Expo Networking

A completely unique interactive Virtual Expo platform, designed for organizers to quickly organize networking exhibitions or live stream any kind of Event with 360-degree experience featuring virtual One on One Meets, Live broadcasting, Virtual Booths, Networking and Engaging.

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    Make effective professional contacts and save time by networking as much as possible.
  • Join from anywhere

    Join from anywhere

    Forget about local, go globally. Access participants, exhibitors and speakers anywhere.
  • Larger Audience

    Larger Audience

    One of the main benefits of going virtual is reach. More people can attend. Which means more virtual traffic for your booth.

Features You'll Love

Connect with your virtual event attendees. Boost their interaction with you, speakers, hosts, exhibitors, and each other.

Live sessions, Booths and Sponsors overview at Reception (Venue)

The welcome page or default view of an event is the reception area. You can quickly find out what's going on at the event right now, including the welcome message from the organizers, sponsors, the schedule, and speakers. Announcements, important links, messages, and event updates are also posted in the Reception area.

Session Stage or Breakout Room

Using the expo and the mainstage, stream your physical or virtual events to a virtual audience. You can start all your sessions online at the main stage. Participants on the main stage can observe the entire event, together with interaction through chats with other guests, hosts and presenters. The main floor also shows the number of individuals present at each session.

Session Engagement with Feed, Polls, and Q&A

The expo allows Session or breakout room feed, allowing attendees to converse with hosts, speakers, and fellow attendees. Live polling and Question and Answer is a good way to get your audience involved in virtual events. While the session is active the organizers can create Polls, conduct the time for which the polls are active, thus getting better insight into the audience attending the events.

Invite Attendees to the Stage or Raise Hand

Let your attendees share the stage with the speaker after the host approves the request and is visible to all attendees. Speakers and attendees interacting on the main stage can now be seen by everyone.

Private Backstage for Hosts and Speakers

Backstage allows the hosts and speakers to prepare before they go live. This is specifically made for hosts and Speakers so as to discuss other important details, Before and after the event goes live. All the last-minute details and discussions can be done here.

Raise hands to accept or reject by Organizers

Session presenters will also receive a notification that the attendee's hand is raised. In sessions where attendees can't unmute themselves, a presenter can allow you to unmute.

Explore the Sessions and Speakers Scheduled

The organizers can host, either a single session or parallel multiple sessions for their event in this section. The Live sessions display the interaction of the speakers with the audience, while the list of all the upcoming sessions, including the name, time, host, speakers, co-host, duration, etc.

Organizers can add multiple sessions or breakout rooms.

Organizers can run many multiple sessions. Each session has a different host. The live session is a video broadcast started by the host of the event. When a session is live, attendees will be able to see the video streams of designated speakers only.

Group Discussion at Social Lounge

This lounge is the perfect space for attendees to interact with other attendees and exhibitors, sponsors or anyone present at the Expo, at that particular point. Anyone can join a table in the Lounge section and socialize with people of similar interest, One or many, willing to join the same Table.

One on One Speed Networking

Speed Networking feature allows the event participants to meet one-on-one with other participants in the event for a limited time duration. Attendees get matched one-on-one for quick 5-minute conversations. On the day of your event, the event organizer can start the speed networking session from the schedule section of your event and start the Speed Networking session. The event organizer can also join it and end it when it’s time.

Organizers can add multiple tables at Social Lounge

Organizers add many multiple tables. The social lounge is completely configurable. To increase or decrease the number of seats, add a name or add a brand logo on individual tables, You need to be the event host to configure the tables.

Attendees can connect to exhibitors at booth/expo

The booths section is a virtual space where multiple booths can be set up and visited by participants to interact with exhibitors one-one on tables and encourage exhibitors to put up stalls at your event to generate leads.

Organizers can add multiple booths

All the exhibitors are featured in the booth. Let the participants engage directly with exhibitors by generating meaningful conversations on the Booth. A variety of assets can be displayed, including, static text, logos, banners, and a chatbot.

Broadcast live activities at the Booth

Use Live Broadcast Feature to host an entertaining “show” right from your booth. You can use the time to interview booth visitors or loyal customers, poll the audience about issues affecting your particular industry, and conduct product demonstrations or side-by-side comparisons.

Custom Branding For Exhibitors.

If you have Exhibitors at your Expo, there are numerous ways to offer them brand visibility. You can allow them to add Banners and Logos at their Booths, thus adding personalization and customization and initiating an effort towards marketing automation.

Global Feed at Event Level

The plugin enables you to manage and interact with your attendees throughout the expo. One can converse and navigate with each other in the global feed section present in any section of the expo, allowing global networking with expo possible.

Organizers can create multiple Announcements

The event organizer along with community team members can send the announcements. The announcement alert is available in conference format and announcements are sent to attendees on desktop/laptop, attendees joining from mobile browsers or applications wouldn't be able to receive alerts.

Global Announcement alerts at Event Level

During an event, the event organizer may have to deliver various information or direct people towards different areas of the event. It’s quite daunting to manage all the participants when the event is live or if there are some sudden changes in the schedule.

Push Notification and Alerts for Updates during Events

The organizer can send alerts to all the people at the Expo. Just add your message with call-to-actions, send important activities taking place on the main stage, Give announcements on the upcoming sessions, etc, thus calling people scattered everywhere on the expo at either place or directing them to some booths.

Firebase integration for Real time messaging

The plugin interacts with a Firebase account to manage real-time messaging, polling, and Q&A throughout the exhibition. Polls use real-time technology to provide owners with real-time updates. Creating real-time conversations and polls is a piece of cake using Firebase. It stores group chat messages in Firebase's real-time database.