Speaker and Schedule

Increase the footfalls of your attendees by providing a clean and detailed timetable or schedule, with sessions of a full day event along the speakers associated with these sessions with speaker and schedule plugin.

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  • Multiple Sessions & Breakout Rooms

    Multiple Sessions & Breakout Rooms

    Split your full day event into multiple sessions.
  • Host Live, Pre-recorded and Hybrid Sessions

    Host Live, Pre-recorded and Hybrid Sessions

    Provides a facility to present a mix of live and pre-recorded content.
  • Smooth RTMP Streaming

    Smooth RTMP Streaming

    Facilitates the smooth transfer of high-quality audio, video, and data.

Features You'll Love

Showcase speakers seamlessly with their schedule or individually in time segment for an event.

Adding Speakers At Frontend

Easily collect and manage speaker information, photos, designations, and other details of the speakers online directly using a beautiful form with a clean and simple design containing the prebuilt fields in the field editor. Organizers can directly register their speakers using this form.

Speaker Dashboard At Frontend

The dashboard on the front end provides the detailed list of the speakers associated and created on the website by the organizers. The organizers can now access the details of these speakers directly on their dashboard and keep track of which speakers are associated with which event. Also, They can add, delete and view the speakers on the dashboard.

Schedule Session At Frontend

Make your events even more interactive by creating a detailed schedule of the event sessions. Fill in the details on the form on the frontend dashboard, with the name, title, speakers, host, duration, start and end date, and time of the session, to get a beautiful layout not only on the detail page but also on the Expo.

Schedule Session Dashboard At Frontend

One of the greatest benefits of the Schedule Dashboard is being able to easily check the list of all the sessions, associated with individual events. Also, the dashboard showcases the duration of each session, the speakers and host-associated with each session, and the ability to edit and delete the session.

Speaker on the Event detail page

As a key emphasis of your event, we provide an enormous section dedicated to the speakers of the event. The event detail page along with the event details showcase the list of speakers associated with each session.

Display Speaker Schedule on event detail page

A robust corner is required for each event website where the schedule of the event information is shown. In view of this requirement, we give the most user-friendly feature possible. The event detail page displays the complete schedule including the timely session for each event.

Speaker Dashboard At Admin Side

The Speaker Dashboard delivers a single point of access into your speaker's detailed list. The dashboard is configurable as it allows users to add, delete and view the details of the speakers, along with what events they are associated with.

Add Speakers At Admin Side

The Admin side allows you to create speakers on the backend. All the necessary information asked in the field editor is displayed in this section, hence allowing the admins to build the speaker profile.

Adding Speaker Category

Events are as diverse in their purpose and structure as the speakers who are on the platform at these meetings. They can be international, national, or regional. The speakers might vary from a keynote speaker or a plenary speaker, hence the plugin allows you to categorize speakers as per your wish, by adding categories to them.

Speaker Field Editor

Our field editor allows you to quickly and easily add speaker fields with only the click of a few buttons! Load and display your custom field values that you want the speakers to provide information on with our hassle-free developer friendly functions!