The Email add-on shall send notifications to event organizers for three scenarios: when an event is submitted, when an event is approved, when an event expires. The add-on shall greatly aid in enhancing your organizer/ stakeholders’ experience and trust with your website.

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  •  New Event Notification

    New Event Notification

    Send an event notification immediately to organizers, that their event listing has been received.
  • Published Event Notification

    Published Event Notification

    Your event organizers receive an email update whenever their event gets modified /published.
  • Expired Event Notification

    Expired Event Notification

    Inform your event organizers with an email notification whenever an event is above to expire.

Features You'll Love

No more delayed notifications! Get an immediate email notification for all the event-related confirmations.

Notification Settings at Admin Panel

Wordpress does offer an email notification system. However, it takes hours of code if you want to customize them and give a personal touch. Our email notification plugin overrides this very system and helps you send custom emails when users register to your site. You can override the registration email template in accordance with your theme.

New Event Notification

Sending a notification every time a user publishes an event is simply impossible to do with consistency. The email/ event notification plugin does this automatically for you. All you need to do is to customize the emails using the editor given in the WP admin panel. You can edit emails for new event notifications under the New Event notification tab. The text box consists of shortcodes to display event names, descriptions thereby allowing you to focus on appealing to your event organizers.

Publish Event Notification

The Email notification plugin allows you to send email notifications to your organizers every time when a new event is approved by the admin; without fail, with ease. Shortcodes are preset to display event titles and event descriptions on all emails sparing you from boring, mundane tasks. The email shall inform the organizer with the message “Published Successfully” following approval of the admin.

Expired Event Notification

Keeping track of events that shall soon meet their end requires the attention of a separate human. Sending expired event emails to each event organizer is a mind-numbing task; a definite waste of time if you are simultaneously managing the business. What if we tell you that you don’t need to hire a person to do this job and you can avoid spending hundreds of bucks in delegating this task? What if we tell you that our Email Notification plugin can finish this job at a cost several times lower than a human dedicated to such tasks? If you are interested, the email notification plugin keeps track of expired events and sends emails unmistakably to your event organizers as their events expire. As mentioned above, the emails shall contain shortcodes to extract and display event titles and descriptions. By default, the emails shall also convey “event expired” messages to the event organizers.

Admin Event Notification

The plugin not only sends a notification to its users or organizers but also to the admin. A customized notification/ reminder is sent to the admit to confirm the event listing and to post the event on the website. This is how the admin also keeps a track of all new requests for event listings.