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The Event Summary

With a new key feature of WP Event Manager, get access to a complete summary of events. In case the users want to see the brief of the event, a completely new page needs to be created from the admin panel.

Setup The Event Summary

  1. Log into Admin panel
  2. Add a new page under the pages menu on the Dashboard.
  3. Mention the Page Title(The Event Summary)

    WP Event Manager event summary Setup

  4. Mention the shortcode on the content section of the dashboard:
    [[event_summary id="1318" width="250px" align="left" featured="false" limit="1"] or [event_summary id="1318"]
    • id: Give event id to show a summary of the event. By default empty and it will show all events summary of given arguments. (In order to know about the event id, one needs to hover the mouse on the name of the event on the all events menu under the Event Listings on the admin dashboard)

      WP Event Manager event id

    • Featured: Featured events only.
    • Limit: How many events can be list a time(post per page/pagination).
  5. Preview and Publish it on the website.

    WP Event Manager event summary Preview and Publish

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How Can We Improve This Article?
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