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The 10+ Best Event Plugins for WordPress in 2022: Review


With over 59000 plugins, WordPress is the most admired Content Management System in the market that is used to create websites. WordPress plugins have remarkably simplified the task of tackling events efficiently. A virtual event brings enormous challenges with it. Starting from attracting target audiences to convincing them to purchase tickets for the same and ensuring everything goes according to plans on the event day, every step needs perfection to make an event successful.

If your business is associated with events then you would definitely want to ensure that your events are successful and attendees are happy. Well, using WordPress event listing plugins is a great way to handle your events in an organized way but do you know which WordPress plugins are actually going to help you in this? Don’t worry if your answer is no. In this article, we have come up with the top 10 event listing plugins for your WordPress events page that you can use to make your virtual events successful.

These plugins will help you be more productive, organized and transparent with your clients. Before getting into the main topic, let’s have a look at the ways WordPress event listing plugins can add strength to your event management business.

Event On

A good WordPress event listing plugin can help you,

  • Showcase your event registration forms in various ways with different layouts on your website.
  • Sell event tickets and manage attendees effortlessly in a systematic way.
  • Display your event dates and other important information in a calendar on your WordPress events page.
  • Manage virtual meetings with ease.
  • Engage users through interactive booths.
  • Provide a better user experience with search filters and maps that highlight the route of your event venues.
  • Update your event attendees about your present and upcoming events and more.

So it is evident that WordPress plugins offer an endless number of benefits for your events business but choosing the right WordPress event listing plugin for the right purpose is something that lies on your hands.

Let’s explore the top 10+ WordPress plugins that are the popular picks of 2022.

1. WP Event Manager

When it comes to WordPress plugins, WP Event Manager tops the list. It has gained immense popularity in the market due to its extraordinary features and convenience of usage. If you ask Google about WP Event Manager, you will come across the enormous positive reviews it has received especially due to its excellent customer support.  If you want to keep your sites fast and the backend as neat as a new pin, then you can rely on WP Event Manager.

With WP Event Manager, you get both free and paid plugin versions. The free version is for those who want to stick to the basic scheduling options but when you want something more than that, you must purchase their premium add-ons. Here, I would like to mention that both the free and paid plugins offer powerful features that elevate your business operations.

The developers in WP Event Manager have worked really hard on ensuring a satisfying user experience and speed with their useful features, Ajaxified event listings, and more.


Features that make the WP Event Manager plugin a perfect fit for every event business.
  • It is a feature-packed, fully functional event management plugin that adds event listing functionality to your WordPress events page.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Allows users to effortlessly create and manage events on your website.
  • Offers an Ajax-based filter and search option to help your visitors find their preferred event easily.
  • They have an excellent customer support team and their developers are also very responsive towards every client.
  • The paid add-ons that they offer are also very much affordable.
  • Easily customizable with various options.
Here is the list of premium plugins that they offer.
  • Mobile app brings the entire event management process to your phone.
  • Expo networkinghelps you build professional connections. 
  • Speaker and schedulehelps attendees gather information about the speakers and their schedule in the event. 
  • Calendarallows users to display an event calendar. 
  • Google maps– help attendees find event venues easily.
  • Registrationslets users track the number of registrations and their status.
  • Sell tickets– helps boost ticket sales and manage the process seamlessly.
  • Zoomlets users conduct virtual meetings easily.
  • Attendee informationhelps organizers gather information about the attendees.
  • Guest-listhelps manage guests in an organized way.
  • Name badgeshelps in identifying guests through name badges. 
  • Hubspot CRMhelps synchronize customer data automatically.
  • Salesforce CRMhelps keep registration and marketing data in sync.
  • Sendinbluehelps create mail-list by synching registration data. 
  • Recurring events– allows organizers to repeat events on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Zoho CRMincreases visitors’ engagement. 
  • Constant contacts– keeps registered users engaged through personalized messages. 
  • WooCommerce paid listing– eases transactions through multiple payment gateways. 
  • Alerts allows attendees to receive event alerts based on their consent. 
  • Slidershelps represent events in a professional way.
  • Colorsallows users to set colors for event type and category.
  • Bookmarks makes the process of finding relevant events easy.
  • Embeddable event widgetslets users display event details in a widget form. 
  • Email-sends notification to organizers for events submitted, approved and expired.
Pros of WP Event Manager
  • Offers access to a large number of add-ons.
  • Custom event fields to help you personalize.
  • Provides better user experience with search filters.
  • Ajaxified event listings.
  • Offers multiple shortcodes.
  • Compatible with most third-party builders.
Cons of WP Event Manager
  • Users may require custom CSS for the best view in some areas.

2. Event Organiser

The next on the list is the Event Organiser. It provides a powerful event management solution for the WordPress environment with its custom post types feature. After installing the plugin, you need to select a suitable custom post type that determines the format of the WordPress post.

It offers a plethora of premium WordPress event listing plugins that you can purchase with it. The Event organizer pro plugin is a prominent one on the list that helps you with a full management area, customizable emails, booking form customizers and multiple payment gateways.

Other add-ons that boost the strength of the Event Organiser plugin include the following:
  • Discount codes.
  • iCal sync.
  • Poster board and CSV export.
  • Frontend submissions.

Event Organiser

Some of the great features it includes:
  • It offers an event repeating facility so that you can easily handle your recurring events without being worried about them each time they show up.
  • The best thing about this plugin is that it allows you to shift all your events from a different WordPress event management plugin to this one.
  • The plugin provides a booking system that enables you to create your forms based on your preferences.
  • It is highly compatible with WooCommerce and visual composer.
  • With this plugin, you get some useful integrations such as Google calendar and Paypal.
Pros of Event Organiser
  • Works well with Elementor.
  • Huge number of extensions.
  • Offers amazing flexibility.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Pro versions are packed with powerful features.
Cons of Event Organiser
  • Users may face theme compatibility problems.
  • Majority of its extensions are there for Developer version.

3. Modern Events Calendar

As the name suggests, the Modern Event Calendar offers a touch of modernity to your basic event management layout. It is highly professional and delivers a huge collection of designs that help in branding and perfectly suit your website.

Modern Event Calendar

Some of the great features it includes:

It offers an event repeating facility so that you can easily handle your recurring events without being worried about them each time they show up.

The best thing about this plugin is that it allows you to shift all your events from a different WordPress event management plugin to this one.

The plugin provides a booking system that enables you to create your forms based on your preferences.

It is highly compatible with WooCommerce and visual composer.

With this plugin, you get some useful integrations such as Google calendar and Paypal.

Pros of Modern Event Calendar
  • Offers exceptional features in the pro version.
  • It offers some advanced event management tools.
  • Provides remarkable booking and ticketing features.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Striking UI/UX designs.
Cons of Modern Event Calendar
  • It does not have the facility to manage recurring event.
  • Users may face problems in theme compatibility.

4. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is another plugin that has secured its place on this list due to its highly professional features that are designed to make an amazing calendar for your events website. It is a perfect choice for those businesses that need event listings on their WordPress events page without spending much time on it.

When it comes to layouts, you have plenty of options to choose from. It offers modern and neat calendars that contain important information regarding events along with maps.

The Event Calendar

Some of the great features it includes:
  • The core plugin works efficiently for simple calendars. Though its premium version is not the cheapest one on the list, it unlocks various powerful features like shortcodes, recurring events and custom event attributes that are completely worth the price.
  • The plugins and add-ons offered by The Events Calendar are far better than the average event management plugins. 
  • Customization is the speciality of the plugin.
Pros of The Events Calendar
  • It helps you to extensively customize your calendar if you know the right process.
  • It allows you to easily transfer events from iCal or Google Calendar.
  • Get fast loading facility.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Users get premium support.
Cons of The Event Calendar
  • The plugin is built based of the Calendar view.
  • Not very much compatible with Elementor.

5. Events Manager

If your aim is to showcase your events on a calendar with maximum details on your WordPress Events Page, then Event Manager is the best choice for you as it offers various features that are needed for that.

Event Manager

Some of the great features it includes:
  • You can manage your recurring events, bookings and registrations easily with the plugin.
  • The biggest advantage of using this plugin is that it allows you to share your events on social media platforms.
  • With Events Manager, the single day registration process is simple and less complicated.
  • The plugin puts a great emphasis on event locations, which means you can easily add Google Maps to your events.
  • Events Manager is a wise choice for public event websites as it allows users and guests to submit their own events.
Pros of the Events Manager
  • Supported by various payment gateways.
  • Get custom event fields.
  • Convenient to use and handle.
  • Premium support.
  • Ready to use shortcodes.
Cons of the Events Manager
  • The designs offered by the Plugin sometimes require slight tweaking to suit your brand.

6. WordPress Pro Event Calendar

Designs play a pivotal role in differentiating one plugin from others. The WordPress Pro Event Calendar plugin offers mesmerizing designs for your event calendar that looks perfect on every device.

It is an extremely easy-to-use plugin and the credit goes to its intuitive drag and drop system of creating calendars.

The Wordpress Pro Event Calendar

Some of the great features it includes:
  • It offers a complete solution to all your event-related requirements.
  • It comes with an easy embedding system.
  • It allows users to submit events from the front end.
  • Google map support.
  • It is easily customizable and gives users the freedom to personalize their calendars.
Pros of WordPress Pro Event Calendar
  • Get impressive designs.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Google Map support.
  • Users can easily transfer events from an ICS feed.
Cons of WordPress Pro Event Calendar
  • Suitable for small businesses only.

7. My Calendar

The basic My calendar plugin comes with a full-fledged calendar with list and grid view whereas the upgraded version offers an all-in-one event management solution at an affordable range. The plugin helps visitors submit their own events and easily make transactions through PayPal.

The Wordpress Pro Event Calendar

Some of the great features it includes:
  • It lets you transfer events from various places including Google calendar and iCal.
  • With a small amount of payment, you can start receiving RSVPs and payments with frontend submissions.
  • It has WordPress multisite compatibility that lets you display your events on multiple websites.
Pros of My Calendar
  • Various options to customize.
  • To the point event management dashboard.
  • Keeps things easy and simple.
Cons of My Calendar
  • Premium version is not as powerful as others in the list.

8. Events Espresso

The Events Espresso plugin offers unique features for both of its free and paid versions. The prominent features of the free version, named Event Espresso Decaf include ticketing, calendar and registration along with event payment gateways which is not very common in free plugins.

Event Espresso

Some of the great features it includes:
  • Availability of a huge array of features in both free and paid versions.
  • The paid version is available in three plans with different price tags.
  • Made for established event businesses.
  • Compatible with GDPR.
Pros of Event Espresso
  • Easy and convenient single page event. 
  • Users can personalize confirmation emails.
  • Customizable registration forms.
  • Can be integrated with Google Calendar.
Cons of Event Espresso
  • Most of its features can be accessed in the premium version.
  • Less compatible Elementor.
  • Made for only established businesses.

9. Event Schedule

The Event Schedule is the name of another feature-rich WordPress event listing plugin that provides events calendar scheduling and online booking facilities.

Event Schedule

Some of the great features it includes:
  • The Event schedule is a useful tool that helps arrange large group gatherings or conferences.
  • It is especially suitable for the event registration requirements for an international audience.
  • It offers five types of event calendars where you can modify colors and apply filters.
  • It allows users to easily add, delete or edit event listings as per their requirements.
Pros of Events Schedule
  • Compatible with cross browser.
  • SEO friendly plugin.
  • Offers great speed.
  • Easily customizable.
Cons of Events Schedule
  • Best suited for official schedules at offices and schools.

10. Event on

The Event On plugin is known for its attractive event calendars in the industry. The premium-only WordPress event listing plugin is the right choice for your events business when you do not want to try out the basic ones. The calendar layouts offer a perfect blend of vibrant colors and modern event lists which leave behind all the above-mentioned plugins in the race of appearance.

Event On

Some of the great features it includes:
  • You can display your events calendars in an outstanding way with a lot of information without messing them up.
  • You can attach anything starting from pictures, maps  and purchasing buttons to social media buttons with your calendar.
  • The custom meta fields allow up to 10 pieces of custom event data fields.
Pros of Event On
  • SEO friendly.
  • Impressive UI/UX designs.
  • Users can easily set it up.
  • Quality support.
  • Responsive layout.
Cons of Event On
  • Less compatible with Elementor.
  • Costly add-ons.

11. Tickera

Tickera comes with both basic and advanced plugin versions. As the name suggests, Tickera helps you sell your event tickets and share them with your buyers. The plugin can be used as a calendar but most of its features support ticket selling. With Tickera, you get a huge number of payment gateways and you can easily connect the system with your WooCommerce store.

Event On

Some of the great features it includes:
  • Tickera allows you to build your calendars with the options to add order history, tickets sold and add to cart buttons. 
  • It also gives you the scope to put additional charges on your tickets to cover up the cost of payment gateways.
  • You can simply drag and drop the designing elements to use the ticket builder.
  • Get multiple payment options that include Paypal, Stripe and PayGate.
  • It lets you collect taxes for your entire sales.
Pros of Tickera
  • Allows users to run an event sales marketplace.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Lets users build their calendar with a few options including  tickets sold, order history, and add to cart buttons.
  • Easy to use.
Cons of Event On
  • Some of the features are difficult to deal with.
  • Pricing is not transparent.

12. Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

Timely is the name of another powerful plugin that is known for its advanced Website Calendar system. Experts have termed it as one of the most advanced WP plugins that offers impressive UI/UX and eye-catchy visuals

It has both basic and premium plugin versions that help you manage your events( in-person, virtual and hybrid) smoothly. Live support is available for the users of the paid version whereas users with the basic version can access the help center on their website for any queries.

Event On

Some of the great features it includes:
  • It offers a huge number of uncommon themes to help you customize the overall look of your event calendar that flawlessly represents your brand. 
  • The plugin can be accessed in multiple languages that include Italian, German, French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages based on your requirement. 
  • Showcase your public calendar, based on week, month or agenda views.
  • It allows you to fix your event timezone and display it depending on your or your visitors’ timezone.
  • You can filter your events based on organizers, categories, venues and tags.
  • It offers a social share button that gives your audience the facility to share events directly from your calendar. 
  • It comes with a fully mobile responsive design.
Pros of Timely All-in-One Events Calendar
  • User-friendly.
  • Quality support.
  • Offers fully responsive designs.
  • Great UI/UX designs.
Cons of Timely All-in-One Events Calendar
  • To work with some servers, you may need to switch off the security mode of the plugin which is certainly not safe.

Is it right to invest in plugins?

Well, it is true that some of the WordPress Events Plugins mentioned in the list have some powerful free versions but there are valid reasons behind why you should pay for the premium versions. 

One of the biggest reasons is the support that premium plugins offer. Most developers give limited support to the free version holders whereas the paying customers are always prioritized. 

So in a true sense, you don’t pay for the plugins, you pay for quality.

You can check the plethora of paid plugins that WP Event Manager has in store for you. They are not only cost-effective but also capable of handling A to Z of your events.

Final words

WordPress Events Plugins have a gigantic market and the list of such plugins is endless. Through the above-mentioned list we tried to help you narrow down your search for plugins. 

If you have read this blog, then you must be searching for an event management plugin. You can contact us anytime for any kind of assistance in this field. 

Let us know which is your favorite plugin and also tell us if we have missed anything in this list in the comment section below.

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