going to be canceled

Halloween is very close, and if you are thinking that it’s going to be canceled in 2020, then that’s not the case. The world has been passing through challenging situations of the pandemic, but it’s healing fast. This time, the world will celebrate a virtual Halloween event, and you are about to experience a thrilling adventure with Virtual Halloween Event.

Host Virtual Halloween Event Effectively

Are we late in arranging Halloween 2020?

There are a handful of ideas that can be used to arrange virtual parties on Halloween 2020. The time is closing, and Halloween is about to come, and if you are still planning about the Halloween arrangement, you better move faster with planning. Don’t panic; we came up with the right solution at the right time for you.

Virtual Halloween Event

You can arrange a virtual Halloween event within a day. Yes! But if you have a handy event management system through which you can administer necessary activities easily including, announcement, marketing, registration, guest and attendee management, tickets management, and many more to list here.

Well, let us introduce you to WP Event Manager Plugin.

Getting Started

The first thing that comes while proceeding with the preparation is a landing page with the event listing, and yes, WP Event Manager Plugin is rated with a 5-star rating due to the way it presents the event listing on the landing page. Within a few minutes, as an administrator and even a user, you can list your event on the landing page.

Anything about announcing an event before it actually happens?

Are you concerned about letting the audience know that your events are upcoming on which days? You are thinking about having an event calendar that you can get as an add-on with the WP Event Manager Plugin. So, it’s the right time to announce the virtual Halloween event and add it to your event calendar to let the public know that you are preparing something unique for them.

Getting Started with Virtual Halloween Event

Need to display event announcements at random places on the web?

Are you wondering that you can display the event listing on the landing page and on the event calendar, but what happens when you want to integrate it at any other page on the web? Throw your worries away because the WP Event Manager Plugin allows you to use the shortcode for specific events.

All you need is to put the shortcode in your website code file to display the particular event.

Coming towards the most important thing

Once you have done the planning and announcement of the virtual Halloween event, the vital thing to manage is the registration for the event.

Registrations are necessary no matter if the event is free or paid; it helps gather the information of the public or the potential audience, which can be reached next time directly. WP Event Manager Plugin is offering a free module that can manage your registration process.

With accessible and custom registration forms, you can quickly get the responses, and the information will be organized at the backend of your website.

It’s time to collect the funding

Most of the time, you may announce the paid events. For a virtual Halloween event, if you offer something special for which you are paying the cost, you are obviously concerned about collecting the audience’s funds to cover the expenses.

With the WP Event Manager Plugin add-on “sell a ticket,” you can manage and configure online tickets with just a few clicks. Sell ticket add-on allows you to set the price and quantity of the tickets as per the arrangements you have made for Halloween 2020.

More about WP Event Manager Plugin

WordPress Event Manager Plugin comes with the basic and advanced features that help you configure and arrange online events, conferences, and meetings. The basic version of the WP Event Manager Plugin is free, but for unique add-ons, you need to pay, and paying for an additional add-on is worth enough to deliver.

WP Event Manager Plugin brings all sorts of necessary modules for event management under one umbrella. Suppose you are new to the WP Event Manager Plugin. In that case, you can get guidance from the manual and tutorials, which are specially tailored in an understandable and self-explanatory way. Moreover, being a premium user of the WP Event Manager, you can access 24/7 customer support. The professional staff at customer support will never let you stick with a problem for a longer time.

Virtual Halloween Event with WP Event ManagerDownload Free WP Event Manager

Last Verdict

So if you are ready to surprise your friends and family with the virtual Halloween event 2020, you got all the necessary tools, and it’s time to move ahead with the preparation. Virtual parties are the best way to be in touch with your loved ones and eliminate long distances’ hurdles.

Put your hands on WP Event Manager Plugin, which comes with all the necessary and supportive modules that you may need to organize this Virtual Halloween Event 2020. The paid version has many additional add-ons that can be added to the plugin if required.

With just one tool, you are about to manage every single piece of your event. Additionally, you do not need specialized training to be familiar with the product. You can have the product manual is more than enough for the beginners.