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An Introduction to Calendar Plugins for WordPress: Enhancing Your Website’s Functionality

WordPress offers various event management plugins to simplify the process of event management and one of these plugins is the Calendar plugin from. A calendar plugin is generally used to show and highlight the dates and details of events on an events website. However, the features that each of the calendar plugins offers differentiate them from their competitors.

An Introduction to Calendar Plugins for WordPress: Enhancing Your Website’s Functionality

If you still do not have an event calendar or want to know about these plugins and how they may help in your events business, this article is for you.

Importance of calendar plugins in managing events on WordPress websites


If you have a dedicated WordPress events website then having a Calendar event plugin WordPress is crucial for your events business.  Whether your business is based on events or you organize events to reach out to more and more target audiences, an event calendar can be extremely beneficial for you.

Find out why you must have a WordPress event calendar on your website.

  • A WordPress event calendar plugin helps you display your event dates and details in an organized way to your website visitors. 
  • It gives your WordPress site an impressive appearance that easily catches the attention of your target audiences. 
  • It also makes it easy for website visitors to find the exact date of their preferred events along with their details. 
  • Event management also becomes simple when you know the right schedule of your upcoming events. 
  • Handling the recurring events schedules through a calendar plugin also reduces stress for an event manager.

In simple words, WordPress event calendar plugins are developed to simplify the task of managing event schedules for event managers. Besides this, it also leaves a good impression on the website visitors as they can find their targeted events easily on your site.

Introduction to the best WordPress event calendar plugin

WordPress offers an endless number of event calendar plugins that may confuse you and make it difficult for you to pick the best one for your business.

Most Calendar plugins offer the basic calendar features to your website whereas a very few Calendar plugins provide the advanced ones. Here, we recommend the Calendar plugin from WP Event Manager, that has an exceptional range of features which are capable of fulfilling all your unique business needs.

In this segment, you will learn about the Calendar Plugin from WP Event Manager and why we call it the best Calendar plugin for WordPress in the market.

What makes WP Event Manager one of the best WordPress Calendar plugins?

The unique features of the Calendar Event Manager have made it one of the best Calendar plugins for WordPress.

Features of the WP Event Manager Calendar plugin:

The Calendar plugin is enriched with some extraordinary features that simply redefine your event schedule management system.


  • The calendar plugin lets you display multiple events on the same date in a systematic manner. 
  • It allows you to flaunt your event calendar in the form of a widget to grab the attention of your target audiences. 
  • With this plugin, you can choose your preferred calendar view from the Box view and List view. 
  • You can give your calendar the desired look by selecting a suitable layout from the available calendar layout options. With this feature, you get the ultimate freedom to design your calendar. It is recommended for you to select the one that suits your present website theme. 
  • The Quick Calendar View feature allows your website visitors to get the details of a specific event in a pop-up form by simply placing the cursor on it on the calendar. This is a feature that adds convenience to the website visitors in accessing the details of a specific event. 
  • Another powerful feature of the Calendar plugin is the Calendar widget. Widgets do attract eyes and with the help of the plugin, you can easily display your calendar in a widget form in the sidebar of your WordPress site. One of the biggest benefits of a widget is that viewers can access the calendar widget easily without leaving the current page. 
  • The Calendar layouts offered by the Calendar plugin come with responsive designs which ensure that your event calendar would fit well into any device including mobile and desktop. 
  • With WP Event Manager, you can provide your audiences with advanced search filters that simplify the process of searching for a specific event.

Impressed with the features? Discover the plugin now.

Besides its features, WP Event Manager is also known for its reliability. We are proud to announce that we have recently been recognized by the World Brand Affairs for being one of the most trusted companies in India 2023. This would not have been possible without the support of our patrons who have always kept their faith in us.

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How to get the WP Event Manager Calendar addon?

Step 1. To work with the Calendar plugin, you need to first install the WP Event Manager plugin. As mentioned above it is absolutely free and setting up the plugin is super easy.

Step 2. After installing WP Event Manager, you need to purchase the Calendar plugin.

Hare, you have two options to purchase it:

  • You can purchase the plugin individually. 
  • You can also opt for bundles in which you can buy the Calendar plugin along with other premium plugins of WP Event Manager.

The pricing structure of WP Event Manager is built to make the plugins available to everyone and businesses of all sizes.

There are mainly four bundles available for buyers.

  • Events Manager Plus: Get all the basic event management plugins in this bundle. 
  • Events Manager Pro: Get ticket selling plugins along with the plugins included in the Events Manager plus bundle. 
  • Virtual Events manager Pro: Get superior virtual event management plugins along with the plugins included in the Events Manager Pro bundle. 
  • All Events Manager Pro: Get the strength of all the 37 plugins offered by WP Event Manager in this bundle.

If you are into the events business and going to take it online for better management or you just want to upgrade your event management game online, you must opt for the bundles. The bundles are  more affordable than buying these plugins individually and the best part is that each bundle has different pricing and different plugin combinations that make it easy for you to choose the one that falls within your budget and requirements.

Step 3. Once you purchase the plugin, you need to install it to start working with it.

The installation process is the same for all the premium addons of WP Event Manager and can be done both manually and automatically.

Wrapping up

To conclude, we can say that having a calendar plugin for WordPress is not only an advantageous option for you but also for your website visitors as it helps you create a better user experience for them.

Besides displaying clear information about your upcoming events to your visitors, it also makes your website look attractive. Moreover, if you are using a WordPress plugin like WP Event Manager’s Calendar then you can add a plethora of features to your WordPress events site.

The Calendar plugin from WP Event Manager is created keeping unique business requirements in mind. That is why the plugin is highly customizable and easy to use. If you are in search of an efficient calendar plugin, just go for WP Event Manager for your desired result.

An Introduction To Calendar Plugins For Wordpress: Enhancing Your Website'S Functionality
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