Revolutionary Ways to Host Virtual Events with WordPress

Virtual events are a new reality. Pandemic or no pandemic, virtual events are much more effective, sustainable, and popular. Their reach is virtually unmatchable, and anyone can organize them from anywhere in the world. There are no limitations to the idea, and that’s the prime reason behind the success.

Why host Virtual Events

Event organizers have had to move everything online. From meetings to social gatherings to institutional classes, everything is online now where people can virtually attend it. Recently, Microsoft, Google, and Zoom came forward with their online meeting solutions that would help people in organizing their meetings over the internet.

This helped them accomplish new peaks of revenue as well as reach. MS Teams have become the solution for organizations while Google Meet is perfectly integrated with Google’s amazing services. Zoom offers ease of use, and that’s why everyone uses it.

Organizations like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have taken to the approach and made sure that virtual events are the future of all events. Whether it’s a product announcement, or a company meeting, or anything else, you have to know about virtual events.

Many different applications are used to organize and manage virtual events. One of the most effective solutions is WordPress virtual events. By using WordPress’s WP Events Manager, you don’t even have to use any other application, you can just your own website to host virtual events. It’s okay to be a little confused because in this article, we will explain it all and you will find it pretty easy.

Host events online using WP Events Manager.

Why host Virtual Events with WordPress?

There are a lot of problems that people face when hosting events online. You can easily host your virtual events online with WordPress in a few steps. WordPress solves a lot of problems for any given consumer. If you set up your WordPress virtual events website you can attract viewers and gain extra reach while also promoting authority and official setup.

Zoom meetings and other similar options are all well and good, but they often are taken too casually. If you wish to make it more professional and official-like, you should host your virtual events with WordPress using the WP Events Manager.

How to host Virtual Events with WordPress?

Hosting virtual events with WordPress is so easy that you will wonder why you did not do it before. It’s a walk in the park for anyone who has basic WordPress knowledge. If you have a website already set up, you can continue to the steps below to start hosting virtual events with WordPress. If you don’t have one, you can create one easily by using any WordPress method and then host Virtual events.

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1. Install and activate the WP Events Manager Plugin

The first step after you have set up your websites is to install the WP Event Manager. It’s one of the essential addons that you must have on WordPress. It will help you in every event that you have to organize. Go to WP Events Manager and install the plugin on your website.

How to host Virtual Events with WordPress?Download Free WP Event Manager

2. Setup the WP Events Manager Plugin through the setup wizard

After installing, you have to set up the WP Events Manager plugin and fill in all the details. You can choose different options here and sort it out. Once it’s done, you move on to the next step.

3. Go to the plugins page of WP Events Manager to install the Zoom add-on

Install the Zoom add-on to the WP Events Manager that will work in combination to set up your virtual events. This is the main thing alongside the Events Manager that will help you set up virtual events online.

Once you arehere, you can install and activate your Zoom addon in the WP Events Manager.

4. Setup Zoom by providing it with the API Key

The next step is to set up Zoom by providing it with your API Key. You can easily find that on your Zoom account. Just go to Zoom and login through your credentials. You will find an API Key there. Insert that in your Zoom set up on WordPress, and it’s done.

5. Add as many meetings as you like through Zoom

You can now start adding meetings using Zoom. Click on ‘Add new’ in Zoom and start adding meetings. Fill in the details.

6. Go back to WP Events Manager and setup “Organizer” and add the Organizer’s details

After you are done with the setup of the meeting, come back to Events Manager to set up the Organizer and relevant details to finish setting up your virtual events website.

7. Add Venue if required

The venue is optional, and you can add it if required. Most online meetings and virtual events require a venue to speak about the authority and status of the event.

8.Add new Event and finish up

Once you are done with the Zoom meeting, organizer, and venue, click on ‘Add new event’ in WP Events Manager and set up your event. Select ‘yes’ on the online event settings. The vital thing is here to select the Zoom meeting that you set up earlier in the last low of settings of the event you are setting up.


As the world slowly adapts to the ongoing situation, virtual events and online gatherings keep increasing in number and stature. While there were certain shortcomings about the online setups, there are no doubts that there are some key advantages too, which cannot be ignored. Giant organizers have jumped on the wagon and taken advantage of the situation by adapting quickly and effectively.

Gaining new customers, transitioning into a new and more adaptable setup, and increasing your reach beyond the local customers, virtual events are here to stay and rule. It’s not only a short-term solution, but it’s also a long-term strategy.