Event Tags

The Event Tags add-on facilitates organizers in increasing their event’s chances to appear on search results. The add-on inserts a new field called “Event Tags” on the submission form to tag events with relevant keywords. The plugin also adds a filter based tags for your visitors.

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  • Tag Listings

    Tag Listings

    Tag and describe your events to great specificity
  • Event Filter

    Event Filter

    Increased event filtering using tags.
  • WordPress Taxonomies

    WordPress Taxonomies

    Put together using Wordpress taxonomies.

Features You’ll Love

Categorize your events in detail by assigning them multiple Tags with any limits.

Event Tag Field at Submission Form

Firstly, the add-on adds a field to the submission form for organizers to mark the event with tags. Tags are keywords that you add to describe your event. Secondly, unlike categories, a huge number of tags can be used to incisively specify the details of the event. The event organizer can cover almost all intents of the visitor by using these tags. Thus, you bring more visits to your organizers’ events. Thus you offer a great deal for both your event organizers and your visitors.

Filter By Event Tag

Event tags can be used to filter by users. Categories and types can only go to a certain extent in giving filtering options for users. As event organizers begin to use tags to precisely describe their event, users can also filter events by clicking on the tag cloud.

Tags Filter Settings at Admin Panel

As the master of the website, you can manage the tags in the frontend and the backend too. Enable or disable tags archives and set filter types using the changes presented by the plugin.

Tags Input Settings at Admin Panel

Without knowing any code or being dependent on a developer, modify how tags should appear on the front end, and let users submit their listings. You can limit the number of tags, set delimiters that can be used to separate tags on the front end submission form.